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Is Christmas Cactus Toxic to Dogs? [Secrets Unraveled!]

Are you wondering whether Christmas Cactus is toxic to dogs? Let me remind you first that the plant is not a cactusy eyesore like other cacti!

Christmas Cactus is not toxic to dogs. However, the plant’s fibrous leaves can irritate dogs and cause slight tummy trouble, like vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Juicy Christmas Cactus fruits are a feast for your dogs, but they may experience problems after ingesting coarse leaves and stems.

So, stay tuned to learn the myth or fact if Christmas Cactus is poisonous to your dogs or not! 

Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Dogs and Cats?

Christmas Cactus, or Easter Cactus, is not poisonous to dogs or cats, but its stems and leaves contain tough fibers that can harm your pets.

These fibers can irritate your dog’s stomach and trigger vomiting or diarrhea after ingestion, as they are hard to digest. 

Additionally, dogs are curious creatures, and the beautiful flowers of any exotic Christmas Cactus may draw their attention.

But you can relax as the Christmas Cactus flower is not poisonous to dogs or cats.

Image illustrates the importance of using neck cones for dogs
Neck cones forbid your dogs from interacting with harmful and toxic houseplants.

Additionally, if you have recently used fertilizer or sprayed the plant with fungicides, their remnants may linger on the parts.

So, if your dog happens to nibble these chemical-loaded plant parts, it may suffer from poisoning.

Conversely, due to the plant’s large portions, your dog may choke while eating it, causing difficulty breathing.

What to do If your Dog Consumes a Christmas Cactus?

Most symptoms perish within a few hours following first contact, and your dog shall walk unharmed.

But, the quantity of parts ingested and your dog’s body size rules the severity of the symptoms.

Call your local veterinarian or register an emergency from the helplines if your dog consumes Christmas Cactus and starts showing poisoning signs.

Check the video below to tie your pet and beloved plant in a cordial relationship!

How to Prevent your Dog from Consuming Christmas Cactus?

There are various tricks to keep your dog (or your cats) from devouring the Christmas Cactus.

  • Invest in a plant stand to locate the Cactus in a high but bright area to keep it out of reach from pups.
  • To avoid access, isolate your Cactus plants in a locked, ventilated room.
  • Wrap a cone around your dog’s neck to prevent it from biting the plant parts. 
  • Moreover, spray dilute lemon juice, cayenne pepper, or vinegar on the plant to keep the dogs from sinking their teeth.
  • Place a dog-repellant mat around the plant and prevent the dogs from pawing around randomly. 

From Editorial Team

Don’t let your dogs and your Christmas clash head-on. Instead, try to befriend them.

Although Christmas Cactus lack prickly thorns, they may still suffocate your dog if it goes for a bite!

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