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Does Cecilia Flower Exist in Real Life? If Not, What to Expect?

After the impressive success of the game Genshin Impact, several game freaks have started to search for Cecilia flower in real life.

Generally, Cecilia flower does not exist in real life and is the character of the video game Genshin Impact. The flower is small, a size of a few inches in diameter and bears white petals with a yellow center symbolizing love, sacrifice and hope.

Cecilia Flower is based on the character, Cecilia Su whose story is all about love, loss and reincarnation.

So, if you love to play Genshin Impact, go through this article to know if Cecilia flower exists in real life with the flower’s meaning and symbolism.

What does Cecilia Flower Look Like?

Cecilia Flower is a beautiful flower with white petals and golden luminescence in the center of the Flower.

The actual size of the flower is undefined, but the Flower could be small, with the size ranging from 1-3 inches in diameter.

Cecilia flower on the left and Lily on the right
Cecilia flower is fictional but probably inspired by real flowers like Lily.

The Flower gives an amazingly sweet fragrance and blooms only in the winter, unlike other flowers that set their blooms in the spring.

Moreover, this amazing flower’s bright, white petals are very delicate and have semi-transparent qualities.

Besides, the golden center of the Flower is beautifully shaped like a sun or star. The center has an excessive fragrance, just like fresh vanilla or honeycomb.

Other than the attractive appearance, the actual appearance of the flower also depends upon the imaginary interpretation of the player.

Cecilia Flower: Meanings And Symbolism

As Cecilia Flower blooms in the freezing cold months, the major meaning of the Flower is adaptation and perseverance.

Moreover, the white petals represent purity and innocence, and the golden center symbolizes hope, guidance, and new beginnings.

The adapting qualities and the ability to remain beautiful even in harsh conditions is clear that the flower represents sacrifice.

Additionally, the blossom is also the indicator of redemption as it is related to the character Cecilia Su.

Thus, as the character Cecilia Su is a kind, loving, cheerful, and gentle soul, Cecilia Flower also indicates love and happiness.

However, the meaning and symbolism of the Flower depend on the interpretation of the player. Overall, Cecilia Flower represents love, sacrifice, hope, and a better future.

Does Cecilia Flower Exist in Real Life?

No, Cecilia flower does not exist in real life as it is the fictional flower from the video game Genshin Impact.

As the flower does not exist in real life, its appearance also depends totally upon the video game developers.

The developer’s team can probably change the Flower’s overall appearance in the future. So, the flower’s appearance depends on recent video game updates.

Like Vivisteria flower, this one may be inspired by some natural flowers. The white petals of the Cecilia flower are likely to be inspired by the flowers with thin white petals.

Additionally, the golden center of the Flower is probably the inspiration for the yellow pollen on the reproductive parts of naturally blooming flowers.

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Cecilia flowers do not exist in real life, but you can still find some natural flowers similar in appearance, meanings and symbolism.

Flowers like Lily of the Valley, Plumeria, Star of Bethlehem, Daisy, etc., share somewhat similar appearances and have common meanings and symbolism to Cecilia flowers.