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Do Banana Peels Help Plants Grow [Truth Revealed]?

Get the most out of the Banana by enjoying the Potassium rich fruit and using the remnant Peels as a fertilizer to help your plants grow.

Like Banana fruit, the Peels are also rich in Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, boosting the plants flowering and fruiting process. So, try incorporating Banana Peels in the soil with the four different methods to help plants grow.

Over 100 billion Bananas are consumed annually, which is a lot of Peels, right?

So, let me guide you so you know the best way to utilize Banana Peels as an organic fertilizer for your plants.

Why Banana Peel is Good For Plants?

Banana Peels are rich in Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and other essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

If the plant soil lacks such nutrients, Banana Peels can rescue and help plants to grow flawlessly.

Moreover, you can avoid fertilizer burn or salt buildup cases by using Banana Peels.

Generally, Potassium and Magnesium deficient plants often have a weak stem with fragile root growth.

Thus, if you notice such signs in plants, you can opt for Banana peels to help them bounce back and grow viciously.

Having that said, ensure to use Banana Peels that are processed properly; otherwise, it can invite plant problems.

How Do You Use Banana Peels as Fertilizer?

You must treat and process Banana Peels properly to ensure they do not backfire.

There are four different ways to prepare and use Banana Peels to help plants grow or boost bloom.

1. Banana Peel Water

To prepare a foliage fertilizer spray using Banana Peels, you will need ripe Banana Peels, a small jar and a mesh sieve.

Now, cut the Banana Peels to about 0.5 to 1 inch and toss them into a clean glass jar filled with water.

Let the jar sit in a sunny spot for 24 to 48 hours so all nutrients leach out, making the water brown.

You can strain the mixture through a mesh sieve to separate the Banana Peels and add them to the compost.

Remember, the longer you leave the mixture, the more acidic it will be. So, ensure to dilute the mixture before use.

soaking Banana Peels in water to use as a fertilizer for plants
Besides soaking the Banana Peels in the water, you can blend them in a mixture to make a slurry out of it.

Use the Banana Peel water once a week alongside the routine watering to ensure optimal results.

Furthermore, you can use the mixture to repel pests. For that, fill the water spray bottle with the mixture and subtly spray the leaves every now and then.

2. Banana Peel in Compost

Just toss the finely chopped Banana Peels into your compost bin or pile, and after a couple of weeks of decomposition, you will have organic compost ready to use.

Besides the Banana Peels, ensure the compost incorporates other organic materials like eggshells, green wastes, coffee grounds, etc.

Remember to bury the Banana Peels deeply to avoid inviting houseflies, pests and other rodents.

3. Plant Banana Peel

If you do not have time to make Banana Peel compost or water, directly bury them around the plant soil.

Before burying the Banana Peels, chop them into smaller pieces as smaller ones will relatively decompose faster.

To avoid foul smells, bury them in the soil at least two inches deep.

4. Banana Peel Powder, Spray

Banana Peels, when used as compost or buried under the soil, they decompose relatively slowly.

So, plants might not be able to take up the nutrients they need right off the bat.

In such case, you can dehydrate the Banana Peels and then crush them into a fine powder.

Now, add the Banana Peels powder to the plant soil for immediate results.

Likewise, you can prepare Banana Peel spray by blending them with eggshells, Epsom salts and water.

Once the mixture becomes homogeneous by appearance, fill it with a spray bottle to use as a foliar fertilizer.

Alternatively, make a paste from the powder and give it to younger seedlings for faster growth.

Do All Plants Like Banana Peels Fertilizer?

Banana Peels feature nutrients like Potassium and Calcium, so flowering and fruiting plants prefer Banana Peel fertilizer the most.

Meanwhile, Banana Peel fertilizer lacks nitrogen, so it won’t help indoor plants that boast green foliage.

tomatoes with bottom end rot
Add properly curated Banana Peels fertilizer to your tomato plants to help them overcome bottom-end rot issues.

That said, plants like tomatoes enjoy the Banana Peels the most as it prevents bottom-end rot problems.

Some other indoor or outdoor plants that like or enjoy Banana Peels fertilizer are air plants, peppers, roses and staghorn.

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Not Only Berry! But Peel is Also Nutritious

Most gardeners argue Banana Peels more often bring trouble than any pros, but correct processing prior to use ensures the best results.

Thus, regularly feed your plants that are flowering or fruiting with Banana Peels fertilizer to bring out optimal yield.

All The Best!