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25+ Hoya Varieties [With Names & Pictures]

The Hoya is a long-lived, easy-to-care tropical indoor plant boasting deep green leaves with light pink to red star-shaped blossoms from varieties discovered.

Generally, Hoya has over 500 species worldwide, most of which are cold-hardy, showing vining nature as Pothos or Philodendrons with succulent-like leaves. Some of the most common varieties include Hoya carnosa, Hoya compacta, Hoya curtisii, and Hoya kerrii.

These are just a few varieties. Read on to find the entire list of Hoya varieties with their specific features.

20+ Hoya Varieties you will Love to Grow

Known for their waxy, long-lived leaves and clusters of fragrant blossoms, Hoya usually trails or climb like vines and hang onto other plants.

Although many Hoya plants grow in homes, some never make it to the market, making them a rare catch.

No problem because some of the most popular, beautiful, and sought-after Hoya varieties are available and listed below.

1. Hoya Bilobata

Hoya Bilobata is commonly known as Queen’s Tears because its lobed leaves resemble teardrops.

A mature Bilobata reaches a length of two feet and produces clusters of light greyish-green and velvety leaves that extend 1.7 to 2.2 cm long.

If growth conditions are ideal, the plant will also produce rich pink blossoms, where each flower cluster produces up to 25 flowers with 6-7 mm diameter.

You should better grow Hoya Bilobata in the hanging basket; otherwise, provide a trellis for vertical support.

2. Hoya Mathilde

Hoya Mathilde (Hoya carnosa x Serpens) is another popular Hoya species that boasts vibrant silver-flecked leaves and blossoms every spring and summer.

It has green, thick, trailing leaves that are rounded, velvety, and fuzzy.

Hoya Mathilde
Hoya Mathilde

A Hoya Mathilde can reach 6 feet long and produce clusters of 10 to 40 lovely star-shaped white flowers with a red or pink center.

Remember, the blossoms will hardly last about five days and may take approximately 2-3 weeks to mature.

Hoya Mathilde is often famous as a rare plant, found only through sellers specializing in exotic plants.

3. Hoya Rebecca

Hoya Rebecca is a cultivar of Hoya Lacunosa and Hoya Obscura, offering magnificent flowers that spread intoxicating fragrances around your house.

The variety boasts rich waxy-looking green leaves with red undersides that are 2.5-6 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.

A person is holding on to the pinkish bloom with white center of the Hoya Rebecca.
Hoya Rebecca is a cross variant of Hoya Lacunosa and Hoya Obscura.

When the conditions are ideal, Hoya Rebecca umbels will have 10-25 small star-shaped bright pink to light yellow flowers and grow to 6-8 feet.

As Rebecca matures, the leaves will gradually produce a red tone from bright to light. They blossom 2-4 times a year with a duration of 1-3 weeks.

4. Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis Lisa is a variegated cultivar of Hoya Australis that boasts petite, oval leaves with splashy yellow and cream variegation in the lighter green background.

Hoya Australis Lisa
Hoya Australis Lisa
Unlike other Hoya species, Australis Lisa does not hang downwards but climbs upwards by weaving their stems over one another.

When conditions are ideal, they will grow to 3-4 feet, with the leaves reaching 3-6 cm long and 2-5 cm wide.

Meanwhile, Hoya Australis Lisa produces about 40 white, red-tinged blooms in clusters that have a sweet aroma and extend up to 3 inches wide.

5. Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa, also known as the Porcelain flower, is a vining succulent reaching a height of 20 feet in the wild but will struggle to get over 12 feet when grown indoors.

They have large, smooth, fleshy leaves measuring 7.5 cm long and heavily scented white flowers with pink centers that come out every spring.

The flowers of Hoya Carnosa are star-shaped, arranged in parachute-shaped clusters that may even secrete a sticky sap.

Hoya Carnosa's star shaped flower
Hoya Carnosa
The Carnosa species is one of the most adaptable houseplants and can be displayed as topiary composition, trailing, or hanging.

6. Hoya Carnosa Variegata

Hoya Carnosa Variegata is a variegated cultivar of Hoya Carnosa and is popularly known as a Honey plant or Hindu rope plant.

Unlike its predecessor, Variegata boasts waxy leaves in various colors, including green, white, pink, and yellowish or orange edges and fragrant flowers.

‘Variegata’ Hoya Carnosa flowers grow in a cluster of white carnations with a pink center and last a week.

A mature variegated wax plant will grow about 20 feet long and spread five feet wide at maturity. However, the leaf size remains smaller and grows to about 3″ long.

7. Hoya Kerrii

Hoya Kerrii, also known as the sweetheart plant, Hoya heart or lucky heart, or Valentine Hoya, because of its heart-shaped leaf.

