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Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties: Fruit, Soil, Flower And Yields

Adding Rabbiteye Blueberry varieties in your home garden can be a blessing due to the long ripening season, better yields, and adaptation to various environmental conditions.

Generally, there are various Rabbiteye Blueberry varieties to choose from for your garden. Some of them include Tifblue, Powderblue, Brightwell, Augusta, Blue Ribbon, Sunshine Blue, and many more.

However, growing conditions may vary between the varieties as some prefer acidic soil while others can tolerate alkaline soil.

So, go through this entire article to choose the best Rabbiteye variety suitable for your garden for better yields.

5+ Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties For Your Garden

Rabbiteye Blueberry varieties mostly prefer acidic soil to thrive but these varieties have wider pH tolerance than Highbush Blueberries.

Different Rabbiteye Blueberry varieties
Rabbiteye Blueberry varieties have different pH requirements.

You can use organic matter like composted sawdust or peat moss to lower the pH value if the soil pH is higher than 5.5.

1. Tifblue

Tifblue is the hardy blueberry variety popular for its large, dark-blue berries. Those berries are deliciously sweet with some tartness.

The fruits appear when the white bell-shaped flowers fade in the late summer or fall. Basically, the blossoms appear in spring.

Moreover, planting a single bush will bless you with about 20 pounds of blueberries. In suitable environmental conditions, the yields may be even higher.

To go this variety, you must plant the seedlings in well-draining acidic soil with pH ranging from 4.5 and 5.5.

2. Powderblue

Powderblue is also one of the popular Rabbiteye Blueberries that provides an average yield of about 8-10 pounds per bush.

This amazing variety produces pink flowers in the spring. The flower buds start to appear in the early spring and the plant continues flowering till summer.

When the blossoms start to fade, the plant bears beautiful light blue berries. The size of the berries is usually medium with a mild sweetness.

You can grow this variety in the soil with a wider pH range as the plant can tolerate a pH up to 6.0.

3. Brightwell

Brightwell is a well-known cultivar of Rabbiteye Blueberry that produces excellent-quality fruits. The fruits are very large, deep green with a firm texture.

This variety produces beautiful white blossoms that look amazingly attractive in the spring. The blossoms continue their beauty till late summer.

After the flowering season ends, each bush of the Brightwell variety has the ability to produce up to 15 pounds of Blueberries making it the highest-yielding cultivar.

For the better growth of this variety, you must plant it in well-draining soil with an acidic pH between 4.5 and 5.5.

4. Augusta

Augusta is one of the Hardy Rabbiteye varieties that can thrive well in a variety of soil. This cultivar can also tolerate slightly alkaline conditions.

Just like the Powderblue variety, you can see the plant bearing beautiful pink blossoms from spring to summer.

After the end of the flowering season, you can see the plant blessing you with large, light-blue berries. These berries taste sweet and mildly tart.

Augusta is the highest-yielding variety that can produce more than 25 pounds of Blueberries per bush.

5. Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon is also one of the best Rabbiteye varieties as the plant can tolerate higher pH and various soil conditions.

During the spring and summer, this cultivar produces astonishing bell-shaped white blossoms. These blossoms with sweet fragrances can beautify your garden and attract various beneficial pollinators.

Moreover, during the fruiting season, you can enjoy their medium-sized, dark blue berries with complex sweet and tart flavors. The flavor is slightly different than other varieties.

However, you cannot harvest much planting this cultivar. This variety has a moderate yield of about 8-10 pounds per bush.

6. Sunshine Blue

Just like Blue Ribbon, sunshine Blue also has moderate yields of about 8-10 pounds per bush.

However, the fruit quality is totally different as Sunshine Blue produces very sweet berries with excellent quality. The berries are large and light blue.

Just like Blue Ribbon and Brightwell, this variety produces attractive white blossoms in spring.

To grow the Sunshine Blue cultivar, you must have acidic soil like the Tifblue variety.

Use neem oil to protect your Blueberry plant from unwanted pests and pathogens. To protect the berries from birds, using nettings may be beneficial. 

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Additional Tips!

If you are planting many seedlings, choosing the varieties with overlapping flowering seasons can extend your harvesting duration producing fruits for a long time.

Moreover, consider planting other flowering plants to attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies to improve the fruit set.