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Shampoo Ginger Meaning & Symbolism: Ultimate Guide

Shampoo Ginger is an appealing flower with great symbolic meaning, but you will be amazed to know that you can even harvest readymade shampoo from this beauty.

Generally, Shampoo Ginger is a perennial with wide leaves rolling on the stem and cone-like flowers with different colors. The flower sap from the alluring blossoms and rhizomes contains natural shampoo, and the plant has unique symbolic meanings.

Also known as Ginger Lily (Zingiber zurumbet), the Shampoo Ginger is a tropical plant from Zingiberaceae family.

So, go through this complete article to know every detail about Shampoo Ginger with its true meaning and benefits.

What Does Shampoo Ginger Look Like?

Shampoo Ginger is a beautiful perennial that can grow about 3-5 feet tall. You can see the leaves rolling around the stem.

Except for the flower, Shampoo Ginger’s appearance is just like a Ginger plant with wide leaves of parallel venation.

This incredible plant fills your garden with colors with alluring pinecone-like red, pink, or white flowers.

Shampoo Ginger's beautiful flowers
Shampoo Ginger is a beautiful plant with several health benefits.

Moreover, these red flowers glow brightly in the sunlight due to the liquid present in the gaps of the blossom.

This popular ornamental plant is native to tropical regions of Asia and Australia. Nowadays, you can find these plants in many parts of the US.

Moreover, you can see their bright blooms from spring to summer, but it’s best to harvest the saps from the mature flowers in late spring.

Shampoo Ginger Meaning & Symbolism

As Shampoo Ginger contains slimy and soapy sap, it symbolizes cleanliness. Also, the bright red flowers also indicate beauty.

Moreover, the sap from this plant can remove dirt from the body and is a symbol of purity and health.

This flower is also a symbol of fertility. So, planting it in the garden can also grant your wish if you are trying to conceive a baby.

Additionally, people believe it brings good luck to those starting something. It also symbolizes new beginnings.

Due to the beneficial sap, people believe that it is a symbol of protection, too. Thus, Shampoo Ginger’s appearance and properties is loaded with great meanings.

Shampoo Ginger Benefits

The gel-like sap of Shampoo Ginger can contribute to several health benefits. The name Shampoo Ginger is due to the jelly inside the flower.

Moreover, the underground rhizomes also have a gel-like substance that treats several skin problems.

  • The sap is soapy, and you can use this as a natural shampoo. It makes your hair healthy and soft.
  • Moreover, the tea from the plant’s rhizome helps to relieve digestive discomfort treating diarrhea, vomiting etc.
  • Paste from the rhizomes and flowers have anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal wounds and swelling.
  • Additionally, the anti-oxidant properties in the rhizomes help in repairing the cell damage and protect from further damage.
  • The cooling effects in the rhizome paste help to relieve skin irritations, rashes, itches, etc.
  • The anti-microbial properties in the plant also help your body to fight against disease-causing pathogens.

Ginger Lily cannot withstand soggy soil and is susceptible to root rot. So, it’s better to water it only when the soil feels 2 inches dry or use a moisture meter for accurate watering.

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More About Shampoo Ginger

Whether you use rhizome or flower sap, both work the same for your hair and skin. If you use rhizome, grate the jelly and mix it with water to make it soapy.

Meanwhile, you can use flower sap directly as it contains more liquid. Interestingly, the flower refills another day, so it’s sustainable to plant this beautiful flower.