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Philodendron White Princess Vs White Knight: Key Differences

Philodendron White Princess and White Knight look identical and confusing at first look, but only the keen-eyed plantsmen can tell the difference between the two!

Generally, Philodendron White Princess and White Knight are similar-looking Philodendron cultivars from the Araceae family. However, you can distinguish them from stem color, leaf variegations, the shape of the leaves, and the plant’s size.

Both varieties have smooth, non-hairy, heart-shaped leaves pointed at the end, which makes both cultivars visually similar. 

So, go through this entire article to know the difference between similar-looking Philodendron White Princess and White Knight.

Philodendron White Princess And White Knight: Similarities 

White Princess and White Knight are popular Philodendron cultivars perfect for enhancing indoor spaces.

Philodendron White Princess on the left and White knight on the right
Philodendron White Knight grows bigger with a purple stem compared to Philodendron White Knight.

They are both from the Araceae family, possessing various similarities in appearance and growing conditions.

  • Both varieties bear similar leaf colors with creamy white and dark green shades.
  • Growth habits are similar to climbers that need trails for support.
  • Growing conditions like indirect light, well-draining soil, and weekly watering demands are similar for both cultivars.
  • They both need repotting every two years and pruning every year in spring and summer.
  • Propagation methods are similar, i.e., stem cuttings, aerial roots, division, etc.
  • If overexposed to sunlight, both varieties lose variegation turning the leaves yellow.

Philodendron White Princess Vs. White Knight: Differences

When looking for Philodendron White Princess and White Knight, Philodendron White Knight is comparatively rare and expensive.

1. Stem Color

Philodendron White Princess is a climbing cultivar with green stems with pink or red edges and white edges on cataphyll.

Meanwhile, Philodendron White Knight’s stem has more colors on stems when you compare it with White Princess Philodendron.

Usually, Philodendron White Knight has a burgundy or dark purple colored stem having white edges.

2. Variegated Leaves

Although Philodendron White Knight and White Princess have variegated leaves, you can distinguish them from their variegation.

Philodendron White Princess contains scattered tricolor variegation all over the leaves with shades of white, cream, and green.

In contrast, Philodendron White Knight variegations are not scattered and are found in larger patches with only white color.

3. Leaf Shape

Although both Philodendron cultivars have heart-shaped leaves, those leaves bear certain differences in their characteristics.

The leaves in Philodendron White Princess are longer and narrower when compared to Philodendron White Knight.

Whereas the shape of the leaves in Philodendron White Knight is round with pointed tips with darker shades.

Philodendron White Wizard Vs. White Knight Vs. White Princess

Besides the difference between Philodendron White Princess and White Knight, here are some contrasting characteristics of Philodendron White Wizard.

Factors Philodendron White PrincessPhilodendron White KnightPhilodendron White Wizard
Leaf Length 4-7 inches 1.5 feet8-12 inches
Plant Height Relatively smaller growing up to 3 feet tallVines with more than 10 feet About 8-10 feet tall
Availability Easy availabilityRarer than Philodendron White PrincessVery rare and expensive
Stem ColorGreen stem with pink or red edgesDark purple or burgundy stem with white edgesStems are completely green

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Philodendron White Princess Vs. Pink Princess!

Remember that Philodendron White Princess grows smaller with white variegation, whereas the variegations are pink in Philodendron Pink Princess.

However, pink variegations can turn white if the plant is overexposed to sunlight.

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