Hoya Seeds: Complete Grow and Buying Guide

Hoya carnosa (Hoya, Wax Plant) Lovely cute flower

Hoyas, commonly known as Wax plants or porcelain flowers, are extremely popular and attractive houseplants. 

You can easily propagate Hoyas by stem or leaf cuttings, but have you ever considered propagating them by seed? 

Generally, to grow the Hoya from seed, you need to harvest the seeds in spring. Ideally, you should sow the seeds in spring or summer in well-draining soil with good air circulation under the optimum temperature of 68-77 and wait a couple of weeks for germination. 

Hoya Mathilde Flowering (Source: Unsplash)

Hoyas are not too hard to grow, but there are a few requirements that you must consider before getting one. 

If you want to experience growing Hoya from seed, keep reading the article. 

Overview of Hoya Seeds

Hoya has delicate yet powerful seeds that are both beautiful and functional.

They initially develop in a greenish-brown pod that is attached to the plant. Later, they become individual seeds that appear to be oblong and silky.

Hoya Australis 'Lisa' flower
Hoya Australis ‘Lisa’ Flower (Source: Hoya Store)

If you split the pods, you will find the seeds inside. The seeds are tiny and brown and attached to a fluffy white fur-like tail.

Follow along the table to get to know every detail about this tiny seed.

Size2-4 mm
WeightLess than 0.003 g
BloomStar-shaped, white to pink flowers
Blossoming SeasonSpring and Summer
Harvest SeasonSummer or Autumn
Germination Time7-10 days
Growing TimeSpring or Summer

There are hundreds of varieties of Hoya. Broadly, you can categorize them into flowering and non-flowering ones.

The flowering ones are Hoya Carnosa, Hoya Lacunosa, Hoya Obovata, Hoya Retusa etc. and the non flowerings are Hoya Pubicalyx, Hoya Kentiana, Hoya Kerri, Hoya Australis etc.

Due to the uniqueness of Hoyas, a single care plan cannot be implemented for all of them.

So, it is critical to learn about the particular requirements of your variety.

Is it Possible to Grow Hoya Plant from Seed?

Usually, Hoyas are propagated almost solely from their cuttings.

However, it is possible to grow Hoyas from seeds under proper conditions.

Though it is easy to start Hoyas from seeds, it is the most time-consuming propagation method.

Healthy Hoya Mathilde (Source: Etsy)

Besides being time-consuming, the seeds also do not store well. 

If you have freshly harvested Hoya seeds, you should store them in a cool and dry location.

When stored properly, the seeds can be viable for up to one month before planting.

It is best to use only freshly harvested seeds in large batches as these seem to germinate better.

For fresh seeds, you can collect the hoya seeds from the plant once the mature seed pods bursts, or you can also buy the seeds from online retailers.

Where to Buy Hoya Seeds?

Hoyas are popular houseplants. Hence it is not hard to find the seeds to grow them. Here are a few of them that sell Hoya seeds. 

AmazonDelivers within 3 business days
AmThai Orchids5-10 days
Etsy5-10 days

Harvesting Hoya Seeds

Hoya plants require pollination before flowering to produce seed pods.

The first bloom on a Hoya plant typically occurs after three years, although it might take up to seven in some varieties.

Flowering also depends on the environment of the plant. Hoya blooms more quickly in some environments than in others.

It is best to wait for natural pollination, as hand-pollinating Hoyas are incredibly tricky due to their unusual structure.

Split Hoya Seed Pod(Source: Vermonthoyas)

After the seed pods have ripened, they might take months to split apart and release their seeds into the air.

One Hoya seed pod will contain about ten tiny, brown seeds attached to a fluffy, furry-looking white tail.

It would be best to cover the seeds in a breathable organza bag or a gauze as all of the seeds have floss on them, which causes them to fly around when the pod pop opens.

Do not remove the floss when storing the seeds for later use. Instead, wrap them tightly in a paper towel and keep them somewhere dry and cool.

Before planting, the seeds can remain healthy for up to a month.

But, if you keep the seed in a refrigerator at a slightly lower temperature, it can remain viable for as long as two months.

Best Time to Grow Hoya Plant Seed

You can sow Hoya seeds at any time of the year. However, Hoyas like warm weather. 

As a result, the best time to propagate Hoya seeds is from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn.

It is best to wait until spring or summer to grow a healthy Hoya plant. An adequately grown Hoya vine can reach up to 10 feet long indoors.

The foliage of Hoya Imbricata. (Source: Amazon)

For sowing the plant in spring, you can place the seeds in a paper towel, spray some water on it, put it in a zip lock bag, and tape it onto a window. 

You can later transplant those seedlings after they germinate. 

