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Is Knight Flower Real? [Quenching The Curiosity]

Upon the Korean series Knight Flower’s popularity, several K-Drama freaks are surfing if there is a real flower with the name of the drama.

Generally, there is no real flower with the name Knight Flower as this name is just a unique representation of the Korean series. However, Knight Flowers indicates the flowers blooming at night just like a Moonflower in the series.

Go through this full article to know what Knight Flowers actually look like with their real meanings and symbolism.

What Does Knight Flower Look Like?

There is no particular answer on what the Knight Flower looks like as the flower represents several blossoms rather than a single bloom.

As the name suggests, the particular description of Knight Flowers is the blossoms that bloom at night.

real blooms in Knight flower
Roses and Moon Flowers in Knight Flower are the symbol of beauty.

Moreover, one of the flowers that represents the Knight Flowers is a delicate blossom with pure white petals looking like a witch’s hat. The shape of the flower is just like a trumpet and resembles a Moonflower.

Additionally, Knight Flowers also refer to the flowers with thorns that look like roses. However, those flowers do not bloom at night.

Thus, the Knight flowers are not just a single blossom but a collection of vibrant colored blooms with unique appearances.

Is Knight Flower Real?

Basically, there are no real blossoms with the name Knight Flowers. This name is just a unique representation of the Korean series ‘Knight Flower.’

However, flowers like the White Moonflower and Roses exist in real life. The series represents these flowers in several episodes.

Moreover, there are several flowers in real life that bloom at night. Moreover, these flowers have a very strong fragrance that helps in attracting pollinators at night.

Overall, the series ‘Knight Flower’ represents the visually appealing real flowers. This series also represents the main character, Yeo-hwa, as a flower.

Thus, there is no scientifically proven real blossom named ‘Knight Flower’ in real life. It is just the name of the series.

Knight Flower Meaning

As Knight Flowers represent several flowers, there are many symbolic meanings of the blossoms. Commonly, these blossoms represent beauty and love.

Moreover, the flowers blooming in darkness resemble the hidden beauty, resilience, strength, and hope in the hard times.

Also, blooming in the darkness and thriving in the daytime also represent the flower’s dual identity, just like the identity of Yeo-Hwa in the series.

Additionally, the fragile, white petals represent delicacy, sensitivity, purity, innocence, feminity, and transformation.

Furthermore, the roses with thorns also signify protection, power, self-defense, and the spirit to overcome challenges.

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List Of Night Blooming Flowers!

While not listed in the series, there are several flowers that bloom at night just like a Moon Flower with a sweet, intoxicating fragrance.

These blossoms include Night Blooming Cereus, Evening Primrose, Nicotiana, Night Blooming Jasmine, Red Flare WaterLily, and many more.