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Is Narilatha Flower Real? Learn The Truth From An Expert

Narilatha flower has burst into social media, but the flower’s real appearance and existence are still confusing.

Generally, Narilatha flower is not real but is only a fictional or folktale character. This mysterious flower looks like a naked woman with long hair of color, just like human flesh. According to folktales, the flower grows in the Himalayan region of India and blooms only after 20 years.

You can also find the Narilatha flower in the Hindu books, but there is no information about the flower’s appearance in any books.

To know more about Narilatha and the story behind the appearance of this flower, you have to go through this complete article.

What does Narilatha Flower Look Like?

The Narilatha flower is a rare flower that grows in the higher elevations or Himalayan regions of India.

Narilatha flower looks like a beautiful naked woman with long hair. Moreover, this flower blooms only after 20 years.

Doll Orchid flower
Narilatha flower story probably started from flowers like Doll Orchids that look like women.

Moreover, the flower size is the same as the size of a human head with a sweet fragrance.

Narilatha flowers consist of long hairy petals that resemble the hair of a woman. The color of those flowing petals is just like the color of human flesh.

Probably, the Narilatha flowers are inspired by some real flowers, like Doll Orchids that look just like a woman with long hair.

People also say that the flower is cursed, and it grants the wish of the person who sees it for the first time.

However, there is no real information about the actual appearance of the flower, as no one has seen this mysterious blossom.

Is Narilatha Flower Real?

No Narilatha flower is not a real flower but just a character of a folktale or fiction, just like the Vivisteria flower.

Moreover, no scientific evidence or real photo proves that this flower exists in real life.

Furthermore, many unusual descriptions create doubts about the true existence of this flower.

  • It is possible for a flower to be the size of a human head and the color of human flesh. However, it’s quite unusual for a flower to bloom once after 20 years.
  • The beautiful and rare appearance of the flower only suggests the mystery and wonder about it.
  • Also, it’s quite unusual for a flower to be cursed and to grant wishes. It only suggests mystery and danger.
  • Moreover, the description that the flower grows in the Himalayan region also seems to be a myth. Every rare and magical plant grows there in folktales.

In fact, no one can tell what the flower is real and what it looks like unless science proves the flower’s existence. However, you can find a lot of real flowers that look like women.

Moreover, the viral image of the flower that looked like a naked woman is not a real flower but a fruit that grew on a mold.

Thus, the Narilatha flower is not real, as there is no photo, footage, or scientific literature to prove that the flower actually grows in real life.

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Story Of Narilatha Flower!

The story of the Narilatha flowers starts with a beautiful, arrogant woman whom the yogi cursed to become a flower. Also, he cursed her that she would bloom only after 20 years.

One day a prince heard about her and came to save her. He granted a wish to bring her back as a woman and released her curse.

So, the story is a reminder that beauty can be both curse and a blessing. The beauty of a woman made her a flower, but the same beauty made her curse-free.