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How To Freeze Avocados Without Turning Brown [4 Easy Methods]

Avocados are healthy but expensive fruits that last fresh for about 2 to 3 days and require proper freeze to prevent them from turning brown.

You can freeze the Avocados as a whole, halved, sliced or in mashed form to prevent them from getting spoiled or turning brown or mushy. Moreover, thoroughly spray citrus juice on top of them and keep Avocados in an airtight bag.

Freezing Avocados is the best viable option to keep them fresh when stocking up during their season at a lower price.

Thus, continue reading until the end to know the best ways to freeze Avocados to keep them fresh and creamy for almost six months.

Best 4 Methods to Freeze Avocados Without Turning Brown

When exposed to oxygen in the air, the ripe Avocados gradually turn brown due to oxidation.

Thus, the quality of preparation and storage determines whether the Avocados will remain intact without turning brown.

Here are the four best methods to freeze Avocados without letting them turn brown.

1. Halved Avocados

Freezing Avocados that are cut into halves is the most commonly practiced method to preserve the beneficial fruit.

All you need to do is split cut the Avocados into two halves and remove the pit.

Now, peel off the skin and thoroughly apply citrus juice, like lemon or lime juice, on top of the exposed fruit flesh.

With great care, tightly wrap the fruit in plastic or cling wrap, ensuring no air bubbles inside it.

Alternatively, you can use a vacuum sealer after placing the halved Avocados in vacuum seal bags.

After that, label and date the sealed bag with wrapped halves and place them in a freezer.

2. Sliced Avocados

Freezing sliced Avocados involves one more step than that of freezing halved Avocados.

After peeling and pitting, you need to slice the Avocados into smaller pieces of your desired shape, then thoroughly sprinkle or brush citrous juice on all slices.

sliced frozen avocados to prevent them from turning brown
Ensure to sprinkle or brush citrous juice over the exposed flesh of Avocados to avoid oxidation leading to turning brown.

Now, lay them out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze them for about an hour or so to make them solid.

After removing all air from the sealed bag containing sliced frozen Avocados, store them in a freezer.

3. Mashed or Puréed Avocados

Freezing mashed or puréed Avocados is much more suitable if you are going to use them later for guacamole and salad dressings.

After removing the pit and peeling the Avocados, you mash them alongside lemon or lime juice using your bare hands.

Otherwise, opt for a blender to make smooth, uniform and even Avocado purée.

Then, carefully place the mashed Avocados in a sealed or airtight bag and freeze them in a freezer.

4. Whole Avocados

Freezing whole Avocados is less preferred than other methods as the whole fruit is much more likely to become brown upon warming.

Nonetheless, you can freeze the whole Avocados. But before freezing, ensure the fruit is blemish or bruise-free.

frozen avocados in bag
The taste of the Avocados does not get compromised after turning brown, but many find it unappetizing.

Thoroughly wash and rinse the whole fruit and ensure to dry before wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap.

Now, place them in a Ziploc freezer bag and remove all air inside to avoid oxidation. After that, you can put them in a freezer to freeze.

Remember, the frozen whole Avocado tends to have a 3-6 months shelf life. So, ensure you consume it before its shelf life ends.

FAQs Regarding the Frozen Avocados

Do Avocados taste good after being frozen?

Freezing the Avocados does not alter the original, rich taste of the fruit. So, Avocados do taste good after being frozen.

However, the citrous juice used in processing can slightly affect and change the taste slightly.

Does fresh Avocado freeze well?

Yes, the fresh Avocados freeze well, but after thawing, they have a slightly faltered texture than when fresh.

How to thaw frozen Avocado?

Simply remove the frozen Avocado from the freezer and let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator overnight. Otherwise, thaw them at room temperature, which takes about an hour.

From Editors Note

Be Gentle & Avoid Rushing Defrosting Avocados

You have patiently waited to freeze the Avocados to prevent them from turning brown, so you would not want to rush defrosting.

Rapid thawing causes frozen Avocados to become watery, slimy and mushy with compromised texture.