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Tangelo Vs Tangerine: Differences Of Orange Look Alikes

The debate between Tangelo vs. Tangerine is difficult to settle as both fruits have obvious similarities.

Generally, the best way to differentiate between Tangerine and Tangelo is their shape, as Tangelo is more bell-like while Tangerine is spherical. Further, Tangelo has a firmer, granular bite rather than Tangerine, which has a smooth texture. 

However, you can differentiate between Tangelo and Tangerine with some other major distinctions. Learn to find out!

What Are Tangelo & Tangerine?

Tangelo and Tangerine are citrus fruits that hail from the plant family Rutaceae.

We may become confused them with Orange. In fact, Orange is a name given to many lookalike citrusy fruits, including Mandarins, Clementines, and Satsumas.

Hence, Tangerines (Citrus reticulata) are a type of Mandarins, but Tangelos are a cross between the Citrus reticulata variety and Pomelo (Citrus maxima).

The name, ‘Tangelo,’ is a blend of Tangerine and Pomelo.
Image illustrates Tangerine and Tangelo differences
Tangelo has a more bell-like appearance, while Tangerine has a spherical shape.

Tangelo Vs Tangerine [Similarities & Differences]

Some of the debatable similarities between Tangelo vs Tangerine are as follows.

  • Tangelo and Tangerine have orange-colored peels.
  • One of the common flavor profiles of Tangelo and Tangerine is their sweet and tangy nature.
  • They both have easy-to-peel outer skin.
  • Being a citrus, both Tangelo and Tangerine are good sources of vitamin C.
  • Tangelo and Tangerine are native to Southeast Asia.

However, Tangelo and Tangerine have some contrasting features.

  • Tangelos are larger in size than Tangerines, with a pronounced “nipple” at one end.
  • Further, Tangelos are bell-shaped, while Tangerines have a spherical shape.
  • The flavor of Tangelo is sweet, tarty, floral, and tangy, while the Tangerine is comparatively sweeter.
  • Tangerine is more smooth to bite on than the firm, granular, and spongy flesh of Tangelo.
  • The season of Tangelo runs from December to March, while the season of Tangerine runs from Late October to January.
  • Tangelos take longer to mature than the Tangerines.
  • Tangerines (USD $0.38 per kilogram) are cheaper than the Tangelos (USD $0.44 per kilogram).

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Tangelos is a hybrid fruit so they may have additional nutrients than the Tangerines.

But based on overall price and nutritional demands, Tangerines are more affordable than Tangelos.