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Top 5+ Kimberly Queen Fern Benefits You Need To Know

Do you know more than 10,000 varieties of fern, and Kimberly Queen is one of them?

Generally, Kimberly Queen fern benefits include air purification, stress reduction, humidity increase, quality sleep, pollution-free surroundings, home decoration, pest resistance, easy to care habits. 

If you want to learn the benefits of this fern in detail, go through this article. 

7 Proven Kimberly Queen Fern Benefits

Kimberly Queen is a lush, evergreen, upright, bushy fern with arching sword-shaped fronds. With its charming look, Kimberly Queen fern offers a myriad of benefits. 

1. Improves Air Quality

Kimberly Queen Ferns, with their leaf stomata, absorb gases and remove pollutants. Also, they purify indoor air by reducing the concentration of some airborne toxins. 

According to NASA Air Study, Kimberly Queen contributes to removing enzene, formaldehyde,  and trichloroethylene from the air.
Kimberly Queen Fern with other houseplants
You can grow Kimberly Queen with other house plants easily.

These air toxins are available in household wares such as paint, furniture, and cleaning supplies.

Their fronds also help capture pollutants such as dust and pollen.

Thus, these houseplants filter toxins in the air and produce oxygen indoors and outdoors. 

2. Reduces Stress

Walking around and gardening in the morning and evening daily can help you relieve your mental issues.

Like any other houseplant, Kimberly Fern helps remove sadness, depression, and other negative thoughts. 

With their lush green leaves, Kimberly Queen creates a soothing and calm environment, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation. 

You can simply put these houseplants on your working desk, the bedroom, or the place where you spend most of your time. 

3. Increases Humidity

After photosynthesis, houseplants, including ferns, perform transpiration, releasing some drops of water from the fronds.

Kimberly Queen Fern expels the liquid or water vapor into the air, which helps humidity levels by around 10%. 

This helps maintain the ideal humidity indoors for your pet and family. It is the best choice for people who reside in a dry climate. 

4. Improves Sleep Quality

When there is ideal humidity and purified air, a stress-free environment it naturally supports good health.

So, placing Kimberly Qeen near the bed in the bedroom helps you enjoy quality sleep. 

People with respiratory problems can get better health with this plant, having fresh air, noise-free surroundings, and others.

5. Prevents Pests

Kimberly Queen is harmful to pests, including aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites. 

In fact, Kimberly Queen has some toxic chemicals, including tannins and terpenes that help the plants drive these pests away.

Not only pests, this fern also prevents deer and rabbits due to its thick, waxy leaves. 

6. Home Decor

With their long striped leaves, Kimberly Queen makes great houseplants to decorate homes and offices. 

Also, they are a good choice for gardens and patios, improving the visual appearance around. 

You can grow Kimberly Queen in the ground or in pots with other companion plants such as hostas, caladiums, and astilbes. 

Besides, they show great display when growing in the hanging baskets. 

7. Easy To Care Plant

Unlike other demanding plants, Kimberly Queen relieves those who are busy and only manage a short length of time.

If you are a beginner in the gardening journey, plant and grow Kimberly Queen fern, providing the following requirements. 

Care FactorValues
SunlightIndirect, bright, filtered light
WateringKeep soil consistently moist, not soggy
HumidityHigh humidity levels (50% or more)
Temperature60-75°F (15-24°C); Avoid cold drafts
SoilWell-draining, rich, acidic potting mix
FertilizationMonthly during the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer
RepottingEvery 1-3 years or when root-bound
PruningTrim dead or damaged fronds as needed

Kimberly Queen fern grows as an evergreen perennial in tropical and subtropical areas (Zone 9-11), including South Florida. However, it shows annual behavior in zone 8. 

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Is Kimberly Queen Fern Toxic? 

Though Kimberly Queen is toxic to pests, it is safe for pets for pets and people. 

So you can comfortably grow around the workplaces and living places.