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6 Majesty Palm Benefits That You Should Know

I had long desired to have a Palm tree at home, but that could not happen until I turned ten.

After leaving the rental apartment in New York, we moved to a new home, and my dad potted Majesty Palm at the welcome ritual. 

Majesty Palms triumphs over houseplants for embracing elegance into homes, but its uses aren’t merely confined to a showpiece.

Generally, Majesty Palm benefits include removing toxins and dust from the air, enhancing the indoor charm, and reducing surrounding noise. The plant also helps grant poise and add natural beauty to each corner of the home owing to its low-light tolerance habit.

Image showcases a Majesty Palm tree
Majesty Palm offers many benefits ranging from health to indoor and outdoor aesthetics.

My grandmother loved Majesty Palms, but she was bedridden due to asthma. Since she was allergic to most houseplants, it was a great chance to employ a new Majesty Palm in her room.

Right after its placement in her room, the plant did wonders, improving her health to some extent owing to the plant’s oxygen-releasing quirk.

But Majesty Palms can grant their caregivers other godsends, so you better stick with this article and learn the additional benefits of these plants!

Is Majesty Palm Plant Good for Indoors?

Majesty Palm (Ravenea rivularis) is a tropical evergreen perennial tree native to Madagascar.

The plant is aptly named “majesty” due to its large stature, feathery leaves or fronds, and majestic sight.

You often may have seen a Majesty Palm in houses resting beside a bedroom wall, but their size is distinct if you see them outdoors.

In fact, Majesty Palm can attain a staggering height of nearly 100 feet in 20 years or less in its natural habitat.

But, indoor Majesty Palms barely grow above 10 feet tall, which makes them excellent plants to elevate the home gracing.

Image showcases the placement of Majesty Palm in a living room
Feasible growth in a confined space is one of the many benefits of Majesty Palm that make it appropriate for indoor placement.

For this, you can help the plant by encouraging the roots of the Palm to grow in small planters, halting the growth at around 4-6 feet.

However, this won’t affect the plant’s health and allows it to be maneuvered within indoor settings.

Plus, the plant can be placed in any location that you desire indoors, entirely raising the décor value.

Moreover, Majesty Palms are also great for indoor scapes because of their shade tolerance habit.

You can place the plant in a room with low light, but it won’t mind this inconvenience and happily thrive there.

These benefits of Majesty Palm are just the tip of the iceberg, as many others make it a comforting plant.   

The plant will remain cheery if you give it the correct daily requirements and some tendings during illness.  

Science-Backed Benefits of Majesty Palm Trees

The reputation of Majesty Palms is crummy among gardeners as the plant may feel a bit moody to care for beginners.

But, after it reaches a considerable height, the plant feels forgiving and flexible.

Majesty Palm grows larger with time and spreads its elegant fronds to benefit your home.

Let’s discuss some well-wishing benefits of Majesty Palms.

1. Air Purification

One of the Majesty Palm benefits includes its air purifying proficiency.

The Palm is wondrous in removing various impurities from the air.

According to research published in Frontiers,  plants undergo a cleaning system for the environment in a process which is called “Phytoremediation”, which helps clear the environment of pollutants.

Indoor plants, including Majesty Palm, are considered natural air filters as they purify air via multiple methods, such as absorption, dilution, precipitation, and filtration. 

Image represents the placement of Majesty Palm indoors for air purification
Locating Majesty Palms allow pure and clean air to flow indoors.

Thus, Majesty Palms will remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), cigarette smoke, and carbon monoxide in your living room.

Enormous leaves of Majesty Palms have large areas to absorb the toxins, changing them back into oxygen.

So, Majesty Palms make the air more breathable.

2. Graces with More Oxygen Supply

Like all green plants, Majesty Palms prepare their own food using carbon dioxide, water, and light.

This process is called photosynthesis, and at the end of this activity, the leaves of the plant release oxygen.

According to a published study in 2019, Majesty Palms can release more oxygen if you sustain an indoor temperature around 24-40°C and place the plant in a bright light.

So, the plant will give more oxygen if you sustain a warm and well-ventilated room that receives plenty of light.

Image represents the placement of Majesty Palms beside a well-ventilated window
Locate Majesty Plant in a well-ventilated room with a marginally higher temperature than usual.

Likewise, large surface areas of Majestic Palm leaves allow for supplying oxygen in a more steady state.

Thus, the larger the leaves, the more prominent the oxygen output in the air will be.

Some common scapes that you can keep in Majesty Palms include living rooms, kitchen, and dining rooms.

3. Improving Indoor Humidity and Temperature

A great way to improve indoor air humidity is to grow a Majesty Palm.

The plant also helps to increase the humidity levels as the air becomes cozier and allows you to cool down in summer.

Majesty Palms require a lot of water in summer, with frequent misting to chill them down.

Image represents gathering Majesty Palms to sustain indoor humidity
Majesty Palms to offer house interiors a favorable humid environment.

So, during heat spells, they transpire more water from the leaves and make the surroundings humid.

Here again, the large leaves come to play by offering a humid environment in summer and regulating the indoor temperature.

Try grouping your indoor Majesty Palms to sustain the indoor humidity for other houseplants.