Note: Compared to stored seeds, freshly harvested Hoya seeds germinate more quickly.

How to Grow Hoya Plant from Seeds?

Hoya plants can be grown outdoors in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11. However, they are often grown indoors.

Most Hoyas thrive in light, well-drained soil, medium to bright indirect light, and humidity of around 50%.

Plant maintenance and growing them from seeds are two different things.

Let’s look into how to germinate the Hoya seeds and what particular materials this process requires.

Materials Required to Grow Hoya Plant from Seed

Several items can aid the process of germination. Here are a few of the essential ones.

Materials RequiredPurpose
SeedsFor germinating
Seed Starter MixFor growing the seeds
Seed TrayPotting Medium
For safety
TrowelsFor combining the starter mix
HumidifierTo maintain the humidity

Germinating Hoya Plant from Seeds

You can easily propagate the Hoyas from stem cuttings. However, it is also possible to germinate Hoya via its seeds.

To sow and germinate the Hoya seeds, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Preparing the Container and Seeds

The seed pods of Hoya can take several months to ripen.

  • When the seed pods split and release their seeds, remove the organza bag from the plant.
  • Collect the freshly harvested seeds in a paper towel. 
  • Soak the seed for at least 12 hours to rehydrate the seed. However, if you are using freshly harvested seed, skip.
small seedlings in germination tray
Seeds (Source: Unsplash)
  • Using hot water and mild detergent, clean the germination tray or the plastic container.
  • After rinsing the tray, you can spray it with diluted vinegar solution.

Step 2 – Sowing the Seeds

  • Use an all-purpose potting soil that is light and airy. Ensure that the soil has at least 30% perlite or coarse sand.
  • Now, put the potting soil in a container or pot with multiple drainage holes.
  • Place your Hoya seeds firmly in a one-inch deep hole in the soil.
  • Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of dry potting mix.
  • Lastly, wait for the seeds to germinate
Sowing seeds directly in soil
Sowing seeds directly in soil (Source: Unsplash)

Step 3 – Growing the Seeds

  • The seeds will typically germinate in about 7 to 10 days. 
  • Once they develop three to four leaves, remove the lids and allow the seeds to acclimatize.
  • You can use a high phosphorus fertilizer such as NPK 5-10-3 to encourage growth.
  • Cover the germination tray with the plastic wrap to maintain proper humidity.
  • Wait for your plants to mature for a few weeks or months before relocating them to a separate pot.

Step 4 – Care for Hoya Seeds During Germination

It can be both challenging and frustrating to propagate Hoya Plant from seeds. Proper care and maintenance are critical.

Remember these crucial instructions while taking care of your Hoya plant seeds during germination.

Small seedlings from hoya seeds in a germination tray
Tiny seedlings from Hoya seeds (Source: Reddit )
  • During germination, maintain the temperature around 68-77°F (20-25°C).
  • You place a heating pad underneath the germination tray to boost the germination process.
  • Hoyas seeds germinate fully in medium to bright indirect light, so place them near a window, or you can use artificial grow light.
  • Mist the seed using a spray bottle to make the soil moist but not soggy.
  • The Hoya plant thrives in humid conditions. You can use a humidifier to bring the humidity levels up.
  • No need to fertilize the seed, as the seeds extract all the necessary nutrients from the soil.

Generally, Hoya seeds will start to grow roots in about four to five weeks.

Care Instructions for Hoya Plant Seeds After Germination

The work of care does not end here. You must take proper care of your Hoya plant after it germinates.

Remember the following instructions.

  • Water the seedling thoroughly using a mister and avoid overwatering.
  • Use a pot with drainage holes in it to avoid root rot.
  • Place the seedlings in warm south or west-facing location, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Alternatively, you can use LED grow lights and place them 2-3 inches for around 14-18 hours daily.
Seed Germination growth stages
Seed Germination Growth (Source: Dallas International University)
  • Maintain a stable temperature of 65-80°F and around 60°F at night. You can also use a heating pad.
  • Make sure to maintain a humidity of around 55%. Alternatively, you can also use a humidifier.
  • Ensure that the plant is exposed to ample light and ventilation.
  • Keep an eye out for sap-sucking pests like Mealy Bugs and Aphids.
  • You can handpick the pests or use pesticides on the infected Hoya leaves.

You have to be very patient as it may take three to four years for the Hoya plant to show its first bloom.

Watch this video for visual guidance on propagating Hoya from seeds.


Hoya plants are a good choice if you want a taste of tropical springtime in your garden.

They produce luscious leaves and a sweet scent right after starting to bloom. Also, they are easy to maintain and even non-toxic to pets.

If you found them appealing, consider growing them this season and beautify your home.  

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