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How Bonsai Mirai Vandalized? The Real Story Behind It!

When Bonsai Mirai was vandalized, it became shocking news to the whole Bonsai community as it was not just a bonsai nursery but a symphony of seasons where each tree had a unique note.

In January 2021, a devastating incident occurred at Bonsai Mirai and Ryan’s home. Ryan also explained on Instagram that his house and Bonsai Mirai were vandalized. However, the criminal or the reason behind the vandalism is still unknown.

Bonsai Mirai, a sanctuary for trees and knowledge is located in Portland, Oregon. 

Go through is full article to know more about the amazing bonsai nursery, Bonsai Mirai, and the news about vandalism that occurred in 2021.

Who Owns Bonsai Mirai?

Bonsai Mirai is an amazing bonsai nursery that contains eye-catching miniature trees. You can find the trees spending decades to the ones just starting the seedling stage.

Highly respected bonsai artist and a great educator Ryan Neil owns Bonsai Mirai. He is currently running this bonsai nursery with his vision and ideas.

Bonsai Mirai after it was vendalized
Bonsai Mirai looks even more beautiful after vandalism.

Learning about bonsai, Ryan spent 6 years in Japan and founded Bonsai Mirai under the supervision of Masahiko Kimura who is also a bonsai expert.

After the initiation of Bonsai Mirai in 2010, Ryan’s wife further supported him in handling the nursery. Along with the nursery, Ryan is also leading workshops, educational programs, content creation, etc.

Thus, Bonsai Mirai is not a corporation of shareholders or separate ownership by someone but an organization driven by a renowned bonsai artist.

How Bonsai Mirai Vendalized?

In January 2021, a devastating incident took place at Bonsai Mirai along with Ryan’s home. Ryan also explained on Instagram that his house and Bonsai Mirai were vandalized.

However, he did not share any photos related to vandalism but expressed deep disappointment and sad emotions relating to vandalism.

Nevertheless, he was also positive about reconstruction after the destruction.

Based on the Instagram details by Ryan, some important bonsai trees were damaged and his accommodation was not in the living condition.

Although there were cameras around Bonsai Mirai, the criminal was not arrested as no one knows who did this. Also, the purpose of vandalism is unknown.

Many news media and online forums also covered this incident on social media and TV channels.

Despite the disappointing incident, Bonsai Mirai continues to thrive with new excellent bonsai trees. It’s because only the trees and physical appearance were destroyed but the vision and ideas were still alive.

Later, in the interview, Ryan explained that support from bonsai enthusiasts and other communities plays a big role in bringing Bonsai Mirai back.

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Vandalism Is Illegal!

Vandalism, an act of destroying one’s property is not justifiable or fruitful as both the victim and perpetrator may face serious consequences.

Instead, talking to the owner about personal or professional issues or peaceful protests can be a constructive way to address the anger or dissatisfaction.