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Kewra Flower [Cultural & Culinary Uses]

Do you know Kewra flower do not contain any petals? The fragrant petal-like parts are actually bracts that protect the reproductive system of the flower.

Generally, Kewra Flower is an amazing blossom that grows in clusters of spikes each containing about 30-40 Kewra flowers. The fragrant flowers are useful for desserts, medicines, perfume, hair oils, garlands, etc.

Kewra Flower (Pandanus odoratissimus)  is also called pandan flower or Fragrant Screwpine flower.

Go through this article to learn about the amazing Kewra Flowers in detail with unique meanings, symbolism, and uses.

What Does Kewra Flower Look Like?

Kewra Flower is an amazing blossom that grows in clusters of spikes appearing from the screwpine trees. Each clump contains about 30-40 Kewra flowers.

Focusing on the flower’s appearance, each flower is long and slender and grows up to 6 inches long. You can also call the group of blossoms spikes and catkins.

Generally, the blossoms are greenish-white. You can also find some blossoms turning yellowish-white due to sunlight exposure. 

Bunch of Kewra flower
The fragrance of the Kewra flower is useful for several household purposes.

Moreover, the flower is translucent in appearance with a leathery texture. The Kewra plant is growing best in tropical climates with high humidity.

Like other seasonal flower varieties, the Kewra flower is not visually appealing, but the fragrance of this blossom is unbeatable.

Kewra Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Kewra Flower holds different meanings and symbolisms based on various cultures. Particularly, the symbolic values are more in South and Southeast Asia.

The sweet and intoxicating fragrance of this flower is the symbol of sensuality, attraction, and romantic love.

As the flower is white, it is the symbol of purity and innocence. It also holds cultural significance as people in India offer this flower to Gods.

Similarly, people also use this flower to prepare different desserts at festivals. This represents the symbol of festivity and celebrations.

Moreover, people believe that the flower brings prosperity and good luck. Thus, many people use this flower as a gift to their loved ones.

Uses Of Kewra Flower

Kewra Flower is famous for it’s fragrance rather than the beautiful fragrance. People use this fragrant flower for daily life as well as for medicines.

Here are some potential uses of Kewra Flowers that make it popular worldwide.

  • The unique aroma of Kewra Flowers is very valuable in Asian countries. People often use the flower essence to make several Indian desserts flavorful.
  • Kewda water is the flavorful water used in lassi, sharbat, etc.
  • This flower’s wonderful fragrance is useful for making hair oils, perfumes, etc.
  • Moreover, people also use this flower extract to make incense sticks for spiritual and religious purposes.
  • In some cultures of India, this flower is useful to create garlands, decor items, and even jewelry for brides.
  • In some South Asian cultures, the people use Kewra blossoms to wrap and preserve food.

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Kewra Flowers As Medicine!

Although Kewra Flowers are popular for fragrance and culinary uses, it has several medicinal benefits. Some of them include anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and cooling properties.

You can also use the flowers to treat fungal diseases, fever, digestive problems, and mental problems such as stress, anxiety, etc.