A ginger cat facing towards Pilea plant in a white pot.
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Is Pilea Toxic to Cats? Does it Kill?

...have thorns or fragrances; despite its close connection to the stinging nettle family. None of the varieties of Pilea, including Pilea depressa, Pilea peperomioides, Pilea mollis, Pilea involucrata, Pilea aquamarine, ...
A cat is sitting on a shelf near a window with Alocasia beside it.
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Is Alocasia Toxic to Cats?

...Alternatively, you can bring cat-friendly houseplants like Spider Plant, Pilea, and Calathea. Fencing Alocasia and sprinkling coffee grounds is another method but not a highly reliable one. To Conclude Do...
A croton plant is lying over a table beside a book and black lamp.
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Is Croton Toxic to Cats?

...into an aerial plant by placing them in a hanging basket. Alternatively, you can grow cat grass or introduce your cat to cat-friendly plants like Pilea peperomioides, Spider plants, Areca...
Plants growing indoors with Plant placement ideas
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10+ Best Plant Placement Ideas

...be wary about placing large, heavy pots that may risk falling over. Plantophiles recommend growing succulents (Snake plant, Spider plant, and Cacti), Pilea Pepromiodes, Monstera Obliqua, Pelargoniums, herbs, and Money...