A mature Hoya Kerrii could reach up to 13 feet tall and grow 6 cm wide leaves, giving pink and white flowers every spring and summer when the conditions are ideal.

The Hoya Kerrii blooms are eye-catching, with about 25 flowers in a cluster attached to a single inflorescence and are about 5 cm wide.  

They frequently produce plenty of odorless reddish-brown nectar. 

8. Hoya Fungii

Hoya Fungii, unlike other Hoya varieties, boasts large dark green leaves with deep, prominent veins.

The semi-succulent plant thrives in USDA zone 9-11, attains a tall stature of 15-20 feet, and features leaves measuring 9-16 cm in length.

The oval, velvety, fuzzy, and green leaves have darker green flecks and veins.

Meanwhile, the flower of Hoya Fungii has pinkish-white patterns with a deep red center, similar to those of Hoya Carnosa, forming a semi-spherical shape.

The flower emits a sweet aroma during the warmer months, especially from October to April.

9. Hoya Burtoniae

Hoya Burtoniae (Hoya Sp. Aff burtoniae), known for its small almond-shaped, fuzzy, green leaves, has striking green, waxy pink flowers and a honey-like scent.

This plant is a slow grower that hardly attains a height of 4-6 feet and is an epiphytic plant that grows on trees rather than in soil.

Moreover, the leaves follow a unique pattern, giving purplish-red edges at first and gradually turning green as time passes.

The Hoya Burtoniae have berries-like watermelon pink blooms, which are small in size, forming small inclined clusters.

10. Hoya Lauterbachii

Hoya Lauterbachii (Eriostemma lauterbachii) is one of the largest Hoya species.

An entire cluster measures a soccer ball size and boasts 7-8 blossoms, with every flower measuring the length of a cup or about 3″.


The cream-colored center and delicious fragrance of the reddish-coppery flowers resemble the aroma of chocolate candy wrappers.

However, it will take much time for the plant to reach the maturity of 8 to 12 feet tall to blossom.

Meanwhile, the leaves of Hoya Lauterbachii are fuzzy and dark green, with a size similar to other Hoya varieties, attaining a length of 2-3 inches.

11. Hoya Pubicalyx

Hoya Pubicalyx, also known as Silver Pink vine, is an evergreen vining plant, attaining a height of 9 feet and boasting glossy leaves with narrow petioles.

It also gives out sizeable foliage measuring 12 cm long and 9 cm wide, extending up to 9 feet in length. 

The signature star-shaped pink flowers with a light pink center boast a powerful scent (mocha nighttime scent) that is especially noticeable at night.

The Pubicalyx’s rounded-edged leaves grow opposite along the fleshy stalks and have a leathery feel.

Moreover, the exciting fact about Hoya pubicalyx is that it produces the natural plant pigment “Anthocyanin” to protect tender or young leaves from direct sunlight.

12. Hoya Callistophylla

Hoya Callistophylla (Hoya callistophylla T.Green) is a flowering tropical plant with magnificent leaves and fragrant creamy flowers.

The Callistophylla can grow up to 3-5 meters in height and 1 meter in width in ideal conditions.

The leaves are oval, bright green with darker green veins, and can be between 4 and 7 inches long.

green leaves of hoya callistophylla
The leaf veins of Hoya callistophylla is the center of attraction alongside sweet smell of flowers.
Meanwhile, the Hoya Callistophylla features exotic star-shaped blossoms with a pale yellow or orange and red tip.

Each cluster contains up to 40 flowers with a 10-millimeter diameter, supported by a peduncle going up to 10 centimeters long.

13. Hoya Imbricata

Hoya Imbricata (Hoya imbricata Decne) is a unique Hoya plant with large, silver-splashed leaves.

A mature plant will grow up to 10-12 feet featuring glossy, green leaves that may reach 2 to 10 inches in diameter.

Cream colored blooms with red center is hanging on the tree with a rounded leaf attached to the tree.
Hoya Imbricata has unique foliage that loves humus-rich soil and is perfect for hanging baskets.

Meanwhile, the variety produces 5-10 cream-flowered starry blossoms erected in umbel-like clusters with fuzzy golden corolla lobes.

The trails of Hoya Imbricata tend to trail downwards, so better to hang them on Patio or provide a trellis for support.

Imbricata provides a sanctuary to ants, which guards the plant against predators.

14. Hoya Pachyclada

Hoya Pachyclada (Hoya pachyclada Kerr), also known as Red corona, is a vining Hoya that rewards you with beautiful white blossoms.

These plants hardly grow over two feet in their lifetime and may grow pretty slowly than other Hoyas.

The plant boasts an oval-shaped light green color that can grow 10 cm long and 5 cm wide, producing small clusters of creamy, green-to-white flowers.

