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Opium Bird Wikipedia: Is It Real Or Fake?

If you are a meme lover, you must have encountered the Opium Bird meme somewhere online but not on Wikipedia. 

Generally, the Opium Bird is a giant bird figure in white color with wide wings and feathers and a long beak. Besides, the creature stands tall like a human and resides in snowy places and mountains. 

If you want to know more about this bizarre and mystic creature, read this article. 

What Does Opium Bird Look Like?

The Opium Bird is a terrifying tall and human-like animal with a bird face covered in giant wings and feathers.

This creature is grey and white in color and boasts a long beak. They seem to be living in the snow and mountainous regions.

Opium Bird in four frame
Opium Bird looks like it is waiting for someone.

Besides, the bird-like figure is almost double the size of an average human boasting long and tick white features with five long fingers with sharp naila and an elongated beak.

First, the video containing this animal was noticed in TikTok when user Dre shared it in 2023 and wrote a caption that reads “Bird-like beings discovered in an Antarctic mountain range.

In the video, the giant figure looks like smoking a pipe. 

Does Opium Bird Exist in Real Life? 

People who witnessed Opium Bird on Social Media excluding Wikipedia referred it to as the Erosion bird. And others dropped the wild theories about the creature.

Many predicted the giant bird coming from the future in 2027.

It is noticeable why netizens only picked the year 2027. But it was only a random lottery or selection.

Also, others jokingly speculated that the bird was imaginary after the effect of weed or opium.

Besides, some Social Media users wrote that Opium Bird is their dream blunt rotation, meaning that they would prefer to smoke weed with this creature.

But in reality, the Opium Bird is a totally deep fake creature. The TikTok user @drevfx created this creature using AI. So, it is not found in Antarctica and does not come from 2027.

The phony creature went viral on Social Media and people started creeping all over.

It equals the meme that is relatable to those who would like to express the chilling moment or the bizarre expression. 

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The original artist has tagged Opium Bird as Weirdcore’, suggesting a genre of aesthetic focused on surrealistic visual representations.

Thus, the viral creature is only an Internet hoax and lives online.