Majesty Palms act as natural noise screens owing to their thick leaves and sturdy trunks. Also, the larger surface area of the leaves allows unhealthy aerosol and dust to settle on them.

4. Stress Reduction

One of the best things to rejoice about by bringing an indoor plant is to have a companion by your side.

Majesty Palms can be your room partner, bringing along a bit of tropical positivity.

These plants help to ensure sound sleep by cleaning the air around you.

According to a 2020 research published in National Library of Medicine, surrounding your living scape with houseplants will help to boost work proficiency.

Likewise, Majesty Palms symbolize peace, victory, and triumph in Near East and the Mediterranean regions.

majesty palm with another plant
Interaction with houseplants like Majesty Palm helps you calm your nerves.

So, the plant won’t fall short of boosting your day with productivity.

You can place Majesty Palms as a meditation companion in the living room or your room.

Also, you can keep a small potted Majesty Plant beside your desk in your workstation and rejoice a fruitful day!

5. Added Natural Beauty

What’s better than adorning a tropical plant with large leaves to uplift your gardening standards?

Magnificent arched and dark-green leaves or fronds of Majesty Palms proffers additional ambiance to any abode.

Image represents Majesty Palm placed on a patio table outdoors
The short stature of Majesty Palms makes them easy to relocate between indoor and outdoor settings.

The plant will rarely miss to bring a touch of exotic tropical vibe indoors or outdoors and can change the outlook of your living space.

As a welcoming gesture, you can place Majesty Palms inside your living room or just in front of the main door.

Plus, with further benefits for clearing impurities from the air, the plant imparts a finishing health touch to your house.

6. Low-light Tolerant

Majesty Palm loves shimmering but indirect sunshine.

In its natural backdrop, the plant likes dappling sunlight piercing from the canopies of the rain forest.

However, when kept under the full sun, they adorn lovelier, broad, and dark-green leaves.

So, people mostly keep them beside a south-facing window that receives direct light indoors.

However, too much sunlight can scorch their leaves, rendering their allure futile.

majesty palm under sun
Majesty Palms are well-adapted to dim light conditions, but less sunshine can put a stop to their growth.

Luckily, Majesty Palms can also thrive successfully in low-light areas, such as a shady spot indoors.

They are low-light tolerant species, so they can be kept in a room that receives measly sunshine.

So, no problem if the rooms in your house receive only weak light, as Majesty Palms fit any sweep.

You can learn to care for Majesty Palms by looking for some tips at the table quickly.

Basic TipsRequirements
LightDuration: 6-8 hours daily

Type: Bright direct or partial sunshine
Temperature65°F-75°F (can endure up to 85°F)
WateringFrequency: Once in 1-2 weeks

Whenever the top inch of potting mix feels dry to the touch
Fertilizer ApplicationType: NPK liquid fertilizer in the ratio 18-6-12

Frequency: Once in 2 months (between April and September)
Soil and pHType: Well-draining, loamy, and moisture retentive soil

pH levels: Acidic (between 5.5 and 7)
PruningSeason: Late winter to early spring

Frequency: Once in 1-2 years to remove overcrowded growth
RepottingPot Size: 2 inches wider for every repotting

Frequency: Every other year
Pest and DiseasesPesticides: Natural neem oil

Frequency: In case of an observable infestation

Where to Buy?

Majesty Palms are handy and home-friendly plants.

You can quickly adopt one by confronting a nearby nursery or purchasing it online.

Refer to the table below to get your hands on a new Majesty Palm.

ShopsDeliveryPrice Range
Garden GoodsWithin 3 days after placing an order$50-$60
Fast Growing TreesWithin 1-2 days after placing an order$69.95
WalmartWithin 3-10 days after placing an order$42.78
AmazonWithin 18 days after placing an order$35.73

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Almost all gardeners agree that Majesty Palms are completely safe around pets.

According to ASPCA, Majesty Palms are non-toxic for cats, dogs, and horses.

Image represents cats playing around Majesty Palms
Majesty Palms are non-toxic to pets, so you can let your pets roam freely around the plants.

Similarly, it has no toxicity for humans, which is evident that there are purely Majesty Palm benefits.

However, it’s better to watch for small children that may topple the potted plant accidentally while playing and hurt themselves.

So, don’t fret if your Palm-loving pets keep playing around your plant but don’t allow them to nibble too much of the leaves.

Are you welcoming a new spider plant but unsure if it’s toxic to your feline companions? It’s better to be safe than sorry!

If your pets accidentally consume too much of the leaves, it may upset their stomach and show digestion issues.

Pets can recover the symptoms by making your pets vomit back the leaves.

If this is not working, you can contact the following helpline numbers immediately.


Majesty Palms bless their caretakers with a plethora of benefits.

From keeping a calm indoor environment to removing toxins and dust from the air, this plant excels in every status.

Moreover, Majesty Palms are pet-friendly and carry no toxic traits for humans, but it’s always sounder to keep a lookout for small kids around the plant.

I hope the plant proves helpful to subside the negativity and boost positivity.

Hawthorn Berries also carry many medicinal benefits. So, ensure to buy them and make the best out of their fruits!

Happy Gardening!

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