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Hoa Mai Bonsai [Everything You Need To Know]

Hoa Mai Bonsai can be the perfect addition to any living space due to the vibrant yellow blossoms, twisted branches, glossy leaves, and artistic barks.

Generally, you can buy Hoa Mai Bonsai during the Vietnamese New Year, which is also called the Tet festival. Other than that, there are several commercial online stores like Amazon, eBay, Gardenia Nursery, etc., that sell Hoa Mai Bonsai at reasonable prices.

You can grow Hoa Mai Bonsai in both outdoor and indoor spaces as different varieties offer you different sizes from miniature to large.

So, go through this entire article to learn about the growth pattern of the Hoa Mai tree and buy the variety that perfectly fits your living spaces.

How Big Do Hoa Mai Trees Get?

Hoa Mai Bonsai can grow a few inches to several feet depending on the age of the tree, species, and growing conditions.

Basically, the average size of Hoa Mai trees upon maturity in the natural condition is about 20-40 feet tall. You can see the tree spreading about 10-20 feet.

However, this tree is popular as Bonsai, and you can grow miniature Hoa Mai with a tiny size of about 5-12 inches if you have smaller spaces.

Hoa Mai Bonsai flowering
When Hoa Mai Bonsai blooms, the blossoms add extra charm to the living space.

Moreover, if you are a bonsai enthusiast, about 12-25 inches tall bonsai allows you to enjoy a good balance between size and details.

Nevertheless, you can grow the bigger sized bonsai from Ochna integerrima if you have bigger spaces. Here are some varieties to make it easy to choose a Hoa Mai tree according to your living space.

SpeciesMaximum Height
Ochna harmandiana 5-12 inches
Ochna obtusifolia12-25 inches
Ochna integerrima 25-36 inches

Hoa Mai Bonsai Tree For Sale

As Hoa Mai is a tree native to Vietnam, you can find several Vietnamese selling Hoa Mai seedlings on their new year, which is also called Tet festival.

Other than that, you can find the miniature Hoa Mai in the local nurseries or several commercial online stores.

Place To BuyVarieties
Gardenio NurseryOchna integerrima
EbayOchna serrulata
AmazonOchna serrulata

How To Care Hoa Mai Bonsai

It’s challenging to grow miniature Hoa Mai as it requires time, dedication, and patience. Once you buy the tree, you can feel the change in your indoor garden to a whole new level.

However, only buying and growing is not enough. You need to take care of the growing conditions of your bonsai to make it thrive longer.

  • Place your Hoa Mai in the location receiving at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.
  • Water the Bonsai regularly without making the soil soggy to prevent root rot. Water only to keep the soil moist.
  • Repot your Hoa Mai tree every 2-3 years in a good terracotta container with enough drainage holes.
  • Moreover, ensure the pot is only one size bigger than the root ball.
  • Only Fertilize the bonsai in the growing seasons with diluted bonsai fertilizer.
  • Additionally, prune the tree regularly to keep the desired size and shape of the bonsai.
  • Use pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil to protect your Bonsai from unwanted pests and pathogens.

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Additional Tips!

To enhance flowering in Hoa Mai, place the tree in an area where it can get cold temperatures with low humidity. This helps to trigger the flowering process.

Additionally, rotating your Bonsai regularly can help it get the sunlight on all sides. Doing this promotes the growth of the tree on all sides equally.

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