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Lucky Bamboo: The Plant with Benefits

Lucky bamboo is an aesthetic booster plant that also offers a few added benefits that you can leverage.

Generally, the Lucky bamboo Plant provides various benefits, including stress reduction, improving mental health, boosting mood, bringing positivity, and symbolizing good luck.

There are more benefits if you look at it. This article addresses seven of them and the common risks associated with them.

Read on to find out!

Overview of Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky bamboo plant is a part of the Asparagus family. These plants are easy to look after due to their adaptability.

Lucky bamboo adapts itself to water and soil, making them extremely good for placing indoors as a decorative plant.

Let’s have a quick look at the basic overview of this plant.

Scientific NameDracaena Sanderiana
Common NameLucky bamboo, Friendship bamboo, Ribbon plant
NativeSoutheast Asia; around 5,000 years ago
Plant TypePerennial shrub
Leaf SizeCan be up to 9 inches long
Plant Mature Size1–3 ft. tall, 1–2 ft. wide (indoors)
Flower ColorWhite
Bloom TimeFall, does not bloom indoors
ToxicityToxic to animals

Top 7 Benefits of Lucky Bamboo

There are numerous benefits to owning a Lucky bamboo plant. Let’s look at a few of them.

1. Environment Friendly

Plants are incredibly effective at purifying the air to produce a healthy environment.

Researchers at the University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta in Indonesia discovered that Lucky bamboo is an effective air cleaner.

Lucky bamboo improves the room’s air quality by absorbing the exhaust gas to improve the room’s air quality.

It can lower harmful pollutants and chemicals in the air and improve air quality by raising oxygen levels.

Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for your mental health. It creates a calm environment, which reduces stress.

Nature’s elements are pretty soothing. Taking care of a plant is calming, serene, and beneficial to your mental health.

2. Easier to Maintain Indoors

The Lucky bamboo plant is the best choice for a beginner gardener because it is a tough little plant.

One of the crucial Lucky bamboo plant benefits is that it can withstand practically any situation, including a lack of sunlight and water.

Lucky bamboo can grow in both soil and water. It grows even if you submerge the plant fully or partially in your aquariums.

This plant survives in temperatures ranging from 18 to 35°C, making it an excellent houseplant or office plant.

Lucky bamboo plant
Lucky bamboo is easy to maintain indoors as they can grow easily even in a vase of water.

In terms of humidity, the Lucky bamboo plant grows in average humidity.

As a result, keeping Lucky bamboo isn’t a problem because it grows in optimum conditions.

3. It Blends Well With Your Interior

The Lucky bamboo is visually stunning and will complement your home’s style and decor.

For almost a century, people have been using Lucky bamboo to create a healthy and cheerful environment in their surroundings. It is not just limited to Chinese traditions now.

The Lucky bamboo plant blends well with any interior.

Simply arrange it as a table centerpiece or on a bookcase, and it will instantly give natural beauty to your room.

Lucky bamboo can grow up to eight feet tall and two feet wide in optimal conditions.

Furthermore, if you have bamboo flooring, it will enhance the appearance of your home even more by giving the surrounding a fantastic visual appeal. 

A single stalk of the Lucky bamboo plant can enhance the aesthetics of any surroundings.

4. Brings Good Luck

For ages, the Lucky bamboo plant, as its name suggests, has been regarded as a good luck charm.

Lucky bamboo is associated with good health and fortune in Feng Shui.

Its history dates back over 4000 years to Chinese culture.

It represents good fortune in Asian culture and is used during celebrations such as New Year and other religious festivals.

Lucky bamboo with feng shui coin
Feng Shui considers the Lucky bamboo plant lucky to have indoors.

The number of stalks on Lucky bamboo represents good fortune, money, success, and optimism. The most potent of all is 21 bamboo stalks. 

Look at the table below for the number of stalks in the Lucky bamboo plant and their meaning.

Number of StalkMeaning
1 StalkIt signifies simplicity and meaning life.
2 StalksThis is best for luck in love and marriage.
3 StalksIt is the most popular one and signifies happiness.
5 StalksRepresents creativity and academic achievement.
6 StalksIt means general prosperity.
7 StalksIt indicates good health.
8 StalksIt represents growth of all sorts.
9 StalksRepresents great luck.
10 StalksThis equals completeness or perfection.
21 StalksThis means powerful blessings.

5. Lucrative Business

The Lucky bamboo plant has the potential to be a profitable business. Lucky bamboos are easy to grow and propagate.

New stems from this plant grow into a healthy, full-sized Lucky bamboo plant with minimum maintenance.

The larger Dracaena spp. Plants will be more valuable than the smaller plants and will provide new marketing options for U.S. nurseries.

You can also consider selling Lucky bamboo cuttings as a side job and make a quick way to get some additional income.

According to Federal Register, the United States imports approximately 25 million Dracaena spp. plants from Costa Rica annually.

6. It Makes a Great Gift

With so many selections available in gifting sections, you’re sure to discover the ideal present in Lucky bamboo.

The Lucky Bamboo plant is appropriate for various events and won’t compromise plant gifting norms.

Lucky bamboo as a gift
Lucky bamboo makes an excellent gift for your plant-loving friends.

It is a thoughtful and classic gift that will offer new vitality, fortune, and success to your friends, family, or anybody dear to you. 

In addition, it denotes healing and new strength you can give someone recovering from an accident, illness, or surgery.

7. Plant for your Aquarium

As the Lucky bamboo plant can thrive in water, it can be a great addition to your aquarium.

It is an economical plant that cannot just add to the beauty of your aquarium but will also benefit the fish. 

Lucky bamboo naturally cleans the tank by pulling all the nitrates and later using them as fuel to grow. 

The Lucky bamboo plant absorbs all aquarium nitrogen compounds, including nitrates and ammonia.

As fish in aquariums cannot thrive in water that is high in ammonia.

Health Considerations to Keep in Mind

Irrespective of how lovely Lucky bamboo appears, it has properties that might harm you and your pets.

Pets, particularly cats, are very resistant to it. The Lucky bamboo plant is toxic to them.

The plants of the Dracaena genus, such as Lucky bamboo and their flowers, contain a compound called Saponin.

Saponin affects growth, decreases blood lipids, and reduces animal palatability and reproduction. If consumed in excess quantities, it might cause stomach pain in humans.

It can induce vomiting and diarrhea, constant drooling, abdominal pain, weakness, and lack of coordination in dogs and cats, according to the ASPCA.

Lucky bamboo with cat
The only cat you can keep near your Lucky bamboo is a toy cat.

As a result, ensure your pets don’t get too close to the Lucky bamboo plant.

If you or your pet ingest this harmful plant, call one of the following numbers.

The next point to remember is that while Lucky bamboo is a low-allergen plant, some people may get dermatitis due to the plant.

Spray the leaves to keep dust from collecting, and you’re good to go.

Where to Buy Lucky Bamboo?

After reading about Lucky bamboo’s numerous benefits, you must have wondered where to acquire this fantastic plant.

Lucky bamboo plants are easy to find in any plant store. Here are a few of them.

WalmartDelivers within 3 days

EtsyDelivers within 1-2 weeks

AmazonDelivers in one week
Eastern LeafDelivers in one week

Wrapping Up…

People have been using Lucky bamboo to create a healthy and happy place in their environment for over a century. It is not just limited to Chinese traditions now.

Apart from keeping your fur babies, especially cats, away from them, there aren’t any risks associated with this plant.

With so many benefits, consider buying Lucky bamboo from your local or online stores to bring good energy, luck, and fortune into your life and home.

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