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Monstera Thai Constellation Seeds [Can You Grow A Plant Out Of It?]

Monstera Thai Constellation is a premium plant that may go hard on your budget if you want one. But what about its seeds?

Generally, as a tissue-cultured plant, Monstera Thai Constellation has nearly zero chance of producing seeds. So, it is best not to fall for online scams claiming their possession of seeds.

There is no scientific evidence of this Monstera producing any seeds.

Dig into the article for more information about Monstera Thai Constellation seeds and other related details.

Monstera Thai Constellation Seeds: Overview

As mentioned above, there is near to naught chance of Monstera Thai Constellation producing any seeds. Even if they do, the appearance might resemble its parent Monstera Deliciosa.

Let us look at the table that defines how the Monstera Thai Constellation seeds would look:

Seed AttributesProperties
ShapeOval Shaped
ColorGreen Initially, but will turn black with maturity
Weight0.1-0.2 Grams
Germination Time2 to 8 Weeks
Seeds Per PodCouple Dozen

Remember, as there is no evidence of Monstera Thai Constellation producing seeds, the above information is based on its parent Monstera Deliciosa.

Also, do not make the mistake of ever consuming or feeding the seeds, as they may be toxic to you or your pets.

Can You Grow Monstera Thai Constellation From Seed?

Good luck in your journey of finding genuine and authentic Thai Constellation seeds; you will need it.

Many online sites claim to have a number of seeds of this plant, but we advise you to check the genuinity of those seeds before purchasing them.

Monstera Thai Constellation Seeds
Monstera Thai Constellation is a lab-made variety of Monstera Deliciosa.

Being a premium and expensive lab-made variety of Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Thai Constellation will give you a hard time growing from seed.

Even its parent Deliciosa cannot be properly grown from seeds, so bid farewell to the idea of growing this cultivar from seeds.

Let us look at the reasons you cannot grow the Monstera Thai Constellation from seed:

  • As variegation is a recessive trait, it may not pass down to the child if the plant is grown from seed.
  • There are no accounts of people growing this plant from seeds so, it may be physically impossible.
  • Even if possible, Monsteras usually take a long time to grow from seeds.
  • If you manage to find the seeds, there is very less chance that they are viable.

Hey, don’t be sad; there are other ways you can follow to propagate your Monstera Thai Constellation.

So, How Can You Duplicate Monstera Thai Constellation?

Do not fall into disgrace, as we have the perfect technique to propagate your premium Monstera Thai Constellation.

As of now, there are three known methods to do so. Let us look at them.

  • Stem Cutting
  • Air Layering
  • Tissue Culture

Let us look into it in detail.

Stem Cutting

  • Choose a healthy 4-6 inches cutting piece from the parent plant and ensure it has at least one node attached.
  • Cut at the base of the cutting, let it dry in the air for some time, and allow it to form callous.
  • Apply some rooting hormone at the cut ends and plant it in a well-draining potting mix suitable for Monstera.
  • Ensure the node is buried into the soil and place the pot in a warm and humid area.
  • Provide bright but indirect light, cover the pot with light plastic, and poke some breathing holes.
  • If you keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, the roots will grow in about a week to a month’s time.

Air Layering

  • Take a healthy Thai plant and make a cutting on the stem 2 inches below the node.
  • Get some peat moss and wrap the wounded part of the stem with it.
  • Settle the moss tightly using rope or a wire.
  • Keep the moss constantly moist; the roots will develop in a few weeks.
  • Once the roots form, separate them from the main plant.

Tissue Culture

As tissue culture is usually done in the labs, it is practically impossible for normal gardeners like us to do it in our homes.

However, if you want to know more about plant tissue culture, follow this link.

Editor’s Note

Well, sorry to break your heart, but geminating Monstera Thai Constellation by Seeds is nearly impossible.

But hey, if you are enthusiastic about plants and an avid plant collector, you must get one for your home.

Disclaimer: It might be rare to find and heavy for your pocket.

Good Luck!