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12 Varieties of Hanging Basket Tomatoes

We cannot avoid looking at juicy, bright, and plump tomatoes as they are so tempting. They not only look attractive but also provide us a good utility with space management.

Growing tomatoes in a hanging basket free up some space and beautify the pretty little garden and balconies. It also makes harvesting convenient even in our small houses.

Some varieties of hanging basket tomatoes are tumbling tom tomatoes, tiny tim tomatoes, early resilience hybrid tomatoes, floragold basket tomatoes, tumbler hybrid tomatoes, red robin tomatoes, hundreds and thousands tomatoes, midnight snack tomatoes, etc.

Hanging Basket Tomatoes   
Hanging Basket Tomatoes (Source:

If you are planning to reap them in your cute little area, the following determinants are essential for their successful growth:

  • Suitable growing conditions
  • The right basket
  • The right tomato variety

Tips and Tricks to Grow Tomato in Hanging Basket

Some tips and tricks to grow tomatoes in a hanging basket on the above bullets would be:

Suitable growing condition

Hanging baskets are not able to retain enough water. As a result, the tomatoes dry out easily. Water your tomatoes every day. In sweltering weather, you can water it twice a day too, for instance.

Since tomatoes require abundant heat, please place them in the sunniest corner that exposes at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Similarly, plus more hours is always recommended.

Right Basket size

Perfect basket size depends on the nature of the tomatoes.

Rather than opting for large baskets for your small tomatoes, you can begin with the small ones starting from 12 inches deep initially. However, big ones are recommended for large, bushy, and high-volume tomatoes.

Lining your basket is vital as it helps to hold the moisture in the soil. You can line it with coconut fibers or plastics. While using the plastics, make sure to create drainage holes in them. Then, properly spread it inside the basket.

Use strong wall anchors and proper gears for your hanging baskets.

Tomatoes that waterfall and stream are suitable for hanging baskets. Therefore, you might be wondering about the appropriate selection of the available varieties.

After choosing the variety of tomatoes, knowing “how to plant tomatoes in a hanging basket” is really important. You can view the video below to check out a proper way of doing it.

How To Grow Tomatoes In Hanging Baskets

The Right Tomato Variety

Before running through the types of hanging basket tomatoes, let us get some ideas on their general nurturing tips and background knowledge.

Almost all varieties of cherry tomatoes do great in hanging baskets. Likewise, they are highly suitable due to the bushy and dangling characteristics of the plant.

The smaller tomato plants are the best varieties for hanging containers.

If you have chosen your tomato plant that is thick vined but does not grow enormous, then your cute hanging baskets are the perfect fit. However, if you want to grow some big bushy ones in the baskets, you can always opt for the large baskets.

Now, let us run through the following options that can help you choose different options of tomatoes for hanging baskets:

1) Tumbling Tom Tomatoes

As interesting as its name, the tomatoes are very apt for hanging baskets.

Fruit Description

They are cherry tomatoes of 1 to 2 inches in size. These tomatoes are yellow in color. They mature within a time frame of 63 – 70 days.

The plant size is about a minimum of 6 – 8 inches tall, which can go up to 30 inches spread. 

Likewise, bearing fruits of 1 – 2 oz of weight.

Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomatoes
Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomatoes (Source:

2) Tiny Tim Tomatoes

A suitable size of the basket for Tiny Tim would be a depth of 6 inches.

Fruit Description

These tomatoes grow approximately 18 inches tall, draping down the hanging basket.  You will have your plumped red tomatoes of 3/4 inch ready within 60 days.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes
Tiny Tim Tomatoes

3) Early Resilience Hybrid Tomatoes

Starting with the good point, early resilience hybrids are disease-resistant tomato plants!

Fruit Description

They are Roma tomatoes that are blocky and large. They have a perfect balance of sugar, encouraging an amazing flavor.

You will be having them bunched together while growing in containers with up to 2 inches of tomato fruit sizes.

Likewise, they weigh up to 3 and a half oz.

4) Floragold Hanging Basket Tomatoes

Floragold Basket is cherry tomatoes that are mini-dwarf. A small basket with 6 inches is enough to plant them.

The specialty of these tomatoes is that you can grow them indoors too. It is possible due to their early maturation. Many usually have them during the winter season too.

Fruit description

The tomatoes are sweet and sugary. First being yellow in color and slowly turning to an orangish tint. They are 6 to 8 inches tall.

They are hybrid tomatoes taking 55 days to ripe.

Floragold basket tomatoes
Floragold basket tomatoes (Source:

5) Tumbler Hybrid Tomatoes

Tumbler Hybrid Tomatoes are similar to tumbling tom but not the same. They are bushy in nature with flexible stems, which go perfectly for hanging baskets.

Fruit Description

The plant produces bright, red, and sweet tomatoes.

The fruit size is 1 – 2 inches, with a good spread of branches and droopy plants hanging from the baskets.

Moreover,  you will have them ready by 45 days with plump tomatoes from the time of planting.

Tumbler Hybrid Tomatoes
Tumbler Hybrid Tomatoes

6) Red Robin Tomatoes

The Red Robin tomato plant can be quite less tall, about 8  to 12 inches in height.

