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Higanbana Flower Meaning [Everything You Need To Know]

When the Higanbana Flower blooms, the meaning, and symbolism it spreads have the power to overshadow the beauty in the vibrant colored petals.

Generally, the basic meaning of the Higanbana Flower that represents all the colors is beauty and excellence. Other meanings and symbolism include love, passion, purity, innocence, new beginnings, mourning, joy, optimism, and many more.

The Higanbana Flower, also known as the Spider Lily(Lycoris radiata), has several meanings and symbolism depending on the color of the particular blossom.

Go through this full article to know the true meaning and symbolism of the Higanbana Flower and buy them to spread positivity into your home.

What Does Higanbana Flower Look Like?

The Higanbana flower is a beautiful trumpet or funnel-shaped blossom with six curved petals radiating outwards. 

You can find small to medium sized blossoms with the size ranging from 1-5 inches. 

You can find different colored flowers including Pink, orange, yellow, and even white varieties. However, the classic color of the Higanbana flower is crimson red.

White Higanbana Flower representing purity
People often use the White Higanbana Flower in the graveyard to indicate remembrance.

Interestingly, the Higanbana flower looks just like a spider due to the six slender stamens arising from the center of the flower. The petals are delicate and soft to the touch.

Additionally, these blossoms bloom before the emergence of the leaves, giving them a dramatic appearance. When you smell the flower, the sweet fragrance can amaze you.

Although there are rumors about blue Higanbana flowers, you won’t find them as no Blue Spider Lily Exists.

Fun fact: In the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there is a hero named Hanabi, who has a power that is named after Higanbana Flower.

Higanbana Flower Meaning

The Higanbana Flower boasts several meanings and symbolism based on its colors. The basic meaning that represents all the colors is beauty and excellence.

  • The red Higanbana Flower indicates love, passion, strength, guidance, etc. Due to the frequent appearance of the flower in graveyards, you can also see this flower as a symbol of farewell.
  • The white Higanbana Flower basically symbolizes purity and innocence. In some cultures, people also know this flower as an indication of mourning and remembrance.
  • The pink Higanbana Flower represents love, compassion, new beginnings, gentle charm, and delicate beauty due to the mixture of white and red color.
  • Orange and yellow Higanbana Flowers radiate positive energy, joy, optimism, warmth, and comfort. Due to the unique colors, the flower also represents uniqueness and rarity.

Whatever color you choose, Higanbana flowers never fail to spread infinite beauty to your outdoor garden.

Higanbana Flower For sale

You can buy Higanbana flower bulbs from your nearby nurseries or commercial online stores.  Those bulbs can grow well in the growing season.

Additionally, choose a healthy plant free from diseases and pests. After buying the bulbs, transplant them into the terracotta container with enough drainage holes.

Place To BuyFlower Color

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Don’t Miss This!

Higanbana Flowerbulbs look like an onion, mistakenly causing curious children to consume them.

However, all parts of the plant are toxic and can cause serious stomach upset and death in severe conditions.

So, if you suspect your child or pet is consuming any parts, especially the bulbs, contact a nearby hospital or veterinary center for their safety.

Moreover, it’s better to grow this flower in a location that is out of reach for children and pets.

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