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Feng Shui Love Corner: Finding & Activating Guide

Feng shui might be a myth for non-believers, but it is a life changer for believers as it removes negativity and spreads love by activating the concerned corner.

Generally, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice for balancing harmony and nature. People believe it brings positivity, wealth, and romanticism, where singles try the southwest corner to boost their love energy while couples pair things up to rekindle love.

Even other ways can activate the hidden love energy inside your house. So, continue the article to understand all of it.

Introducing Feng Shui For Love And Relationships

Sometimes stars and energies clash, which many believe is the reason for fights or no love.

But there is no need to be sad. Introduce Feng Shui into your life, as the thoughts and positivity it brings are enough to flow love and romanticism easily.

Feng Sui is not about grand rituals or expensive accessories. Minor correction in the placement or arrangement of the existing objects is enough.

Although the effect of Feng Shui is not scientifically proven, the changes it brings have jabbed people’s thoughts.

It works on the principle of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy balance, which plays a role in flowing out the Chi energy indoors.

Only with optimum energy flow can you negate evil and negativity.

You can achieve it by re-locating living plants like Peonies and placing paired Feng Shui love symbols or colors of love in the love corner of your room.

How To Find Feng Shui Love Corner?

Each room inside your home, with an open floor plan or more than one entrance, has a love corner.

The only effort from your side is to find the best location on your own for Feng Shui balance and try things to activate the energy of that very corner.

However, you need the help of a Bagua map. The Bagua is an energy matrix representing nine different circumstances of your life.
A paper with all the compartments of Feng Shui in a Bagua map
The Bagua map is for the best as it gives you exact ideas.

It includes money, reputation, love, family, health (center representing you), creativity, knowledge, career, and helpful people.

Here the love and marriage square is at the top right corner, which points mainly to the southwestern direction of the room.

You can locate the love corner by laying the map over the house’s footprint.

  • Take a Bagua map and stand at the doorway of any room or the home’s main entrance.
  • And if the room you are Feng Shui’ing has more than a single entrance, stand on the way you use most often.
  • Place the map on the footprint and look at the room as a tic-tac-toe board with boxes representing the Bagua map.
  • If the room is not symmetrical, some squares might have a bigger area, which is never a problem.
  • Now, look at the direction Bagua map points and start energizing the Feng Shui love corner to boost your love energy.

How Do You Activate The Love Corner In Feng Shui?

After learning the southwestern area is the relationship corner of the home, you are ready to apply amendments and balance things out.

Harmonizing Feng Shui for love and marriage is the key to a happy life and keeping your heart alive. Achieve it by removing clutters from the corner, removing mirrors and family pictures from the bedroom, and minimizing metal objects.

Look at the tips and treatments for ideas you can apply inside your home and turn things around.

Feng Shui For Singles

Activating Feng Shui can help singles find the love of their life, as it is never wrong to try something that does not hurt them.

  • Add Peonies: Traditionally, Peonies symbolize romance and happiness. So you can say Peonies flower is for love Feng Shui which you can keep in pair near the love corner or hang the flower painting on the wall.
  • Color Addition: Three significant Feng Shui love corner colors are pink, red and white, with pink on top. Add accessories with pink shades, like coral and red, like russet, instead of crimson. This will help you welcome love energy.
  • Bamboo Stalks: Bamboo has a reputation for being lucky. So bring pairs of bamboo stalks and place them in the love corner to enhance your love luck and find the love of life.
Pair of bamboo stalk
Bamboo is a lovely symbolic gift full of luck and love.
  • Hang Pictures: Keep the portraits of the imaginary love you want in your life with artifacts symbolizing earth elements. It energizes you to find the person by creating a visual impact as soon as possible.
  • Rose Quartz Crystal: Also famous as “Love stone,” Rose Quartz represents pure and unconditional love. The crystal can make you achieve peace, harmony, generosity, and compassion and attract love from all.

Feng Shui For Couples

Not all couples in a relationship and marriage have a smooth course of love. They, too, need a booster to enjoy the romance to the fullest.

  • Mandarin Ducks: A symbol of love and marriage, Mandarin Ducks in pair attract luck, love, and longevity. This is perfect for strengthening any relationship. So place it in the southwest corner. You can also use pair of geese for everlasting love.
  • Happy Photograph: Reminisce your love as a couple by alluring the room with your joyful and lovely moments. The photographs will act as an activator and attract love energy.
  • Mystic Knot: Mystic knot symbolizes infinite love with neither an end nor a beginning. So it is best to keep it near your bed or the southwestern corner of your home for never-ending love.
  • Dragon and Phoenix: Masculinity of the Dragon and grace of the Phoenix is the best symbol for balancing power and beauty. As a mythical creature, wearing jewelry or placing a painting of the pair in the love corner represents romance.
A painting with a dragon and phoenix with a symbol of Feng Shui.
Dragon and Phoenix represent the two most powerful symbols of success and prosperity.
  • Double Fish Symbol: The double fish symbol is an ancient representation of the union of two souls and a successful marriage. So keep either a statue or painting in the love corner.
  • Bedroom Arrangement: Your bed should face a north-south direction for love and be between two walls so that no one feels trapped. And avoid keeping your bed head below a window or your leg lined with the door.

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Extra Tips!

Following your heart is the best remedy to amend any relationship and start a new connection by grabbing opportunities.

However, adding Philodendrons, Peach blossom, and Jasmine plants in the love corner Feng Shui can aid the process.

So Catch The Love If You Can!