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9+ Flowers That Mean Death [The Sad Resemblances!]

Flowers are not just beautiful; they also have many meanings and are symbols of love, joy, hope, and even mean death at times.

Chrysanthemums, Red Spider Lily, and Black Roses are some flowers that mean death in many cultures. However, the meaning and symbolism of flowers are versatile and change with varying cultures and customs.

Thus, read on to find out what flowers mean or represent death in which cultures or perhaps countries.

What is The Flower of Death?

Depending on the civilization, regional customs, and bloom color, flowers have varying meanings.

For instance, Red Spider Lily is a flower of death in Japanese culture and is widely used in anime to show death. Meanwhile, Calla Lilies and White Roses are the flowers of death in Western cultures.

So, the answer to the primary question greatly differs with each culture and tradition.

Nonetheless, Chrysanthemums are the flowers that mean or represent death in the global audience. They are widely used for mourning the loss of loved ones in China, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and so on.

But remember, there are no literal flowers that only mean death without any other symbolism.

Even the Chrysanthemum flowers mean positivity, joy, and friendship in countries like U.S. and Australia.

Thus, the flowers that mean death or mourning of deceased ones might not represent the same in other cultures or regions.

10 Flowers That Mean or Represent Death

Though flowers often mean and symbolize love, beauty, growth, and gratitude, some flowers also mean death.

You can find floral arrangements of these flowers in funeral wreaths and caskets. Also, people grow these flowers around the graves to remember and honor the deceased.

Now, without further dillydallying, let us hop on the list of flowers that mean death.

1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant native to East Asia with daisy-like vibrant flowers that mean death in most cultures.

You can find them flourishing beside the graves in Eastern and European countries. Also, there is a tradition of giving Chrysanthemums to those who lost a loved one.

chrysanthemum flowers that mean death
Do you know Chrysanthemums are the most popular fall flower in the world?

However, death, sorrow, and sadness is not the only thing Chrysanthemum symbolizes. They are also a symbol of longevity, happiness, and prosperity.

Thus, Chrysanthemums are the flowers that mean death and love depending on the culture and use context.

2. Red Spider Lily

Red Spider Lily (Lycoris) is a popular flower that represents death and reincarnation in many cultures.

If you are an Otaku, you must have noticed these flowers in many Japanese animes as a symbol of death.

red spider lily flower
Red spider lilies are beautiful and striking flower that is toxic to humans and pets.

Moreover, Red Spider Lily flowers in Japan strongly mean death and rebirth. There is also a belief that these flowers guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

Besides that, they are also a way of saying a final goodbye.

3. Black Roses

Though it does not occur naturally, black Rose flowers mean death, a symbol of mourning or loss in many cultures.

Black ones have darker themes and meanings than red Roses which represent love and romance.

Black Roses flowers
Black Roses do not exist naturally, but darker red roses do exist that look like black Roses.

Besides that, black Roses also mean hatred, vengeance, evil, and rebellion. Furthermore, in artistic or literary form, they signify obsessive love, dark souls, and antagonists.

You can send these flowers to express sympathy and support a grieving friend.

4. Red Poppies

Red Poppies flowers represent death in remembrance of fallen soldiers in the First World War.

After the First World War, the fields of Flanders, Belgium, had bright Red Poppies contrasted with the bleakness of the battlefield.

Red Poppies
Red Poppies are often worn on Remembrance Day, which is held on November 11th in many countries worldwide.

Also, the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ describes how Red Poppies grew in the place where soldiers had fallen.

Thus, Red Poppies became a way to honor fallen soldiers on remembrance or memorial day.

5. Marigolds

Another gracious flower that represents death is the Marigold. Especially in Mexico, the Marigold is a flower of death. They are used on the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos.

Moreover, there is a belief that the flower’s vibrant red or orange petals attract the spirits of the dead. Also, they are used for funerals and memorial services.

marigold flowers that mean death
Do you know Marigold flowers are an excellent companion plant due to their pest-repellent properties?

Besides that, these flowers also hold positive significance. For instance, in China, Marigold flowers mean the arrival of Spring.

Furthermore, in Nepal, they are associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi and are worn as a garland in the Dipawali festival.

The colorful Marigold flower also represents life, fertility, joy, good luck, love, and death.

6. Carnations

Though Carnation flowers profusely mean positive sentiments, they are also famous for their use as funeral flowers.

Amidst the colorful species, white, pink, and red Carnation flowers are used in funeral arrangements. Also, they make an excellent way to commemorate and honor the deceased.

Red Carnation cut flower in a vase
You can grow Carnations from cut flowers in 3-4 weeks under proper conditions.

However, Carnation flowers are mainly associated with maternal love and are a popular gift on Mother’s Day.

The beautiful blooms of Carnations are the symbol of gratitude, grace, and love toward mothers.

Besides that, they also mean good luck, purity, prosperity, wishes for success, and positive energy in many cultures.

Other Flowers That Mean or Represent Death

Editor’s Note

Versatile Meanings of Vibrant Flowers!

The eye-catchy, elegant flowers bear various meanings and symbols that change with varying cultures and customs.

Nonetheless, flowers may mean death, love, and rebirth at the same time. They do not have fixed meanings and symbolism, which makes them versatile.

Keep Blooming!