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Is Himalayan Monkey Flower Real Or Fake? Truth Revealed!

Himalayan Monkey Flower is an intriguing name floating throughout the Internet, boggling people’s minds if it is a real plant with a real flower.

As the Internet freaks over this slow-flowering Himalayan Monkey Flower that people claim to bloom once every 20 years, it is, in fact, not a real plant but rather an AI-generated image. But there are other real plants with similar names.

If you want to shed light on this Internet mystery and learn about the truth, stay tuned! 

Is Himalayan Monkey Flower Real Or Fake?

The Himalayan Monkey Flower is currently a hot topic on the Internet.

However, will all mystery and myth aside, the Himalayan Monkey Flower is not real and is an image created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hence, all the claims about this plant are fake.

Toutiao Page of Leaf Beauty Gallery first shared the image that is behind all this bogus Internet fabrication.

The flower has eyes, a nose, and even a mouth that give it a cat or monkey-like appearance.

Nevertheless, AI has done an outstanding job of keeping the mystery in the picture. But the face, mouth, and eyes with a nose on the flower clear any doubt.

It was also confirmed with the artist’s biography on the Toutiao Page that they make paintings using A.I.

Are There Flowers With Faces?

Although the news about the Himalayan Monkey Flower may be fake, there are other real plants with flowers having monkey or cat-like faces.

Flowers of many Orchids look like human faces, birds, and animals (Monkey Orchid).

However, some species of plants can even have flowers with the face of your favorite movie villains (Darth Vader plant).

Also, some plants have flowers with cat-like faces. Hence, they resemble the appearance of animals.

Image illustrates Musk Monkeyflower
Musk Monkeyflower is a real monkey-faced flower with bright orange petals and monkey-like markings.

Is There a True Monkey Flower?

Actually, the plant’s common name is Musk Monkeyflower, with bright orange blooms, monkey face-like patterns, and a musky scent.

Moreover, the Musk Monkeyflower plant is a temperate perennial or annual herb native to North America with the face of a flower that first looks nothing like a monkey.

However, you must ponder more thoroughly and make out the monkey-like face by yourself.

You can also grow them as a houseplant in the USDA Zones 3-10 as an annual and in USDA Zones 3-9 as a perennial.

Although it is not apparently intriguing as finding a real Himalayan Monkey Flower with a cat or monkey-like face, Musk Monkeyflower is real.

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The Internet is a real place for shams if you are not aware. Although in this case, the myth was not bigger enough to cause a ruckus.

However, it’s ideal to gather your thoughts and first believe in what is real after a thorough inspection!