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How To Take Ghost Pipe Tincture? [With Preparation Steps]

The evidence for modern and traditional uses of Ghost Pipe plant tinctures and extracts to cure body disorders is rare. Hence, it’s unsure how much is good for you. 

Generally, you can start to take Ghost Plant tincture by mixing 1-3 drops in a cup of warm water and slowly increasing the dose after considering its taste and side effects. To prepare the tincture, mix the chopped plant with 80% alcohol, store it for 4-6 weeks, strain it, and store the liquid.

Do you want to learn the full process of making the Ghost Plant tincture at home? Just follow the article!

What Is A Ghost Pipe Plant? [Overview, Uses & Benefits]

The rare Indian Ghost Pipe plant (Monotropa uniflora) is a striking plant from the family Ericaceae.

The plant is native to the temperate biomes of North America and Southeast Asia.

This transparent, desolate, and lifeless plant is actually a holoparasite devoid of any green or colorful parts. They get all their nutrients from the host plant.

Despite their lifeless looks, the bioactive chemical compounds in the Ghost Pipe plant are full of health-restorative medicinal properties.

Image illustrates the growth habit of Ghost Pipe Plant
Ghost Pipe plants are saprophytic, growing and harboring nutrients from the decaying organic matter.

Furthermore, the Ghost Pipe plant and its ethanolic extract have several uses in traditional and modern medicinal systems to cure nervousness, muscle spasms, anxiety, and psychosis. 

Due to its herbal benefits, you can get dietary supplements of Ghost Pipe extract from online forums.

How Do You Make A Ghost Pipe Tincture?

Perhaps the best bet to gain the godsend medicinal benefits from the Ghost Pipe plant is by preparing a medicinal tincture.

You can easily brew it in your home, but you must have access to fresh Ghost Pipe plants.

  • Chop up some Ghost Pipe plants and fill the pieces halfway through in a glass jar.
  • Add high-proof alcohol (80% Vodka or Everclear), covering the pieces about an inch below the extract.
Image illustrates the usage of Ghost Pipe plant tincture
Adding a few drops of Ghost Pipe plant tincture in a cup of warm water can help your body absorb nutrients better.
  • Seal the jar tightly and then keep it on a shelf for 4-6 weeks to release all the volatile compounds.
  • After infusion, strain the tincture using a cheesecloth or mesh strainer and fill it in amber glass dropper bottles

Ghost Pipe plant tinctures can stay viable for 2-3 years easily, but the liquid may lose its purple color over time.

However, the medicinal powers will remain the same until the final drop.

How Much Ghost Pipe Tincture To Take?

You must only use Ghost Plant ethanolic tincture as a dietary supplement.

Although the tincture itself is very valuable for your body, you must never take it to cure serious diseases.

Hence, most commercial Ghost Pipe tinctures advise you to start with 1-3 drops in a cup of warm water. 

However, once you get used to the taste and effect, you can boost the dose to 30 drops for soothing bodily relaxation.

Still, consult your family doctor before taking the tincture if you are under medications or having health troubles.

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Is Ghost Pipe tincture toxic?

Although there is not much evidence that the Ghost Pipe plant is toxic for pets, you should never offer it to them without consulting a vet.

Additionally, you can pair Ghost Pipe tincture with a few drops of rose water to increase its potency.