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Is Carbonated Water Good For Plants? [3+ Best Water For Plants]

Plain water might be boring for you and your plants in the long run. So why not have a change of taste by using carbonated water on plants as an alternative?

Carbonated water is good for plants deprived of potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and phosphorous, as sparkling water can supplement the deficiency. However, avoid using it as a replacement for fertilizer since it will only make plants malnourished.

Go through the article to learn how to use carbonated water and what to avoid while watering the plant with it.

What Type Of Water Makes Plants Grow Faster?

Water is crucial for houseplants to maintain overall growth as it regulates temperature and moisture and helps in photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.

And choosing the right type of water makes plants grow faster. It includes natural water like rainwater to underground water.
Plants with watering can by its side over a table
Water the plant with enough minerals to promote growth.

However, any water high in chlorinated ions or hard metal contaminants will hamper the growth of plants. This mainly includes city water.

The wrong choice can lead to salt build-ups and fluctuate the pH level in the soil.

So some of the significant types of water best for the plants are:

  • Rainwater: It is best to collect and supply rainwater to plants as it is the richest and purest form of water. Rainwater is best for your potted plants, as it is impurities-free.
  • Tap water: Using tap water after letting it sit for 24 hours can be another best water source. It is rich in minerals but contains chlorine, so treat it before pouring.
  • Wellwater: Underground water is the best for plants as it is free from added chemicals. However, test the water’s pH level and the presence of any contaminants before using.
  • Springwater: It is similar to rainwater but less rich in mineral sources than rainwater. Also, avoid stagnant springwater as it has higher contaminants and biological impurities that harm plants.
  • Distilled water: Keep it as the last option since it has nothing, including minerals. However, you can use it with fertilizer sources.

Is Carbonated Water Good For Plants? [Benefits]

The list of water types also includes carbonated water, referring to fizzy water, sparkling water, and soda water, which contains high carbon dioxide levels.

Carbon dioxide is essential for plants to prepare food. So carbonated water is good for plants as it aids in increased mineral uptake and growth rate.

Also, some studies concluded that water enriched with carbon dioxide helped foliage to become greener and grow faster than plain water.

Mainly sparkling water is good for plants, providing minerals such as phosphorous, sodium, and sulfur. These minerals increase nutrient availability in soil.

Another on the list is club soda which you can use on plants instead of regular water, although it can be a little expensive.

You can get the best result through bottom watering or applying on the soil instead of foliage top.

Does Carbonated Water Affect Plant Growth? [Drawbacks]

While applying carbonated water to plants, you need to consider the cons and pros equally so your plant does not suffer amidst all.

You know that carbonated water is ok for plants, but you must also know its drawbacks.

  • Sugary soda water with high flavoring agents should not be used in plants. The salt and sugar in the soda water can affect the absorption rate of roots.
  • Sweetened carbonated drinks can attract ants and lead to fungal infection.
  • Also, many mistake coke is a good fertilizer, but you should know that carbonated drinks cannot fulfill the nutrient need of plants.
  • Moreover, coke can make the soil turn acidic. So use it over alkaline soil only to control the pH, but avoiding it is a better option.
Coca cola with ice cubes and straw on a table
Coke contains sugar and salt, which is not suitable for plants.
  • Sodastream that has undergone a carbonation process is not recommended as it holds fewer minerals.
  • Meanwhile, tonic carbonated water is not good for plants as it has added syrup to enhance the taste. The syrup is rich in sugar content which is unhealthy for plants.

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Packet Of Tips!

Dilute the carbonated water at a ratio of 1:1 with plain water to decrease the acidity level. Or you can even warm it and let it cool to reduce acidity.

Also, better not to mix fertilizer and carbonated water as the fizzing can lead to a loss of carbon available for plants.

Get the best use of the remnant carbonated water instead of throwing it.