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Do Chickens Eat Dandelions? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind!

Messy chickens use their claws for scratching the ground to eat up worms and other small grasses, and Dandelions can be one of their favorite food. 

Generally, Chickens love to eat Dandelions due to their good taste and high nutritional value. However, if you are planting Dandelions for the garden’s aesthetics, you can save them from chickens using chicken wires, barriers, and nets or grow plants that chickens avoid.

Dandelions are beautiful plants with lobed leaves and incredible yellow blooms that turn into light, white pappus for pollination.

So, this article might be very helpful if you have chickens and want to grow Dandelions to enhance your garden’s elegance.

Are Dandelions Poisonous To Chickens?

Although we consider Dandelions as weeds, they are totally edible and a great nutrient source for chickens.

So, Dandelions aren’t toxic to chickens but are beneficial due to the presence of antioxidants, calcium, minerals, fibers,  iron, etc.

Dandelion's yellow blooms
Dandelions beautify your garden with their pretty yellow blooms but plant them away from chickens as they love eating all parts of this plant.

According to USDA, Dandelions contain several essential vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K essential for chicken’s overall growth and reproduction.

Moreover, eating Dandelion will heal chickens’ wounds and swelling, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, Dandelion leaves are full of hepato-protective compounds that benefit the intestinal health of chickens.

Why Do Chickens Like To Eat Dandelions?

Chickens adore the leaves, flowers, and roots of Dandelions. Even though the stem contains bitter sap, it’s edible too.

Moreover, every species of Dandelion may be a chicken’s favorite, and they prefer it over their tasty lettuce greens too. 

Here are some reasons why the chickens prefer Dandelions over other food sources.

  • As chickens attract to food sources with high nutrition, they prefer Dandelions due to good dietary supplements.
  • Another reason may be the easy availability of Dandelions compared to other food sources.
  • Chicken love eating insects that invade Dandelions, like battles, aphids, etc.
  • Perhaps, another reason behind chicken choosing Dandelion is due to its soft texture and good taste.

How to Prevent Chickens From Eating Dandelions?

Having Dandelions in your yard is a blessing as they beautify your garden with their yellow blossoms and help to aerate the soil.

Although it’s a very good food source for chicken, it’s annoying how they destroy the Dandelions you planted.

  • Fence the area with Dandelions by chicken wire and barriers.
  • Place chickens in a chicken coop with ample space.
  • Place rocks on the plant’s base to prevent scratching around Dandelions.
  • You may plant Dandelion on the container and keep it out of chickens’ reach.
  • Netting around Dandelions will help to prevent the whole plant.
  • Spray pesticides, apply neem oil on the plant, and sprinkle diatomaceous earth to prevent pests and mites.
  • Grow the plant that chickens avoid, like roses, hydrangeas, etc., near Dandelions.
  •  Feed them alternative sources of food and plant chicken-friendly plants like elderberries or blueberries near the chicken coop.

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Don’t Miss This If You Plant Dandelions To Feed Your Chicken!

Dandelions are fast-spreading plants and may crowd out surrounding plants, depriving them of nutrients and water.

Even if you apply herbicides, they kill the surrounding plants instead of Dandelion due to it’s long roots.

So, inspect your garden timely to ensure other plants are safe while growing Dandelions for chickens.

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