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Noni Vs Durian: What’s The Difference Between Fruits?

In the world of tropical fruits, Noni vs Durian is a controversial topic all over social media due to their distinctive features.

Generally, Noni and Durian are tropical fruits with similarities in odor, traditional uses, delicacy uses, etc. However, both are unique fruits possessing differences in plant size, fruit size, flavor, odor, culinary uses, and many more.

Both Noni and Durian thrive in tropical climates, but Noni belongs to the family Rubiaceae, whereas Durian is from the Malvaceae family. 

So, go through this article to distinguish between two popular exotic fruits, Noni and Durian and both bear unique characteristics.

Noni Vs Durian: Fruit Similarities

Both Noni and Durian are tropical fruits that thrive in warm and humid climates with full sunlight daily.

Moreover, both are flowering plants that produce dark green and glossy leaves with reticulate venation.

Noni and Durian contain medicinal values like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and Carminative properties.

Noni on the left and Durian on the right
Durian has a very foul smell, but the smell of Noni is milder than Durian.

Although there is no scientific evidence of medicinal value, ancient people used Noni for pain relief and to enhance the immune system.

Similarly, Durian is said to fight against cancerous cells, reduce breast cancer, fight against cell damage, and improve heart rate.

Despite the foul odor, most people adore Durian’s taste and thus granting them with “King of the Fruit” award.

  • Noni and Durian bear flavorful exotic fruits containing very strong odor.
  • Although Noni is not considered a delicacy, people from some parts of South Asia eat the fruit. South Asian people consider Durian a delicacy.
  • Both fruits bear nutritional value and are beneficial if you make them a part of your balanced diet.
  • The aroma of both fruits is somehow similar to each other.
  • You can use both fruits in different culinary dishes as both are edible.
  • Also, people from Southeast Asia use both fruits as a traditional medicine.

Both Noni and Durian are susceptible to spider mites, so apply suitable pesticides or neem oil to prevent these mites from invading the plants.

Noni Vs Durian: Fruit Differences

Noni bears small fruits like an average Apple, whereas Durian fruit grows as big as a Watermelon.

The difference in the size of the fruit is due to climate, as Noni grows in an area with plenty of water, but Durian does not get much water as Noni.

FeaturesNoni Durian
Plant SizeUp to 10 feetUp to 100 feet
Fruit SizeLength and Spread: 2-4 inches long, 1-5 inches diameter
Weight: 0.3-0.5 pounds
Length and Spread: 6-12 inches in length and 4-8 inches in diameter.
Weight: 2-20 pounds
FlavorSourSweet, like custard
OdorStrong, deliciousFoul smell
AppearenceSmooth with bumps on surfaceRough, contains spines on the surface
PollinatorWind, InsectsBats
Culinary UsesCookingDesserts and savories

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Noni Vs Durian: What To Choose?

Choosing between Noni and Durian fruit depends upon your personal preferences. If you want to enjoy juicy fruit, consider Noni, but Durian suits best in desserts.

Furthermore, if you don’t like strong odors, choose Noni, as the odor of Durian is very foul and strong.