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From Die Hard to Gardening Hard: A Peek at Bruce Willis Garden

From taking care of bad guys to tending to his garden, Bruce Willis has proved time and time again that he is the true definition of a versatile man.

His wife, Emma Heming Willis, quotes, “If things didn’t work out for Bruce in Hollywood, he could have become an arborist.”

So, Hollywood legend Bruce Willis clearly shares broad knowledge and passion for plants.

What Does Bruce Willis’ Garden Look Like?

Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, Bruce Willis does not have official public social media accounts.

So, it is hard to get a glimpse of his luxe garden in the $9.8 million Brentwood Park mansion.

Nonetheless, the iconic, picturesque black and white mansion features a large front yard garden with a wide range of evergreen plants.

backyard of the Brentwood park mansion of bruce willis
The luxe mansion of Bruce Willis features a minimalistic yet luscious green backyard garden with two cabanas and a picturesque pool.

Right next to the black gate at the entrance, Bruce has tall trees that could be native to Los Angeles.

Likewise, the border of the curvy entryway to the house is decorated with flowering low-growing herbs. The lavish green lawn also features some tall trees, possibly berry or Olive trees.

Besides that, many tall trees native to the USDA 9-10 zones have beautifully outlined the house area.

We could see big Eucalyptus, Coconut trees behind the mansion in the Gary Glass Estate shared picture.

His backyard also features an easygoing lawn, flowering bushy plants on the edge and an Instagram-worthy pool.

Bruce willis standing next to the palm tree
Did you know Bruce Willis does not like Palm trees? Shocking, isn’t it? But he does love big, tall, woody trees.

How Does Bruce Willis Take Care of His Garden?

In the spring of 2022, Bruce Willis announced he was stepping away from acting as he had been diagnosed with aphasia.

And, a month earlier, in March, his family shared Bruce Willis is now being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, FTD.

bruce willis gardening with his daughter Mabel
The 68 years old Actor Bruce Willis was diagnosed with FTD as per his family statement released in March 2022.

So, we know Bruce might not be able to handle the gardening like he once did with his daughter, Mabel.

However, when Bruce was at his best, many sources claim he preferred a hands-on approach.

He hired professionals only when he needed helping hands to maintain his estates’ luxe upkeep.

Furthermore, from the garden’s look, Bruce has low-maintenance plants that perform well with routine watering.

bruce willis hanging out in four wheeler around country side
Most of the pictures of our Pulp Fiction actor Bruce Willis is of him enjoying the serene nature with his family and friends.

Some of the easygoing plants he owns are a variety of cacti and succulents. Interestingly, he named one of his cacti after his Die Hard character, John McClane.

How to Create Your Own Celeb Garden Like Bruce Willis?

Whether directly or indirectly, Bruce Willis has advocated for sustainable living and supported several environmental causes.

His fondness for trees certainly has influenced many fans to follow in his footsteps, so it makes sense you want to copy him.

Moreover, doing something he personally loves can act as a message that we support him in his thick and thin times.

Here are a few tips for creating a minimalistic garden similar to the garden of the legend Bruce Willis.

  • Before planting plants in a haphazard manner, preplan everything from layout design to plant choice.
  • Analyze your garden’s soil type and select plants that thrive in it without needing extra effort.
  • Grow herbs like Basil, Thyme, Mint and Cilantro to enjoy fresh garnish just like Emma.
herbs in a pot
Perhaps Emma grew herbs like Basil, Mint, Cilantro and Thyme to serve her husband Bruce Willis fresh, healthy, garnished meals.
  • Avoid using inorganic measures to maintain garden upkeep and resort to natural pest control methods.
  • Incorporate different elements in your garden, and do not hesitate to spice things up with different colors and textures.
  • Go for native plants, as they thrive in your local climate without asking for much of a hassle.

In an interview with Martha Stewart, Bruce revealed he loves to grow vegetables like Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers to use them in his cooking. Steamy, Right?

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An Iconic Hero & Expert Green Thumb – Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has always been vocal about his interest in trees and has supported campaigns to raise awareness about global warming.

So, go green and simply follow his passion for natural, balanced gardening that benefits nature and humans.

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