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Butter Potatoes Vs Yukon Gold [Similarities And Differences]

Both Butter Potatoes and Yukon Gold are popular varieties among potato lovers but it’s necessary to compare one vs another to know what fits in your tastebuds.

Generally, both Butter and Yukon Gold Potatoes are visually appealing potato varieties with smooth, shiny skin and yellow flesh. However, both are different in flavor, color, storage, price, and availability.

Both are small to medium-sized potatoes that look similar due to their smooth skin.

So go through this complete article to know the potential differences between two similar-looking potatoes Butter Potatoes and Yukon Gold.

Butter Potatoes & Yukon Gold [Similarities]

Both Butter and Yukon Potatoes are visually appealing potato varieties with smooth, shiny skin and yellow flesh.

Butter Potato on left vs Yukon Gold on right
Butter Potato is waxier tha Yukon Gold.

You can use both varieties to prepare varieties of dishes as both suit best in boiling, mashing, grilling, frying, roasting, and many more.

  • Both potatoes have a buttery and creamy flavor.
  • The texture of both potatoes is fluffy and waxy helping them to blend easily in many flavors.
  • Both varieties are smaller than russet potatoes.
  • Starch content is comparatively lesser in both potatoes.
  • Both potatoes are rich in vitamin C, Potassium, and fiber. Also, both potato varieties are low in calories and fat.
  • Moreover, both potatoes are versatile in enhancing the taste of a variety of dishes.

Butter Potatoes Vs. Yukon Gold [Differences]

Basically, Butter Potatoes are useful in dishes that require sweet flavor like potato salad, scalloped potatoes, etc. Meanwhile, You can use Yukon Gold in a variety of dishes as it is more versatile.

1. Flavor

The flavor of Butter Potatoes is sweeter with more buttery and waxy texture. You can feel pronounced flavor compared to Yukon Gold.

In contrast, Yukon Gold has a milder flavor with a neutral or slightly sweet taste. The texture is less waxy but fluffier than Butter Potatoes.

2. Color

The skin of Butter Potatoes is slightly thicker and rougher. When you cut the potato into half, you can see light yellow to golden yellow flesh.

Meanwhile, Yukon Gold Potatoes have thinner, shinier, and smoother skin than Butter Poptato. It has bright yellow flesh.

3. Storage

As Butter potatoes are sweeter and have high sugar content, you cannot store this potato more due to the shorter shelf life.

However, you can easily store Yukon Gold Potatoes for a longer duration compared to Butter Potatoes due to the longer shelf life.

4. Price

Due to their great taste and ability to combine with any other vegetables, there is a high demand for Butter Potatoes making them expensive.

Meanwhile, you can get Yukon Gold potatoes at a comparatively lower price than Butter Potatoes.

5. Availability

Although people love Butter Potatoes more than Yukon gold, it can be difficult to find them in some grocery stores as everyone is not able to afford them.

On the other hand, Yukon Gold is affordable and easily available in almost all grocery stores.

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Butter Potatoes Vs. Yukon Gold: Which Is Better?

It’s better to choose Butter Potatoes if you are in search of a potato that has a firm texture and adds slightly sweeter and unique flavor to your dish.

However, Yukon Gold is a perfect choice if you want affordable and versatile potatoes for everyday dishes. Also, this potato is creamier than Butter Potatoes.