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How To Get Rid Of Baby Flies? [Fail Proof Hacks For All]

When Baby Flies appear in any area, they not only spoil your foods, fruits, and vegetables but also increase their population rapidly making it difficult to get rid of these pests.

Generally, the little flies roaming around the overripe fruits, vegetables, and sugary substances are Fruit flies that grow up to the size of rice grains. To get rid of them, you can use several homemade remedies like mixing vinegar and dishwasher soap or commercial repellents.

Go through this complete article to know the different types of Baby Flies and get rid of them using several methods.

What Are Those Little Flies In My Homes?

Basically, the little flies roaming around the overripe fruits, vegetables, and sugary substances are Fruit flies. These baby flies only grow the size of rice grains.

Moreover, they have bright red eyes with tan, yellowish, brown, or black body color depending on the species. 

Baby Flies in ripe papayas
Keep your ripe fruits inside the refrigerator to protect them from spoiling.

However, there are several little flies that may roam around your garden and kitchens. These flies look like fruit flies but have distinct choices to thrive.

  • Fungus Gnats have an appearance just like fruitflies, with brown and black bodies, long legs, and antennae. They roam around the moist soils of houseplants and compost bins.
  • Drain flies are slightly smaller than Fruit Flies, with a fuzzy appearance, grayish-black bodies, and black spots on the back. You can find them on drains, sewers, garbage disposals, and damp areas.
  • Phorid flies have tan to dark brown color, but red eyes are lacking. Phorid flies feed on decaying organic matter, including animal feces and food debris.

However, these flies only appear in tacky areas and are not common like Fruit flies. These flies are also called Baby flies.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Flies?

There are several remedies to control and get rid of Baby Flies. However, you must maintain the cleanliness of your garden, sewage areas, and kitchen to ensure any flies don’t roam around you.

Focus on fruit flies and eliminate the rotten fruits and vegetables from your kitchen. Moreover, clean your kitchen drain, spilled juices, sugary liquids, and compost bins.

  • Fill the bowl with dishwashing soap, apple cider vinegar, and a piece of fruit to kill the flies.
  • You can also roll a sheet of paper and tap the tip on vinegar to attract and control the Fruitflies.
  • Trying several commercial insect traps to attract and kill the flies can also be a good idea.
  • Place the bowl of spices like cloves, mint leaves, citrus peels, etc around the area where lots of Fruit Flies are roaming.
  • Moreover, clean any fermented materials to prevent those flies from appearing in any areas.

If these ideas do not work, contact the pest control services to identify the root cause of the persistence of Baby Flies and get rid of them.

Types Of Baby Flies 

Although Baby Flies refer to Fruit Flies, you can find several species that appear in particular locations. Knowing these diversities can help you understand the root cause of those flies.

  • Spotted Wing Fruit Fly is an invasive species from East Asia and mainly roams around ripe, overripe, and rotten vegetables and fruits.
  • Olive Fruit Fly is a Mediterranean native species that particularly feeds on olives, degrading both olive fruit and the oil inside it.
  • Queensland Fruit Fly is an Australian Fruit Fly that targets several juicy fruits like Mangoes, Citrus, and other stone fruits.
  • Oriental Fruit Fly, native to Southeast Asia, attacks a wide range of fruits from Mangoes to Guavas. They love to roam around more than 80 Asian fruits.
  • Mediterranean Fruit Fly, also known as Medfly can love to attack different types of stone fruits like Mango, Avocado, and other citrus fruits.
  • Banana Fruit Flies roam around overripe Bananas and rotten vegetables.

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Additional Tips!

Always keep your kitchen and other areas clean and dry to keep Fruit Flies out of your house. To protect your ripe fruits and vegetables, store them in sealed containers or in a refrigerator.

If you suspect Fruitfly breeding inside drains, you can get rid of those Baby Flies by pouring boiling water or enzymatic cleaners inside the drain.