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Hydroponic Mint: How To Grow + Key Differences

The development of innovative techniques like hydroponic systems is likely to change traditional farming practices as you can grow plants like mint greens without using soil.

Generally, you can grow hydroponic mint within 6-8 weeks from seeds to maturity. To grow hydroponic mint, you need a hydroponic system, growing medium, grow light, nutrient medium, and water.

Apart from seeds, you can grow the mints from stems or seedlings. Using seedlings or seeds will save you time too.

So, go through this article to learn about hydroponic mints and failproof tips to grow them inside your living space.

How Long Does Mint Take To Grow Hydroponically?

Mint is a fast-growing plant that can grow relatively faster if you apply hydroponic cultivation.

However, there is no exact estimation of time as the growth rate depends upon external factors like environmental conditions and the care you provide.

Mint growing in hydroponic system
Mint can grow faster in a hydroponic system.

If you start the mint seeds hydroponically, you will notice them germinating in about 1-2 weeks under good conditions.

After the seeds start to germinate, it will take about 2-4 weeks to grow and establish as a seedling. The seedlings will need adequate water, light, and proper temperature during this phase.

Again, it will take about 3-4 weeks for your mints to reach the vegetative stage. At this stage, the herb can grow several inches per week.

So, mints can survive in just water and take about 6-8 weeks from seeds to maturity to grow hydroponically.

Hydroponic Mint Vs Ground Mint

One of the major differences between hydroponic and ground mint is the growing medium. The hydroponic system uses water and other nutrient media, whereas ground mint grows in soil.

However, there are several other differences in yield, growth rate, timing, etc.

FeaturesHydroponic MintGround Mint
Growth RateFasterSlower
YieldHighLower than Hydroponic
Suseptibility to Pests and DiseasesLess suseptibleMore suseptible
RequirementNutrient mediumNone

How To Grow Hydroponic Mint?

To grow a hydroponic mint, you must get a hydroponic system first. You can also create a DIY hydroponic system easily at home.

If you are trying to grow mint indoors, using grow light is compulsory, as greens like mints will need 14-18 hours of light to flourish properly.

  • Select the mint variety you want to grow. 
  • Set up your hydroponic system and place the seedling or seeds in the growing medium.
  • Moreover, maintain a 60-70°F temperature and a humidity of about 50-60%.
  • Also, prepare a properly oxygenated nutrient solution and maintain a pH level of 6.0-7.0.
  • Additionally, make sure the water pump is properly working. Also, add and replace the water regularly to prevent the plant from root rot.
  • Furthermore, prune the mint regularly to avoid unwanted diseases and pests in dead foliage.
  • Harvest your mint before it starts producing seeds.

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Hydroponic Mints Vs Ground Mints: What To Choose?

Choosing between a hydroponic system or a ground to grow mints depends upon your personal preferences and needs.

If you want to grow mints faster in a relatively shorter period of time and want a higher yield, a hydroponic system can be the perfect option.

However, if you want strong flavor in your budget, you can grow mints in soil. Growing mints in the soil also requires less effort.