Depending on your variety, one cluster of Hoya Pachyclada can contain up to 30 flowers, each of which can have a different color.

15. Hoya Lacunosa

Hoya Lacunosa, prized for its tiny ovate or lanceolate leaves with dark green texture and star-shaped white blossoms, gives out a rich cinnamon-scented fragrance.

When the conditions are ideal, it will grow up to 2-4 feet yearly until it becomes a tall creeping vine of 8 feet or more.

The leaf blades are leathery, long, and shiny, attaining 1 to 1.5 inches in length and 0.75 inches wide.

Similarly, the Hoya Lacunosa features umbels of white to creamy-colored star-shaped blossoms with a waxy white center.

Due to less supply, Hoya Lacunosa is a rare Hoya plant. However, you can easily find it from a handful of exotic plant sellers.

16. Hoya Nummularioides

Hoya Nummularioides will take over your wall or window with its bushier stems and rich scented flowers.

The variety will grow over 10 feet (3 meters) when adequately cared for within 2-4 years, with each extending stem having lush dark green waxy leaves.

Meanwhile, the Hoya Nummularioides have small star-shaped white flower clusters with reddish-pink corona.

Each cluster has nearly 20 flowers that usually bloom in spring or fall.

17. Hoya Polyneura

Hoya Polyneura is a gorgeous Hoya species that is a hardy evergreen climber and grows up to a length of 2-4 meters.

It can reach a height of 6 meters when grown outdoors, with each vining stem boasting bushy dark green leaves around 4-6 inches long.

The delicate venation of these leaves, which are short and thin, resembles the tail of a fish. Hence, commonly referred to as Fish-tail Hoya.

When properly cared for, the Hoya Polyneura will repay you with beautiful white to pink flowers and a strong scent.

18. Hoya Serpens

Hoya Serpens is a unique and rare Hoya species having small, round leaves with trailing foliage and vibrant flower in shades of pink, white, and red.

When properly cared for, the plant can reach a maximum height of 8-10 feet within 2-3 years.

The flowers are star-shaped, plain green-lime and have a pleasant fragrance that lasts up to six days. 

The leaves of Hoya Serpens are hairy, tiny, rounded, and dark green, with a regular size of 1.5 to 2 cm long.

19. Hoya Sunrise

Hoya Sunrise goes by its name “Sunrise,” for the leaves turn a rich purple color revealing the magnificent veins that divide the foliage when exposed to direct sunlight.

The variety boasts light green waxy, narrow leaves 4 to 6 inches long and 2 inches wide over the ascending vines growing up to 2.5-4 feet.

Moreover, Hoya Sunrise blooms are small, round, and beautiful, with yellow, pink, and white hues that grow in clusters. Each cluster consists of 35 umbels.

Hoya Sunrise blooming
Hoya Sunrise gives full bloom if provided with enough sunlight.

Most Hoya Sunrise plants bloom in the first year of growth, but some other Hoya varieties may need two, three, or even four years to mature enough to bloom.

20. Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Krimson Queen is a perennial epiphytic plant with long, slender stems covered in thick, lush tricolor leaves that are often bright pink and white.

A matured Krimson Queen will reach up to 2-3 meters and produce fleshy tricolor leaves measuring 4-5 cm long.

It has a pink or cream border around its green leaves. This variegation appears as white or varying shades of pink around the edges.

Moreover, the star-shaped, waxy textured blooms form a sphere having a crimson-colored center and give out a chocolate flavor fragrance.

The Krimson Queen, a Hoya Carnosa variant, was initially known as the Hoya Tricolor because its waxy leaves have variegation ranging from bright pink to white.

21. Hoya Obovata

Hoya Obovata is fast-growing Hoya species that are semi-succulent thanks to its waxy leaves and long tendrils.

A mature Hoya Obovata would reach a height of 12-20 feet when adequately cared for, featuring broad, oval-shaped, deep green color leaves flecked with white and pink.

Green rounded leaf of Hoya obovata with pink and white spots on the leaves.
The unique feature of Hoya Obovata is its foliage featured with pink and white splashes.

The plant eventually develops long vines and fragrant flowers that resemble tiny clusters of pink stars with red centers. 

The Hoya Obovata blooms have a light scent reminiscent of nutmeg or cloves and are waxy and star-shaped.

22. Hoya Retusa

Commonly known as Grass Leafed Hoya, Hoya Retusa presents flat and slim foliage with many flowers on each stem.

Hoya Retusa is not a fast grower, but it is not a slow grower, either attaining a height of 15 to 20 inches, with continuous growth each year.

The Hoya Retusa has skinny leaves and a slightly wider, flat tip resembling sticks, each measuring about 3-5 inches long.

