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Best Guide to Norfolk Island Pine Height: How Tall Can It Grow?

Let the magical height of Norfolk Island Pine mesmerize you, which can be adjusted both as a bonsai tree and as an outdoor landscaper.

Generally, the Norfolk Island Pine is a coniferous tree originating from the Australian Island. It can attain a height of about 200 feet (174 feet recorded in 2003) outdoors in its native land. However, the Pine can grow up to 10 feet indoors with continuous pruning.

Scroll down the article to understand Norfolk Island Pine’s growth rate and pace.

How Fast Does Norfolk Island Pine Tree Grow?

Indoors or outdoors, the Norfolk Island Pine holds its name as a fast-growing conifer that has been inhabited since 1774.

Although the Norfolk Pine is not a true Pine, they have a similar growth rate. They can grow 2 feet per year outdoors and 0.25 to 0.5 feet indoors.

However, regularly prune and alter growing conditions for slower growth to keep them as miniature in the garden.

Also, external factors like lightning, which can fall twice on tall trees like Norfolk Island Pine, can sometimes limit the height growth.

Not to leave out winter dormancy is also common in Norfolk, so they can slow their pace during cold days when the outdoor temperature is around 50ºF.

What Is The Mature Height Of Norfolk Island Pine?

Famous for its needle-like spiral young leaves, Norfolk Island Pine attains maturity in 10 to 15 years to produce scale-like dense leaves.

During this stage, the outdoors Australian Pine might attain a mature height of 20 feet to 30 feet, while indoors, they can go up to 4.5 feet to 8 feet till maturity.
A tall Norfolk Island Tree in the yard of a house
Norfolk Island Pine attains its maximum growth during warmer and humid climates.

However, the Pine does not cease its growth just in 15 years, given their lifespan of over 100 years.

Outdoor Norfolk Island Pine can grow a maximum of 200 feet in the coastal area of the southern United States.

As for the indoor Island Pine, the plant can go as tall as 8 to 10 feet if maintained regularly till it reaches maturity.

Can You Keep A Norfolk Island Pine Small?

Controlling the size of rapid growers like Norfolk Island Pine needs a careful understanding of the growth pattern and factors that can affect it directly or indirectly.

If you mistakenly cut the top, the Pine will stop growing from that point, messing up the prized symmetry.

So do the pruning carefully by keeping shorter branches atop. Meanwhile, gradually keep longer ones at the bottom to restore a symmetrical shape and keep the plant small.

Aim to prune off lateral side branches. While pruning, prioritize older, diseased, drooping, limping, or dying branches, then only focus on shaping the plant.

You can opt for a major pruning session in the active growing season, i.e., Spring and Summer.

Besides pruning, abstain from over-fertilizing the plant as it not only boosts growth but can also harm the plant.

So, infrequent use of slow-release fertilizers is ideal for taming the height of the plant.

Note: Pruning of Norfolk Island Pine is not recommended by many gardeners, as any mishaps in pruning ruin the plant’s stature.

Norfolk Island Pine For Sale

Keeping a Norfolk Island Pine tree indoors is always a gem, as the children and parents love it as a holiday plant.

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Decorative Idea!

Because of its resemblance with the Pine tree, Norfolk Island Pine is called a ‘Live Indoor Christmas Tree’ that gives off a vibe similar to the Douglas and Noble Fir.

You can reuse the Island Pine with decoration or as a bonsai all year round.

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