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Red Flower in Blox Fruits: Everything You Need to Know

As an avid Blox Fruits gamer, have you ever wondered what the mysterious red flower in Blox Fruits does?

Flowers are part of the Alchemist Quest in Blox Fruits, where the red flower refers to a “Flower of Riches” that significantly boosts the player’s in-game currency and experience points (XP) and help get the Human Race V2.

However, finding them can be challenging, especially for new users.

Read on to learn more about these mysterious red flower locations and how to obtain them.

What is Red Flower in Blox Fruits?

If you are a Blox Fruits game fan, you should know it is loosely based on the famous pirate anime, One Piece.

Like in the anime, you must survive challenges and level up your character to advance further in the game.

One of the ways to do that is by gathering flowers, where each type of flower offers buffs (abilities) and experience points (XP) and helps level up the character.

Red flowers are also called “Flower of Riches” because collecting all of them will significantly upgrade your character race to Human Race V2 (Version 2).

You can find red flower sprouting in different locations around the map.

Achieving Human Race V2 will get you four buffs:

  • Increases the character’s movement speed.
  • The Flash Step range is doubled, and its cool-down duration is reduced to 10 to 15 seconds.
  • It provides extra dodge and faster dodge-regeneration skills.
  • It gives a slightly longer dash distance so that you can go quicker and higher.

However, the only way to achieve Human Race V2 is by completing the Alchemist’s Quest and collecting all the red flowers.

Similarly, you can upgrade your character to V3 and V4 by completing other tasks.

How to Obtain Red Flowers in Blox Fruits? (Process)

Red flowers will be available once you have obtained Level 850+, completed Colosseum Quest (Second Sea), and have $500,000 in-game currency.

Despite achieving all these, you must complete the Alchemist’s quest.

1. Find the Alchemist

The Alchemist is a ‘Non-Playbale Character’ within the game in the Green Zone, found behind giant vines below a blue mushroom.

Your mission will start upon meeting the Alchemist, but you cannot talk to the character until completing the task.

He will order you to collect three flowers (Blue, Red, and Yellow) spread across the entire map.

2. Collect the Flowers

Red flowers will appear during the day and stay flowering until someone picks them up, making it easy to locate them.

If you are new to the game, here is the list of locations to find them.

  • Inside the Kingdom of Rose, just beside the suitable stairs and next to the red building.
  • In one of the left bushes at the Swan Mansion.
  • In the Green Zone behind the Marine Lieutenant.
red flower in blox fruits
Near the closest brown rock, located near Fajita in Green Zone.
  • On the giant plateau located near the Factory.

3. Collect Other Flowers

The blue flower will only appear at night, while the yellow year will appear after killing the Non-Playable Characters in the Second Sea.

However, the flowers will be lost if you leave the game midway or your character dies. You will have to collect them again to complete the mission.

How to Identify Red Flowers in Blox Fruit?

Remember, the flowers in Blox Fruits are not real but only replicas.

They may look like a flower at the top of the stem, which grows directly from the ground, just like plants with long stems and no leaves.

The flower head resembles a young red rose with enclosed petals; only three leaves remain visible.

red flower rose
The in-game red flower has the closest resemblance to a yet-to-blossom red rose.

They are easy to identify because the entire plant will be covered in a particular shade; red, yellow, or blue.

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The Blox Fruit has over a million users, with the number rising every week, along with the challenges.

Therefore, you will likely find many users completing the mission and unlocking new features in the game.

Stick to collecting the flowers and completing your mission to upgrade your character’s race.