Hence, leading them to be compact while growing inside the basket.

Fruit Description

Your plant will be able to bear 1 – 1/4 inches of round fruits within 55 days. They are super sweet and yumilicious!

Red Robin Tomatoes
Red Robin Tomatoes

Large Baskets

If you are thinking of harvesting chunky big tomatoes, get larger baskets. It should be at least 18 inches deep. 

You can select larger baskets on the safer side for your big tomatoes and vines that need many expanses. This will give the plants an ample amount of space to crawl through.

Also, you might struggle to place the large baskets in the needed corners. The Pulley system can be a great idea to help you with it.

7) Hundreds and Thousands Tomatoes

These hundreds and thousands tomatoes drape gorgeously from their baskets, flaunting the combination of bright red fruits with contrasting green leaves. The plant’s length extends up to 59 – 79 inches.

Fruit Description:

As the name describes them well enough, they do actually burst into many massive size tomatoes. As a result, they demand plentiful sunlight and warmth to grow.

The Lycopene and Vitamin C containing in these tomatoes become more strong with a greater amount of heat on them.

As much attractive as it looks, you can enjoy the aroma of their sugary, delicious taste. They are used in salads and Italian pasta.

Hundreds and Thousands Tomatoes
Hundreds and Thousands Tomatoes

8) Midnight Snack Tomatoes

Fruit Description:

Hola! Here we come with another interesting name. These midnight snack tomatoes are lip-smacking black purple cherries with sweetness in their flavor.

However, they have quite a uniqueness in their appearance. Due to the accumulation of anthocyanin pigments, the tomatoes produce an exceptional shade of purple as similar to blueberries turning blue.

Midnight Snack Tomatoes contain healthy antioxidants.

The vines of midnight snack tomatoes grow long, even touching the ground from your ceiling.

They grow in about 70 – 75 days.

9) Whippersnapper Tomatoes

Whippersnapper Tomatoes are from a family of heirlooms. Their branches drape down with lumps of these fruits.

Fruit Description:

These tomatoes are huge in size and blossom amazingly with a pinkish tint to red in color. Similarly, you will get a cluster of 5-19 fruits from the bush.

Whippersnapper tomatoes take about 52 days to ripe fully. Likewise, they grow impeccably well in containers.

Whippersnapper Tomatoes
Whippersnapper Tomatoes (Source:

10) Napa Grape Hybrid

Napa Grape Hybrid is one of the hanging basket tomatoes that breed widely in vines with amazing sweet tomatoes. You can use them well in salads.

They require at least a 1-inch water supply every week. Since they produce vigorous vines, 24 – 36 inches of space would be ideal with a large basket.

Hence, this enables enough area to grow.

Fruit Description:

The size of the fruit is 1 inch (2cm) in height, and its weight is around 1-2 oz (28-56g).

The harvest period for them is 65 days.

11) Window Box Roma Tomatoes

Window Box Roma Tomatoes are sweet and smooth with a production of few seeds.  Luscious dishes such as pasta or salads use these Roma tomatoes. Therefore, many use them for preparing sauces and pastes.

The height of the plant is around 12 – 18 inches long. Thus, you can select your basket accordingly, providing a 12 -15 inches deep or 20-inch diameter pace.

The good point is that they are resistant to diseases such as Verticillium Wilt (V), Fusarium Wilt (F), and Tobacco Mosaic (T).

Fruit Description:

These tomatoes take 70 – 80 days to mature. Each fruit is medium size with a weight of less than 60 oz.

12) Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry Tomato

Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry Tomato is a great hanging basket tomato that produces many healthy fruits even during imperfect conditions.

Fruit Description:

Baxter’s Early Bush tomatoes are also one of the heirlooms, producing one-and-a-half-inch fruits. You can taste the tarty flavor of these tomatoes.

It takes 72 days to mature these Baxter’s early bush cherry tomatoes but they ripes within 7-10 days faster than other cherry tomatoes.

Hence, it protects itself from splitting and does well even after plucking them off.

Baxter's Early Bush Cherry Tomatoes
Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry Tomatoes (source:

Additional Facts

Benefits of growing tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

As much as you are excited to grow your tomatoes in your pretty hanging baskets, it adds value to the aesthetic and the efficacy side. To heighten your enthusiasm more, the below points briefly points out its advantages:

No stakes or cages are needed for supporting the plant.

Disease-free: There is very little access for pests to attack the hanging plants. As a result, the chances for disease infestation are also less on them. Moving the plants in and out changes their environment frequently, which does not let them survive

Space constraints: You can easily grow tomatoes in the baskets without needing any or very little space at your house.

Things To Remember

  1. Planting too many tomato seeds/plants in a single container will lessen the number of tomatoes you will get.
  2. Be sure to provide enough space for the roots of the plant while growing them on the baskets.
  3. Water the baskets more regularly. Keep them hydrated since the soil dries out really quickly due to more plants in a compact area.

Even for the hanging basket tomatoes, you can figure out whether they are growing on the right track. Check this out 12 Signs That Your Tomato Plants Are Healthy

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