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Exploring Philodendron Pink Princess Seeds: Real or Fake?

The seeds of Pink Princess Philodendron that once heated up the entire Instagram are still a source of scamming innocent houseplant enthusiasts.

Pink Princess Philodendron is an expensive, lab-grown plant that rarely flowers like regular Philodendrons and does not have or produce viable seeds. So, do not trust online retailers that claim to have Pink Princess seeds but instead go for cuttings or saplings.

If you do not want to get scammed, stick with the article till the end to unveil the mystery of the Pink Princess Philodendron seed.

What do Philodendron Pink Princess Seeds Look Like?

Pink Princess Philodendrons have become an Instagram sensation with beautiful pink variegated leaves.

However, unlike common Philodendrons, Pink Princess does not exist naturally as it is lab-grown.

And most of the Pink Princess plants in the market are produced by culturing plant tissues and propagated via cuttings only.

Remember, the Philodendron flower is rare, even for naturally occurring ones, and so is for Pink Princess.

Thereafter making the existence of genuine seeds of Pink Princess Philodendron extremely rare and hard to find.

In general, regular Philodendron seeds are white, 2-5mm long, ellipsoidal or globular in shape.

So, the likelihood of the Pink Princess seeds appearing somewhat similar to that regular seed is higher.

Philodendron Pink Princess Seeds For Sale

You must have stumbled upon many websites claiming to have real Pink Princess Philodendron seeds.

But Beware! Often, plant sellers deceive and scam buyers by selling regular Philodendron seed in the name of Pink Princess.

Sometimes retailers even dare to sell random plant seeds while claiming they are Pink Princess seeds.

young, juvenile Pink Princess Philodendron plant
Abstain from falling scam victim to Pink Princess Philodendron seed, and remember Philodendron Pink Congo is different.

Thus, if one claims to have Pink Princess seeds, they are either lying or have other plant seeds.

So, kindly abstain from buying seeds without checking and reviewing the product, even when it is on Etsy or Ebay.

Although expensive, you should aim for Pink Princess cuttings or saplings instead of seeds to enjoy pink variegation.

How To Grow Pink Princess Philodendron From Seeds?

As getting your hands on viable Pink Princess seeds is not feasible, you shall opt for cuttings.

Growing or propagating Pink Princess is much easier than the complex seed germination process.

So, let us grow a Pink Princess Philodendron from stem cuttings instead, shall we?

  • Select a healthy, rigid, woodier stem with a node.
  • Make a clean cut between the two nodes and ensure the stem cutting has 2-3 leaves.
  • Carefully remove the lower half leaves, leaving 2-3 leaves at the top of the stem cutting.
  • Set aside the cuttings to allow callous formation on the cut edge.
  • Also, apply rooting hormone to the snipped-off edge of the cutting to boost the rooting process.
  • Now, root the cuttings in water or directly in the aroid soilmix.
  • Place the freshly planted cuttings in bright, indirect sunlight and maintain a temperature of around 70°F.
  • Feeder root growth should be visible within 2-3 weeks if you rooted cutting in water.
  • Once such roots grow over an inch, transplant them into an individual pot.

Here is a YouTube video where the gardener tried to grow a Pink Princess Philodendron out of seed.

Editor’s Note

Seeds Might Not Stay True to Variegated Mother Plant!

The Pink Princess and all variegated aroids seeds do not promise variegation in the seedlings.

Furthermore, lab-curated or modified plants can only propagate via cuttings or tissue culture, not seeds.

Also, the artificially introduced variegations in the foliage can revert back to solid color despite the ideal care.

All The Best!

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