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Do Green and Blue Dragon Fruits Really Exist? Are They Edible?

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with a legend representing the fruit as the last thing to come out of a fire-breathing Dragon’s mouth.

This legendary fruit has many colorful varieties.  But some of them are too rare, making people tempted to have one.

In general, green and blue Dragon Fruits are rare and stay true to their color.  They contain high nutrition, including vitamin C, protein, and fiber values, so they are edible. 

blue dragon fruit
Green and Blue Dragon Fruit is real but is very rare and hard to find.

Many people do not believe and say edited photographs when they see blue or green Dragon Fruits.

These fruits are readily available at local grocery stores or farmer’s markets.  Though you might find one or the other, you must determine which one is ripe. 

Read on to learn more quirky facts about green and blue Dragon Fruit and how to eat it best, so you can grab all benefits.

Dragon Fruit Overview

Dragon Fruit is one of the most trendy fruits for its exotic look and sweet flavor in a crunchy way.

You might have eaten or seen the Red-White variant of Dragon Fruits, as it is the most common Dragon Fruit.

Dragon Fruit belongs to the genus Hylocereus and Selenicereus and is a close relative of cactus fruit.

green dragon fruit
Dragon Fruit bears a lot of medical benefits.

Three Dragon fruit species belong to Hylocereus, each with different hybrid varieties, including Hylocereus polyrhizus, Hylocereus guatemalensis, and Hylocereus undatus. 

Meanwhile, there is a Dragon species under Selenicereus. 

However, many categorize the Dragon Fruit depending on their flesh and skin color.

Generally, based on fruits’ skin and flesh color, there are four types of Dragon Fruit.

Dragon TypesImagesSpecifications
White Dragon FruitWhite Dragon FruitHas pink skin with white flesh
Red Dragon FruitRed Dragon FruitIncludes pinkish skin but with reddish color burst in its flesh
Purple Dragon FruitPurple Dragon FruitLookalike reddish pink Dragon fruit but has purple flesh inside
Yellow Dragon FruitYellow Dragon FruitYellow skins and is said to be the most delicious Dragon fruit

Rarity and demand have made Dragon Fruit relatively expensive compared to other tropical fruits.  Furthermore, some varieties of Dragon Fruits are much rarer to find, making them very expensive.

Besides red, pink, and white Dragon Fruits, there are also blue and green Dragon Fruits.

Dragon Fruits that are blue or green, even after ripening, are considered rare in nature.

Do not mistake Dragon Fruit for Dragon Tree!

Do Green and Blue Dragon Fruits Ripe?

Many people often confuse the early ripening process of the common Dragon Fruits with green or blue fruit.

In general, the dark shades of yellow Dragon Fruit can also look subtle greenish.  Meanwhile, the purple Dragon Fruits also mimic blue Dragon Fruit after ripening.

There are Dragon Fruits that remain blue and green even after they become completely ripened.

However, the common Dragon Fruits can also have a green or blue appearance while ripening.

dragon fruit turning color
If your green or blue Dragon Fruit changes its color, it is not truly green or blue Dragon Fruit.

So, if you notice green or blue coloration in your common Dragon Fruit, they are unripe.

You can confirm the ripeness of the Dragon Fruit by looking at the uniform coloration of the skin.

Learn more about the Dragon Fruits from the table below!

FactorsBlue Dragon Green Dragon
Peel Unripe : Green

Ripe: Blue
Unripe : Green

Ripe : Green
Pulp Whitish BlueRanging from white, purple to magenta
TasteA blend of pear and kiwiThe pulp color determines the taste ranging from sour to sweet and watery.

In general, unripe Dragon Fruits are usually green with light color blotches on their skin and have uneven fruit color.

Therefore, you shall let your Dragon Fruit ripen enough by allowing the fruit’s skin color to become even and uniform.

For rare blue or green Dragon Fruits, ensure they have even coloration with smooth fruit skin.

Generally, the Dragon Fruit takes almost a month to become ripe after flowering.

Furthermore, you shall harvest the fruits usually after 4 to 6 days after they undergo a major color change.

Can You Eat Green and Blue Dragon Fruits?

If the fruit is indeed a green or blue Dragon Fruit, you can eat it and enjoy the sweet syrupy taste.

But a common variety of Dragon Fruit that is still green or blue suggests unripe fruit with a bland and sour taste.

To enjoy their rich flavor, you must let them ripen perfectly and avoid eating unripe ones.

unripe green dragon fruit
Let the Dragon Fruit become completely ripen before you eat them.

Once the fruit is completely ripe, you can eat blue and green Dragon Fruits.  You can notice the sweet, melon-like taste with many health benefits.

According to Healthline Media, some of the health benefits of eating Dragon Fruit includes the following!

  • It has very high nutritional value with low-calorie content, such as protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, etc.
  • Its antioxidant property helps to fight diseases like heart disease, Cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.
  • It helps boost the immune system, preparing the body to fight bacteria or infections.
  • It helps to improve the digestion system.

How to Eat Green and Blue Dragon Fruits?

You can savor and relish these juicy green and blue Dragon Fruits in many ways.

Here I have included a few mouthwatering recipes to enjoy Dragon Fruit.

Recipe #1 Dragon Fruit Salsa

  • Take off the skin of the Dragon Fruit using a sharp knife.
  • Chop the fruit into small cubes or into the size you wish.
  • Put the cubes in a bowl and add lemon juice and chives on top of it.
  • Add diced jalapeno to the sliced fruits. 
  • Mix it well, let it sit in the bowl for an hour, and then enjoy the Dragon Fruit salsa.

Recipe #2 Dragon Fruit Smoothie

  • Pour some frozen milk, lime juice, Dragon Fruit, and protein powder into a blender.
  • Blend it well till it becomes perfectly smooth.
  • Add almond milk as much as you want to make your smoothie of desired texture.
dragon fruit smoothie
Refresh yourself with a delicious Dragon Fruit smoothie.
  • Pour the liquid into the glass. 
  • Now, you are ready to enjoy the smoothie or serve it to your friend. 

Recipe #3 Dragon Fruit Salad

  • Cut the Dragon Fruit horizontally into two halves using a sharp knife.
  • Make vertical and horizontal cuts to form cubes, but do not cut all the way down to the skin.
  • Gently press on the back to push cut cubes, then use a spoon or your fingers to take them out.
  • Now relish the cut cubes of Dragon Fruits as a salad using a toothpick.

Watch the video for additional Recipes!


Blue and Green Dragon Fruit have become the talk of the town in past years for their unusually pleasing look.

Regardless of color, Dragon Fruit provides a rocking taste that pleases many hearts, and all are edible once ripened.

Now, do not be confused by the green cover of Dragon Fruit, as you have learned a lot in the article. 

I have also prescribed some delicious recipes to devour Dragon Fruits, but you can create other ones for yourself.

Did you know Monstera deliciosa fruit is also edible? Learn more about how you can relish the fruit!

Enjoy Dragon Fruits!

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