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What to do When the Jade Plant Gets Sunburned?

I wished I had known it earlier; my jade plant wouldn’t have to face Sunburn. I am thankful! They are now healing from sun damage.

Do not worry! If your Jade plants are sunburned, too. Deal it with patience.

Jade Plant is a succulent-type plant and is the same as other succulents. It can grow in harsh environments in general.

Jade Plant need an ample amount of sunlight for survival and growth. They get sunburned, too, which may ultimately be fatal to plants. You should relocate the plants and keep them in the shade away from direct, harsh sunlight. Carefully remove the burnt plants and be patient for healthy growth.

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Beautiful Jade Plant
Jade plant is a slow-growing plant grows about two inches yearly.

Over-exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun can damage plant tissues.

Recovery of the Sunburned Jade plant depends on the severity of the damage. If they are minorly burned, they can be recovered within a few days. In contrast, the case won’t be similar for highly damaged plants.

Knowing the symptoms of the sunburned Jade plant at an early stage will be crucial for getting them less damage, and this article will assist you in your journey.

What is a Sunburn Damage?

In the field, sunburn is caused by a combination of high-light intensities, high temperatures, and UV radiation.

The frequency and extent of damage depend on the complex interaction of these factors as well as the biochemical, physiological, and morphological state of the plant.

These are all determined by the phenological stage, variety, and adaptation to climatic conditions.

Hight intensity UV light perception, signaling, and important UV targets in the cell induce plant stress. To-contrary to stress, independent of the UV photoreceptor and plants can activate the cell death pathway.

Fig:  High-fluence UV radiation activates UVR8 independent stress pathway and cell death. Source: mdpi molecular sciences
Fig:  High-fluence UV radiation activates UVR8 independent stress pathway and cell death. (Source: mdpi molecular sciences)

Signs of Sunburnt Jade Plant

You should assure yourself regarding the damage of the Jade plant and take steps further.

Damage from pathogens and sunburned may look similar sometimes. The prior thing to differentiate burned plant is to recognize symptoms.

Jade Plant-” It’s too sunny here, give me an umbrella, Please!”

1. Yellow Leaves

The sunrays can stress a plant’s leave to the extent of causing dehydration.

Due to dehydration due to over-exposure to the sunlight, leaves of the Jade plant start losing their green vigor and turn discoloring to yellow leaves.

2. Brown Spots

When Jade plants are overexposed to the sunlight, their leaves show brown or bleached spots.

Any discoloring patches in the leaves is another sign that the Jade plant should be away from the harsh sunlight.

3. Crisp Leaves

The soil of the Jade plant gets dry due to overexposure to sunlight.

If the soil is dry for a longer period, the leaves start getting Crispy. 

4. Droopy Leaves and Branches

Dehydration resulting from over-exposure to sunlight is the leading cause of plant damage. If the soil of the Jade plant gets dehydrated, stems, leaves, and branches can not uptake the water and nutrients required.

As a result, Leaves get crispy and start dropping, and branches become weak and brittle.

Find out the light requirement of your Jade in the article: How much Light does a Jade Plant Require?

What to do When Jade Plant gets Sunburn?

Jade plants have been around since ancient times. They are known for their beauty and ease of growing.

However, they are sensitive to heat and light. The followings steps can come in handy while taking care of a Sunburnt Jade.

1. Relocate the Plant

The foremost thing if your plant gets sunburn damage is to relocate your plant.

Jade plants do not need specifically direct sunlight for their good growth, so keep your plant in a safe place where they do not face direct harsh sunlight.

Jade plant grown in low sunlight
Jade plant in low sunlight

2. Remove the Burnt Leaves

Minor discolored leaves will not harm the plant but remove highly damaged and burnt leaves. Sadly, the recovery of highly burned leaves is not possible.

Prune the damaged leaves of the plant carefully. The plant can grow with more ease once you remove the damaged part.

3. Rehydrate the Plant

Dehydration of the plant is the main issue when the plant stands out in sunlight for many hours. Water your plant once you see the topsoil is dry.

Dry soil makes shoot of the Jade plant difficult with the water and nutrient uptake.

Water them sufficiently, but do not overwater.

4. Mild Fertilization

Plants will have difficulty taking up sufficient nutrients when sunburned, so additional nutrients to the plant are helpful.

But keep in mind the highly affected parts might get worse due to fertilizer. Use very mild fertilizer and avoid highly burned parts.

Here is a list of 8 Jade Plant Fertilizers You Should Use.

Tips to Prevent Jade Plant from Sunburn

Prevention is better than cure.

Learning how to care for plants to avoid sunburn is better than learning after the damage.

Let us discuss some possible things that can help prevent the Jade plant from Sunburn.

  • The succulent plants need sunlight for their growth but not preferentially direct light. Keep them out of harsh direct sunlight, ensuring the plant doesn’t get too much heat or insufficient light.
  • A window sill with a curtain can save the Jade plant from getting extreme sunlight and heat.
  • You can change the position of your plant. A few hours to sunlight and then move back to a shady place.
  • Once you see any sign of sunburn, immediately move the plants to a shady place away from the sunlight.
  • Observe your plant timely; do not let the soil of your Jade plant get dry due to heat.
  • Keep your succulents indoors on summer days and especially during sunny daytimes.
  • Do not bring Jade plants suddenly outdoors as they may get a sudden shock from changes and find it hard to adjust.
  • If you see brown/dark spots on the leaves facing toward sunlight, keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • You also can maintain lighting and temperature indoors for the Jade plants.
Grow light for jade plants
Grow light as an artificial lighting source for jade plants
(Source: Amazon)


Sunburn does not happen quickly, out of the blue. You need to be careful and aware of the signs and symptoms. Jade plants also signal when they become intolerant to sunlight and heat.

Care for your plant before the situation gets worse. A better option is to avoid all the situations that can cause damage to them.

If your Jade plant gets severely damaged, you need patience to see them healthy back.

Hope your plants are healthy and safe. Also, I wish for their speedy recovery if they are in the healing process.

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