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Is The Lionel Shrike Tree Real? Things You Need To Know!

If you really believe in magic, you will start searching the Lionel Shrike Tree in real life after watching the amazing movie Now You See Me.

Generally, Lionel Shark Tree is not a real tree but a fictional object from the movie Now You See Me. In the movie, the tree is giant with wide branches and a thick trunk and produces dark green leaves which turn bright red in the fall.

This mystical tree hides many secrets behind it in the movie.

So, if you want to know about Shrike Tree in detail and the story behind it, you must complete reading the whole article.

What Does Lionel Shrike Tree Look Like?

Lionel Shrike Tree is a very old and large tree that can reach around 20 feet tall. This giant tree is native to New York City.

Moreover, the tree consists of a very thick trunk and lots of branches. These branches are spread like an umbrella.

Additionally, the Lionel Shrike Tree looks just like an Oak tree with twisted trunks. The bark on the main trunk is dark brown, with a hollow part on one side.

card in Lionel Shrike Tree
The card grows on a Shrike Tree.

Furthermore, this tree produces simple leaves with reticulate venation. In the spring and summer, they appear dark green.

However, when the fall appears, the leaves gradually turn fiery red and fall on the ground one after another.

Also, this amazing tree is a unique and rare tree with magical powers inside it. 

Is The Lionel Shrike Tree Real?

The Shrike Tree is not real but a fictional object from the famous movie Now You See Me.

In the movie, Shrike, a magician, plants a signed card on the hollow part of a young tree in a park and leaves it inside there.

After 20 years, the tree grows around the card. The magician saws half of the tree, and the card is amazingly revealed.

However, it’s unusual for any non-living object, like a card, to grow inside a tree. In the real life, the object will rot and decompose.

Moreover, it is also unusual for a tree to have such magical properties. So, the Lionel Shrike tree is not a real tree.

Also, such incidents never happen in real life. It is only an imaginary interpretation of the movie maker, just like Vivisteria Flower.

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Lionel Shrike Tree Look-alikes!

As the Shrike tree turns its leaves red in fall, it matches perfectly with the American Oak trees. In the movie, the other parts like trunks and branches also resemble American Oak.

However, other lookalikes include Red Maple, White Birch, and other maple varieties with tall, thick, and wide appearance.