Additionally, Hoya Retusa produces tiny, star-shaped white flowers that can grow as an individual bloom or in a cluster.

23. Hoya Kentiana

Part of the milkweed family, Hoya Kentiana is a rare succulent known for its smooth, evergreen leaves and stunning star-shaped flowers, blooming in clusters.

A mature plant will grow to a height of 12 to 20 feet with pointed, spear-shaped, thin leaves that resemble string beans.

The flowers are fluffy star-shaped balls with a deep wine-red crown and a softer yellow center on creamy pink pedicels.

One of the most intriguing features of the Hoya Kentiana species is that they flower at night, flourishing a pleasant butterscotch scent.

According to the article, nocturnal animals like moths and bats are drawn to the nectar’s sweet, sugary scent and hence help to pollinate the flowers.

24. Hoya Linearis

Hoya Linearis is a rare Himalayan succulent and a popular trailing houseplant because of its distinctive fuzzy linear stems.

Unlike other Hoyas, Linearis does not produce thick, waxy leaves but fern-like fronds.

A person is holding on to the clusters of Hoya plant which is hanging from the pot along with its linear leaves.
Hoya Linearis has elongated, thin, linear leaves that are different from other Hoya varieties.

Its long fuzzy stems offer a curtain-like appearance when hanging and may produce blossoms once it attains maturity, between 3-5 years.

The Hoya Linearis may grow as long as two meters as an indoor plant and features white, star-shaped flowers with a lemony scent.

25. Hoya Incrassata

Hoya Incrassata (Albomarginata) is a unique Hoya species with thick, waxy leaves with creamy yellow in the middle.

A mature plant will grow up to 2-3 feet in length and boast waxy flowers, with each peduncle consisting of only two buds.

These flowers bloom in groups with about 20 to 80 blossoms under an umbel.

Each flower of Hoya Incrassata is star-shaped, white to cream-yellow, with pinkish-red tips and dark yellow centers.

The flower also emits a strong fragrance that is similar to lemon. However, the scent is much stronger at night and much weaker during the day.

11 Additional Hoya Varieties

Hoya cultivars are great for novice gardeners. Let’s look at a few more of them.

Hoya VarietiesGrowth SizeFeatures
Hoya Lanceolata Ssp. BellaHeight: 1.5 feetPointed indented elliptical leaves with a deep center vein

Rounded clusters of waxy, sweet-smelling, star-shaped flowers
Hoya WayetiiHeight: 3 to 4 feetVibrant green Canoe-shaped foliage with darker edges on draping stems that cascade

Produces attractive, plump flower clusters
Hoya CaudataHeight: 8 to 10 feetVariegated oval leaves with light-colored splotches

Flowers are clusters of white fuzzy stars with red centers
Hoya MacrophyllaHeight: 5 to 6 feetPointed oval leaves with 3D effect

Round clusters of small, star-shaped, creamy white blooms.
Hoya ShepherdiiHeight: 10 to 12 inchesRibbon like deep green colored narrow leaves

White with red like pristine flower
Hoya Memoria (Gracilis)Height: 8 to 28 inchesBright-green, elongated oval leaves with a waxy finish

Round shaped pink and red colored flowers
Hoya NeocaledonicaHeight: 4 to 6 feetRound foliage in lemon green shade with light venation

Butter yellow star shaped blooms
Hoya FitchiiHeight: 1 to 2 feetIt boasts finely webbed vein pattern over emerald leaves

Produces copper-colored blooms with vibrant coral-pink centers
Hoya CoronariaHeight: 5 feetDeep green paddle shaped leaves covered in soft fuzz

Starfish shaped flowers in white, cream, pale yellow or light, dark purple hues
Hoya FinlaysoniiHeight: 7 to 10 feetLong oval and fuzzy leaves.

Globular clusters with white flower and red center
Hoya SkinnerianaHeight: 6 to 12 feetOval vibrant green leaves

Pink and white flower clusters

FAQs About Hoya Varieties

What is the easiest Hoya to grow?

One of the easiest Hoya varieties you can grow with minimal care at home is Hoya Carnosa, with other varieties including Hoya compacta, Hoya curtisii, Hoya kerrii, Hoya multiflora, Hoya obovata, Hoya shepherdii, and Hoya wayetii.

Which Hoya flower smells the best?

Most of the Hoya varieties have rich fragrances, but the ones that top the list are Hoya nummularioides, Hoya odorata, Hoya australis, and Hoya lauterbachii.

To Conclude

You can enjoy the blooms of Hoya by keeping it under indirect light and maintaining a temperature of around 60-85ºF and humidity above 60%.

Doing so ensures a bushy overhanging stem, lush-colored leaves, and rich scented flowers.

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