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Is The GTA Online Cactus Peyote Plant Legal In The US?

GTA Online Peyote Cactus does exist in real life but never try to grow it out of excitement or else you have to go through the legal actions.

Generally, GTA Online Peyote Cactus is not legal anywhere in the US due to the potential psychoactive compound, mescaline. However, you can grow and possess Peyote if you are a NAC member and scientific researcher following certain conditions.

Indigenous people in the US believe that Peyote has the ability to cure physical illness, emotional distress, and mental illness.

Go through this entire article to know where and why Peyote GTA online Cactus Peyote Plant is not legal In the US and other countries.

What Does GTA Online Peyote Cactus Look Like In Real?

GTA Online Peyote Cactus (Lophophora williamsii) is a slow-growing plant that can grow about 1-3 inches tall and spread up to 2-5 inches wide. This plant takes many years to reach maturity.

Instead of creating a tower-like structure, this plant grows like a flattened sphere, making it look just like a fleshy button growing in clusters.


Peyote Cactus which is not legal
Peyote Cactus can cause hallucinations.

When you focus on the appearance surfacely, the outer look of the Peyote Cactus has a dull or muted green color with bumps. Tufts of yellowish hairs appear on the bumps making the cactus fuzzy.

Surprisingly, this unique cactus does not contain spines like other cacti varieties. The texture is also soft to the touch.

During the spring and summer, this plant bears beautiful star-shaped flowers that turn into fleshy red berries with black seeds. Peyote Cactus fruits are not edible.

GTA Online Peyote Cactus is not legal anywhere in the US. However, you can grow and possess Peyote under certain circumstances.

NAC churches have a religious exemption to allow its members to grow and use the cactus. However, there are conditions for this too.

You must be an enrolled member of the NAC church and obtain Peyote only from authorized sources. Moreover, you must comply with the church’s guidelines for obtaining and using Peyote.

This liberty is to respect the cultural significance of the Peyote Cactus to the indigenous people of the US.

Additionally, if you are a researcher, you can apply for permission from the DEA to cultivate and study Peyote Cactus for scientific purposes.

However, the laws and regulations can vary depending on the state. So, it’s better to have a better understanding of the rules of your state on the use of Peyote Cactus.

Why Is Peyote Cactus Illegal?

The major reason why Peyote Cactus is illegal includes the potential psychoactive substance, mescaline which is also a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law. 

However, there are other secondary reasons too.

  • Improper use of Peyote Cactus has negative psychological risks like severe anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, etc.
  • Extreme use can lead to powerful hallucinations.
  • High doses of this cactus extract can also cause rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, nausea, etc.
  • People using the huge amounts of mescaline are unable to control themselves leading to severe accidents, and even death.

The strict rules and regulations against the use of Peyote Cactus are due to the huge abuse of this plant for mescaline in the 1960s and 70s. This contributed to the increased crime rates and potential societal harm.

Thus, many international drug control treaties like the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs place mescaline as a controlled substance preventing the member states from growing, possessing, and trading Peyote cacti.

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Peyote Cactus Legality Outside US!

Outside the US, you cannot grow and possess Peyote Cactus in many countries as it is not legal due to its psychoactive properties. This includes European countries, Asia, Africa, and South America.

In Canada, it’s legal to grow and trade Peyote for ornamental uses. However, extracting mescaline is still illegal there.