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Bunga Lalisa: The Botanical Tribute to K-Pop Idol Lisa!

With the fans going out of the box to show their love toward their idol, from global trends to numerous sold-out concerts, this time, it’s an endangered plant ‘Bunga Lalisa’ species named after the rapper and dancer Lisa. 

A team of researchers from Chiang Mai University in Thailand discovered a new angiosperm and named it ‘Bungo Lalisa’ as a tribute to the K-pop star Lisa’s inspirational personality after her legal name Lalisa Manoban.

Unlike the recent dating rumors about the co-member Jennie and BTS’s V, aka Kim Taehung, Lisa is quite a trend these days due to the honorary action by her fans.

A detail about the plant is yet to release. But Blinks, we got you all the exclusive information about how this endangered species resembles our rap queen ‘Lisa.’

Unique Post-birthday Gift

On April 2023, a month after Lisa’s 26th birthday, a fellow Blink (Blackpink’s fandom name) gave one of the most uncanny fan gifts to the group’s main dancer, Lisa.

Well, it’s not a message card or some cute plushies, but something not many of us saw coming. 

Doctorate researcher Anissara Damthongdee, who has been following Lisa and her group, named her recently discovered flowering species as ‘Bunga Lalisa.’ Bunga means flower in the Malaysian language and Lalisa from her real name Lalisa Monobal.

As cute and heartwarming as it is, our maknae (youngest in Korean) deserved it all since she puts all her heart and soul when it comes to giving us good music.

Apart from her music, her warm and inviting habits and outgoing nature have inspired a lot, and among them is the first author.

Despite her songs charting top on Billboard, and her super busy schedule, she never misses representing her Thai roots, just like in her solo album ‘Lalisa.’ 

And what could be more beautiful than her country acknowledging her work by dedicating a rare and endangered plant in her name?

Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that both the plant and Lisa are one in a million, quite literally!

Lisa dolled up in pink costume for her performance.
No wonder Lisa looked so happy in her Instagram post right after the announcement.

I know how Blinks around the world are searching for the Lisa plant. Unfortunately, there is a lot to unveil about the plant.

However, her recent friend Bad Bunny, who attained the Blackpink’s Coachella, has some unique plants you may like in his home garden. 

Decoding Bunga Lalisa

The scientific name of Bunga Lalisa is Friesodielsia lalisae Damth., Baka & Chaowask.

‘Friesodielisia,’ as it belongs to the custard apple family, ‘Lalisae’ from the queen’s name, and the remaining is the appreciation for the group of researchers involved. 

Further, talking about uniqueness, the flower buds of Bunga Lalisa tick all the unusual boxes.

They are green and thin with slender circumferences and tapering ends different from usual flowering plants.

Flower bud of Bunga Lalisa before and after blooming.
The Thailand-native plant is flowering and is among the endangered species.

Later while the flower is at anthesis, the calyx opens up like the beautiful dress Lisa was clad in during one of her Bvlgari appearances.

From Editorial Team 

The chances you run over a Bunga Lisa flower are rare. But you might see Lisa and her teammates on their ongoing ‘Born Pink’ world tour. 

In case you do, be mindful of how not to overwhelm both the flower and Lisa with your actions, as sometimes we tend to overdo, neglecting the fact that they are living creatures.