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What Part of The Plant is a Pumpkin [Confusion Solved]

Do you know the Halloween-favorite Pumpkin is cooked as a vegetable and eaten as raw fruit or salad at the same time?

Generally, Pumpkin grows on a vein attached to stems and is divided into 3 parts: outer skin, middle pulp, and inner seeds. Although a fruit, it’s usually eaten as a vegetable and harvested in September- October. Pumpkin is also called berry due to its fleshy pulp and many seeds.

The thicker main vine directly attached to the roots produces secondary and tertiary vines called runners.

The round, ribbed, fleshy fruit and other parts like flowers and leaves are produced on those runners.

Overview of Pumpkin Plant

Pumpkin is a low-calorie food rich in vitamins and minerals. You can eat this delicious meal as a salad, dessert, soup, and even as a butter substitute.

Pumpkin in a vine
You can make pies, vegetables, soup, and many other delicious foods from Pumpkin fruit.

However, the Pumpkins crossed with wild plants can be extremely bitter and poison you even with a few bites.

Plant OriginNorth America
USDA zones3-12
Scientific NamesCucurbita moschata
Cucurbita maxima
Cucurbita pepo
Common Names Squash, Gourd
BloomsYellow blooms in mid-June to Early-July
FruitYellow, Orange or white ribbed skin covering fleshy orange pulp and many flat white seeds attached in strings
Growing conditionsWarm, hot temperature
ToxicityNon- toxic

What Really Is a Pumpkin?

The actual definition of a Pumpkin, whether a fruit or a vegetable, depends upon two approaches: study and use.

Traditionally, the ones we cook before eating are vegetables, while the ones with a sweet, tangy taste that we can eat raw are fruits.

However, Botany defines a vegetable as any edible parts like roots, stems, or leaves, whereas fruit develops from a flower and bears seed.

So, Pumpkins are fruits growing on a woody stem attached to their vines that bears both male and female flowers.

This is also called squash and contains pulpy flesh with many seeds covered in a yellow shell that is used as a vegetable. 

These characters define Pumpkin as berry, but they are also called gourds as they fall under the genus Cucurbita.

Parts of Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a multiple-seeded fleshy fruit covered with thin skin.

Interestingly, all the parts of a Pumpkin plant, like roots, hollow stems, lobed leaves, flowers, and fruits, are deliciously edible. Even the seeds that contain pepita inside taste amazing.

If you want to harvest your Pumpkins and store them for months, cut the fruit with a sterilized shear in September- October, including about 4 inches of the stem.

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Start off your Pumpkin seeds in early May- June!

To grow your pumpkin, sow its seeds in rows 2-8 feet apart and 1 inch deep in warm, fertile, compost-rich soil of pH 6-6.8.

Plant 4-8 feet apart if you consider planting it in hills. Ensure that you are choosing healthy seeds or seedlings.

Your Pumpkin vine will bless you with a delicious Pumpkin in about 90-120 days.