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7 Proven ZZ Plant Benefits you can Sack Easily

The aroid ZZ plant is mostly in the talk for its glossy upright leaves, but its benefits surpass its look and drought resistance.

Generally, the ZZ plant purifies the air, reduces stress, prevents pest infestation, and offers feng shui energy. Besides, it is a low-maintenance plant that aesthetically livens up any dull corner with its green hue.

You can enjoy all these benefits if you provide a tropical environment for its growth and give as much love as possible.

Before we extend our reach to the care guide, let’s see ZZ plant benefits.

Overview of ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant, native to Southern and Eastern Africa, was brought to Europe by Dutch people in the 18th century.

The commercial propagation of the ZZ plant surfaced in the 1990s, making it available worldwide. 

Scientific NameZamioculcas zamiifolia
Common NameZZ plant
Plant typePerennial
USDA zone9 and 10
NativeEastern Africa, from Southern Kenya to northeastern South Africa
Blooming PeriodMid summer to early autumn
Flower colorYellow to brown or bronze
Flower structureSmall flowers, 5 to 7 cm long, borne on a fleshy stem called spadix
Leaf structureGlossy leaves up to 60 cm long with 6 to 8 pairs of leaflets of size about 7 to 15 cm long
Life SpanAt least six months
ToxicityToxic to humans and pets if chewed

What is ZZ Plant Good for? 5+ Uses & Benefits 

The ZZ plant established itself in the market when people started appreciating its unusual, artificial-looking body parts, especially its leaves.

Well, the ZZ plant’s foliage and roots play a significant role in determining its advantage and usage.

1. ZZ Plant Air Benefits

Zamioculcas is one of the most effective pollutant cleansers for your home, as it controls harmful gases.

A research article from the University of Copenhagen shows that the ZZ plant as a cleanser can remove copious amounts of toxic VOCs like benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and xylene.

The ZZ plant roots absorb the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from new carpets, wallpapers, or electrical appliances (refrigerators) and reduce air pollutants.

This helps uplift the closed space (room) where the airflow is limited.

2. ZZ Plant is a Low Maintenance Plant

These tropical plants are hardy and allow gardeners to relax nerves as they aren’t susceptible to pests and diseases and fall only to very few horticulture problems. 

Being an epitome of indoor plants, the ZZ plant is easy to grow and take care of.

Infographic with mint background and greyish blue header, briefly mentioning the basic care of ZZ plant.
Basic care in the ZZ plant can help the plant live longer.

3. Traditional Medicinal Uses

People in many parts of the world, mainly from Tanzania and Malawi, have used ZZ plants as traditional medicines.

A study published in Pubmed revealed that the ZZ plant acts as an antioxidant and demonstrates anti-bacterial activity.

Since the roots are rich in phytochemical compounds having medicinal benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, the locals of Tanzania have been practicing their use inherited from their ancestors.

Likewise, Sukuma people in Northwestern Tanzania use it to cure ulcers.

4. Resists Pests

The ZZ plant does not possess sap in stems and leaves for pests to feed on, so there is less chance that problems can attack the plant.

According to a journal in the American Society of Horticultural Science, the ZZ plant does not face many horticultural diseases, except root rot when grown in poor aerated conditions with excess water.

However, some pests like flies and aphids roam around the plant, but severe invasion has no chance.

The simplest solution for any pest would be Neem oil and insecticidal soap.

So choosing the ZZ plant for your house or office will never irritate you or cause trouble in your daily life with the bugging pests.

5. Boosts Interior Design 

With glossy, dark green, and zig-zag tall, slender stems, the ZZ plant can reflect the lights on its leaves.

The plant has a height ranging from six inches to eight inches, making it a non-monstrous plant and suitable for any location inside your home. 

Be it the plain corner or a dull white room, a decorative basket holding the plant can be a statement with a deep green tone of the waxy leaves.

In the initial growing stage, the ZZ plant resembles a cute potted plant for your study tables or guestroom table, providing a great ambiance to your surroundings.

Indeed, the ZZ plant‘s low-light requirement makes it a perfect choice for an indoor environment. 

ZZ plant in a dark pink pot placed in a white desk in front of a white wall.
ZZ plant will not shy away from creating its fresh look.

When equipped with an artificial grow light, the ZZ plant can grace your windowless office and even the bathroom. 

If you’re wondering about their well-being indoors, bring the plant out on the balcony to save from mishaps.

ZZ plant rarely blooms, but they are not much appreciated!

6. ZZ Plant Spiritual Benefits

You might be wondering whether the ZZ plant has the quality to enrich your house with feng shui. Do not worry!

The ZZ plant shows positive energy in the house and omits negativity from home and places around the plant.

Feng shui theory says that “the ZZ plant, or the fortune tree, emits luck and enhances wealth.”

The leaves of ZZ plants reflect the rays that fall upon them, making the room brighter and merrier.

So, you can enjoy the ZZ plants’ energy by keeping them in a location based on the feng shui chart.

The houses’ Southern or Eastern corners are mainly suitable for the ZZ plant to harmonize the surrounding with your body and good luck.

7. Reduces Stress 

The ZZ plant is no different from other plants in offering freshness and relief.

The Journal Of Physiological Anthropology research shows that interaction with indoor plants helps decrease physiological and psychological stress.

Not just a visual treat, this patterned plant provides escape and freshness between the hectic work schedule when placed on your work desk.

As the stress level drops, productivity automatically increases, so you can perform better and enhance your mental ability.

Infographics briefly mentioning four major advantage of ZZ plant in workspace with ZZ plant picture in the bottom centre.
A little green around always brings freshness.

Thus, the ZZ plant can liven up your mood and make you happy and fresh after reducing anxiety and depression. 

Seeing the plant around you can also give you a sense of serenity and spark creativity. 

Is ZZ Plant Toxic?

Some people believe the ZZ plant has specific harmful reactions when touching your skin. This is only an exaggeration.

However, the plant contains some toxic effects on the pets and children who chew its leaves. 

Every part of Zamiifolia contains calcium oxalate crystals which, when ingested, can harm the mouth and throat. 

ZZ plant in a black pot beside a black cat
Providing a distraction to your pet can help your plant and pet co-exist.

Besides, vomiting and swelling are common symptoms of ZZ plant poisoning in pets. 

Meanwhile, the symptoms in humans elevate into the burning of the oral cavity and painful urination.

Can ZZ plant cause Cancer? Learn the final truth!

As a precaution, the best you can do is to keep your plants and pets at a distance. 

And when your curious pet mistakes the plant for food, immediately contact a vet nearby on the hotlines below.

Where to Buy the ZZ Plant?

Knowing the ZZ plant benefits, you may wonder where you can get one to grow. Here are the online sites you can buy and gift to your dear ones or grow the plant yourself.

Shops Delivery
AmazonShipping within 4 to 5 days
Dahing PlantUsually ready in 24 hrs
Shop GreendigsStandard delivery in 5-10 business days
WalmartAccording to customers requirement.

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Whether you grow a ZZ plant in a studio apartment, on the balcony, or by the tv shelf, it will live up to its tell-tale benefits.

Keeping with some caution, you can significantly leverage the ZZ plant for multiple purposes and enjoy the gardener’s lifestyle.

Happy Gardening!

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