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Is Rubber Better Than Ice In Blox Fruits? Guide For Beginners

Though Rubber Fruit and Ice Fruit provide users with enhanced power, they have individual contributions to confuse which is better. 

Generally, Rubber Fruit is better for aggressive playstyle and maximizing damage. However, Ice Fruit is better for strategic gameplay, defensive playstyle, and crowd control. 

Whether Rubber is better than Ice depends on your playstyle, so you need to differentiate between the two. 

Rubber Fruit Vs Ice Fruit 

Rubber Fruit runs on a destructive approach, while Ice Fruit is based on a defensive mechanism. 

rubber vs ice fruit
The Rubber Fruit and Ice are different in playstyle with different contributions.

Here are some other differences between these two devil fruits. 

1. Appearance & Theme

Rubber Fruit looks like the red rubber ball with a striped black pattern. It mimics the small boxy ball with the bumpy surface and a shiny shine.

It focuses on elasticity and resilience so the users with Rubber can survive the attacks and bounce back soon.

However, Ice Fruit is the translucent blue boxy fruit with icy white crystals ornamented within its surface. It resembles the globe of solid ice with the frosty texture.

Besides, users with Ice Fruit can freeze enemies and generate an icy environment.

2. Abilities

Rubber includes stretchy punches, elastic movements, and the ability to absorb heavy damage.

It enables the users to extend their limbs for increased mobility, hammering effective punches. Players can also bounce off the walls for surprise results.

Besides, the awakening of the Rubber increases its attacking abilities to offer the chained invasion and destructive combos.

However, the Ice lets the players freeze the invasion, generate barriers or obstacles, and manipulate the ice for several purposes.

It allows the users to change the ice, freezing enemies, slowing them down, and generating the icy environment for battle strategies.

Also, the awakening of the fruit helps control, calling the giant ice pillars and releasing the freezing AoE attacks.

3. Playstyle 

Rubber users can adopt aggressive and high-damage playstyle employing the fruit stretching abilities.

In contrast, Ice players go with a strategic and defensive approach, advancing the ability to freeze.

4. Pros & Cons 

Rubber Fruit

  • Offers quick and agile movements
  • Can also be resistant to some types of damage
  • Provides various creative and stretchy attack options
  • Good for farming
  • Comes with an ice trident sword
  • Has good mobility
  • Amazing combo potential
  • Multi-target move set
  • Vulnerable to some types of attacks or elements
  • Limited range in close combat

Ice Fruit 

  • Offers immunity to rumble and electric fighting style
  • Immune to gun attacks
  • Enhances speed, damages, and knockback in transformation
  • High destruction result
  • High combo possibility
  • Offer decent range
  • Moves with an area of effect
  • Needs to be closer to land the move
  • Needs to be mastered to use the fruit
  • Move from fruit is avoidable
  • Slow move in the second transformation

From Editorial Team

Which Blox Fruit is Better, Ice or Rubber?

The choice between the Rubber and Ice Fruit depends on the users’ preference over playstyle and goal.

If you enjoy the aggressive battle and maximize the damage, Rubber is best for you.

However, if you have priority on strategic gameplay, defensive style, and crowd control, choosing Ice Fruit is a wise decision.

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