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Iron Cross flower [Where To Buy The Beautiful Plant?]

Do you know Iron Cross Flower got its name due to the beautiful blotch on the leaflets representing the cross signal?

Generally, Iron Cross Flower is a beautiful cultivar of the Oxalis plant with four heart-shaped leaflets consisting of purple blotch on the end of the leaflets and trumpet-shaped blossoms. This flower does not spread aggressively but forms small clumps from rhizome division and bulbs.

Iron Cross Flower (Oxalis tetraphylla) can make your outdoor garden’s edges and empty space beautiful.

So, go through this entire article to know everything about the Iron Cross Flower, its spreading capacity, and tips to buy the plant for your garden.

What Does Iron Cross Flower Look Like?

Iron Cross Flower is a beautiful cultivar of the Oxalis plant with four heart-shaped leaflets consisting of purple scar on the end of the leaflets.

Moreover, the leaves are glossy and delicate with a folding mechanism. These leaflets open during the day to capture sunlight but remain closed during the night.

Iron Cross Flower on the container
Grow the Iron Cross plant in the container to prevent spreading.

When the plant blooms during spring and summer, they enhance the charm of the plant with the clumps of trumpet-shaped, bright pink blossoms.

You can see these flowers thriving happily until the frost.

This bulbous perennial is native to Mexico and South America and can grow about 6-12 inches tall and spread about 4-6 inches wide.

Iron Cross Flower For Sale

Before buying Iron Cross Flowers, make sure you live in the right hardiness zone to grow these delicate plants. This plant basically thrives in the USDA zone 8-10.

Moreover, it’s better to buy the plant in the early spring as it its the best time to grow this perennial to enjoy their vibrant colored blossoms.

Place To Buy Shipping Time
Easy to Grow Bulbs3-5 business days
Amazon4-5 business days
Ebay1-30 business days

Do Iron Cross Flower Spread?

Iron Cross Flowers produce bulbs that help them store energy and return next year after the end of the frost. 

You can see the bulbs growing and multiplying naturally over time with the formation of small clumps. However, the spread is not vigorous.

Moreover, you can also multiply the plant from the rhizome division without facing the aggressive spread of the flowering plant.

Iron Cross Flowers also has the occasional self-seeding ability. The seed pods can burst in the suitable condition and spread the seeds near the parent plant.

Thus, if this perennial is spreading vigorously and taking over other native plants in your garden, you can simply deadhead the spent flowers to prevent the production of seed pods.

Overall, the Iron Cross flower is not an invasive species. This slow-spreading plant can fill the empty patches in your garden and make it look amazing.

However, make sure your pets do not roam around the Iron Cross plant as it is severely toxic to humans, cats, and dogs.

Moderate consumption may cause mouth irritation and swallowing problems while excessive amounts can lead to kidney failure and death.

So, it’s better to keep the plant out of reach from curious children and pets. In case of accidental consumption, contact:

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Additional Tips!

If you don’t want the fast spreading of Iron Cross Flower, plant it in a location with well-draining soil. Waterlogged soil can encourage the vigorous spread of the plant.

Moreover, planting the bulbs or rhizomes while spacing the plant is also important to control their spread. Always space them about 12 cm apart to restrict the vigorous spreading.

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