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Incrediball Hydrangea Pruning Secrets: Unlocking the Beauty

The secret to putting on a majestic show of vibrant creamy-white blooms of Incrediball Hydrangea throughout the year is ideal prompt pruning.

Pruning a third of the Incrediball Hydrangea bush height just when new growth unfolds in early spring ensures vigorous growth and excellent flowering. As Incrediball Hydrangea puts on blooms on the new wood, proper pruning boosts better branching and makes the plant fuller.

That said, the haphazard swinging of shears can lower flowering capabilities and weaken plant statures.

Thus, stay until the end to know the appropriate pruning techniques so your plant goes uphill with better blooms.

Why Do You Need to Prune Incrediball Hydrangea?

Incrediball Hydrangea, aka Hydrangea arborescens ‘Abetwo’ Incrediball, is a hardy cultivar of the smooth Hydrangea.

As the name suggests, Incrediball Hydrangea is an improved, incredible version of the Annabelle variety.

They add large white flowers over a foot width on new wood, unlike Oakleaf Hydrangea, which blooms on old wood.

When the plant is left unattended, old wood will take over the plant with minimal new growth resulting in reduced flowering.

So to encourage new wood growth and better flowering, you need to prune Incrediball Hydrangea.

Proper pruning of old wood is like a wake-up call that stimulates new wood growth.

incrediball hydrangea blooms
The Incrediball Hydrangea blooms are greenish at first but gradually become creamy white later.

Furthermore, it allows you to control the large shape of the plant while encouraging proper air circulation and a strong plant base stem.

Nevertheless, regular pruning of sickened, leggy foliage is never wrong as it avoids pests and diseases.

When to Prune Incrediball Hydrangea?

Incrediball Hydrangea produces magical flowers in the summer, from late spring to early fall (June to August).

Unlike Hydrageas with an old wood flowering habit, you can prune Incrediball Hydrangea in early spring.

Likewise, pruning once a year in the late fall, early spring, or late winter, from February to March, is ideal for Incrediball Hydrangeas.

Remember, as the Incrediball Hydrangea is hardy to 3-8 USDA zones, the timing may vary slightly depending on the zone.

Pruning in early spring or late winter allows the plant to recover faster with newer growth and gives them time to prepare for flowering.

limelight hydrangea flowers blooming
Due to identical flower appearance, Limelight and Incrediball is often confused but are different cultivars with varying plant size and shape.

Meanwhile, if you are not fond of tanned blooms in winter, you can prune them in late fall after Incrediball Hydrangea becomes dormant.

Pro Tip: Do not prune Incrediball Hydrangea if you are too late, as it can reduce and delay flowering. However, proceed to regularly snip off damaged or dead wood.

How to Prune Incrediball Hydrangea?

Apart from the proper timing, an appropriate pruning technique is pivotal to ensure no unintentional plant damage.

Before hopping onto the pruning steps, ensure you have sterilized pruning shears, gloves, glasses, and rubbing alcohol.

  • Ensure the pruning tools are clean and properly sterilized, and wear gloves and glasses for protection.
  • Thoroughly check the plant for sick, leggy, damaged, or decaying stems to prune them first.
  • You can cut back the dry and dead branches to the base of the plant.
  • Carefully select the branches that need pruning to give the plant desired shape and size.
  • Make a clean cut at a 45° angle above the leaf nodes.
  • Cut back only one-third of each branch’s length to minimize pruning stress without compromising the base support for large white blooms.
  • If the plant is excessively fuller or bushier, selectively trim older foliage to lighten the compact volume and boost air circulation.

That said, abstain from pruning more than one-third of the plant volume in a single prune session, as it can delay and suppress flowering.

Also, if you are thinking of cutting back Hydrangeas to the ground, ensure to do it in late fall only.

Although Incrediball Hydrangea can be propagated via healthy pruned stems, abstain from doing so.

Incrediball Hydrangea is a patented plant by Proven Winners ColorChoice brand, and they prohibited its propagation.

Editor’s Note

Incrediball & Limelight Hydrangea, Confusing But Different!

Incrediball and Limelight Hydrangea have greenish-hued white younger blooms that gradually turn creamy white with maturity.

So, many gardeners mistake them for one another. But if you look closely, the Incrediball plant is slightly smaller, with only 3-5 feet height, whilst Limelight is 6-8 feet tall.

Nonetheless, both cultivars of Hydrangea have similar pruning needs. Enjoy!