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Is Sound Better Than Buddha? [Blox Fruits Guide]

As both Sound and Buddha Fruits have contrasting abilities, most gaming freaks start a debate on which is better among both.

Generally, both Sound and Buddha Fruits are the legendary and rare devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both fruits are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So go through this complete article to know the potential difference between two popular Blox Fruits, Sound and Buddha to know which is better.

Sound & Buddha [Similarities]

Both Sound and Buddha Fruits are the legendary and rare devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. 

Sound vs Buddha in Blox Fruits
Sound Fruit is offensive while Buddha is defensive.

Moreover, both fruits are effective in PvP(player vs player) and PvE(player vs environment) combat.

  • Both fruits are versatile and allow you to adapt to different playstyles.
  • You can cause significant damage to your opponents using both fruits.
  • Both fruits have good grinding and AoE capacities, causing damage to multiple enemies at once.
  • The defensive abilities of both fruits help you to support your teammates and avoid damage.
  • Both fruits have excellent crowd-control abilities.
  • It is extremely difficult to awaken both fruits. Also, both fruits become more powerful upon awakening.

Sound Vs. Buddha [Differences]

Although both Sound and Buddha Fruits are legendary fruits, Sound Fruit is more expensive than Buddha Fruit due to its good mobility and versatility.

However, there is not much difference as you can buy Sound Fruit for 1,700,000 Beli and Buddha Fruit for 1,200,000 Beli.

1. Appearance

Sound Fruit is a visually appealing fruit having a purple hue. The fruit has a classy appearance with swirling musical patterns on the surface.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit has a unique appearance that looks like the statue of lord Buddha. The fruit has a golden glow representing peace and power.

2. Abilities

Choosing Sound Fruit blesses you with amazing abilities like high damage output, good grinding abilities defensive abilities required for bossfights. The abilities are accompanied by satisfying music and sound.

Meanwhile, the abilities of Buddha Fruit are high defense, slams, and turning damaging attacks into healing powers while fighting with opponents.

3. Playstyle

If your aim is to follow a powerful aggressive and strategic playstyle causing potential destruction to the opponent’s team using the sound powers, Sound Fruit is perfect for you.

However, choosing Buddha Fruit is good if you want a supportive playstyle and want regenerative powers with damage-free abilities.

4. Utilities

Sound Fruit is loaded with utilities like shockwave, sound barrier, echo, sonic boom, tempo, and many more.

In contrast, the utilities in Buddha Fruit are mirror effects, regeneration, grinding powers, and Tank in Team play during the fight in the battleground.

5. Offense & Defense

In terms of offense and defense, Sound Fruit is a very offensive fruit with high mobility that follows the destructive playstyle. You can cause significant damage to your enemies.

Meanwhile, you cannot find a better defensive fruit than Buddha Fruit. Using this fruit, you can transform damage into healing powers and can be completely damage-proof for some time.

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Sound Vs Buddha: Which Is Better?

If you want a highly versatile fruit with good mobility, excellent crowd control, and high AoE damage, Sound Fruit is the perfect fruit for you.

However, choosing Buddha Fruit will be the right decision if you want a defensive fruit that is simple to understand and has high regeneration capacity.