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How Long Does It Take For Pothos To Root In Water?

Pothos, famous as “Money Plant” or “Devil’s Ivy,” is easy to grow in both soil and water, but for faster root development better to go with water.

Normally, a Pothos Plant takes about 7-14 days to root in water, needing a few drops of liquid or water-soluble fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks and indirect bright light. Also, changing to fresh water every two weeks helps prevent algae formation.

Meanwhile, the cuttings used for propagation are either a leaf or stem with brown nodes.

Dig deep into the article to know the propagation process and period for the Pothos to root in water.

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Instructions to Successfully Root Pothos in Water

The water propagation of Pothos might seem unique and different for some, but once you start with water, it might become a habit, for they have easy steps. 


  1. A Mother Pothos Plant
  2. A Pair of Sharp Scissors/Scalpel sterilized with Isopropyl alcohol
  3. A GardeningGloves
  4. A Medium-Sized Glass Jar (preferably opaque or translucent)
  5. Tap Water (spring water with less chlorine is ideal) 

Steps Involved

Patience is the key to getting sturdy, healthy Pothos because root formation is easy and quick in the water, but new leaves take about three months.

  • Step 1: Cut off a well-developed Pothos stem 10-15 centimeters long wearing gloves, and let the stems have at least 3-5 leaves. Make sure to cut directly below the leaf node and at a 45-degree angle.
  • Step 2: Remove the leaves closest to the stem and the node. These small brown nodes on the stem will sprout a root.
  • Step 3: Immerse the leaf node into a glass container filled with water. The immersed leaf node should not have any leaves.
  • Step 4: Place the plant cutting close to a northern window as it loves indirect bright light because direct light wilts the young leaves and turns them brown.
  • Step 5: Make sure to check the plant every day and change the water every two weeks.

The cuttings will develop tiny white roots in a few days (7-14 days approximately).

Remember, the longer you keep your Pothos in the water medium, the harder it will be for them to adapt to a soil medium.

transparent glass jar containing water and roots of Pothos.
A new cutting with enough green leaves root out faster under optimum light condition.

So if you plan to transplant the Pothos to the soil, you better do it within the first month as it will allow easy adaptation of the root to the potting medium.

However, you can also keep the Pothos in the water forever as they are easily adaptable and easy to care for.

Ensure all the optimum conditions for root and plant development are on the spot.

Optimal Aspects for Pothos to grow root faster in water

The Pothos is actively growing in the Spring and summer months, so you can choose the time in between to propagate them.

1. Type of Water

Tap water works fine if it does not have high concentrations of added minerals, as the root of Pothos sprouts on an average of 10 days.

Alternatively, bottled spring water works like magic for Pothos, which takes as little as seven days for efficient root development.

However, Rainwater would be the most practical and affordable as it contains all the good minerals in an adequate concentration for speedy root development.

Water with Sugar and Salt concentration (even in minimal amount) are hazardous. Avoid them at all costs!

2. Intensity of Light and the Location

Too much direct sunlight can kill a freshly cut pothos stem. In addition, it will dry the plant before the roots start to show up.

A shady or warm spot beside a north-facing window lacking harsh direct sunlight is the best placement for faster root growth. 

Once the roots develop, the Money plant can sustain itself in dark spaces with minimal light exposure.

An opaque and transparent glass jar can speed root development. However, if opaque jars are used, it might be a little hectic to check the roots properly.

3. Fertilizer Requirement

Your Pothos cutting will survive without fertilizers, but excessive fertilizers may become a nightmare for baby Pothos.

As the roots are young, they cannot absorb any nutrients. Rather it may slow the growth of roots or cause rotting.

So, it is best to add liquid fertilizer like Dyna-Gro Grow once the root system has developed properly (ideally after two months of propagation).

4. Temperature Maintenance

Pothos roots will most likely grow faster in summer than winter as it is originally from the Solomon Islands.

Try to keep the temperature within the range of 70-90ºF as anything below or above the temperature retards the growth of Pothos.

Although they can tolerate the temperature as low as 50ºF, better to avoid longer stay as the leaves may turn brownish and give up on survival

Is Rooting Hormone Necessary for Pothos to root in water?

Rooting hormones speed up root growth while protecting the plant from fungal infections.

However, it is unnecessary in water-propagating Money Plants if you use softwood cutting instead of hardwood cutting.

Because Pothos roots easily in a water medium, technically requiring no rooting hormone.

But if you want to boost the growth, the rooting hormone will not harm any of the variety of Pothos that you wish to propagate.

You can treat the cutting with hormones like IBA and Take Root Rooting Hormone.

Why is my Pothos not Rooting in Water?

Even after all the maintenance and care, the cutting of Pothos might not grow new roots and show other symptoms.

The possible culprit behind the scene could be many. So look at the table below.

IssuesPossible CausesQuick Fixes
Stunted leavesInsufficient nutrients

Extremely cold temperatures
Fertilize once every month.

Do not place the plant beside a chilly window in winter.
Discolored leavesExcessive nutrients

Extremely high temperatures

Bad water
Fertilize only once a month.

Do not place the plant in direct sunlight.

Change the water every two weeks.
Bug InfestationContracted from other plants  Spray or wipe the entire plant with a mixture of water and dish soap in a 30:1 ratio. Avoid root areas. 

Or, You can also use a diluted mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in a ratio of 1:15.
Algae formationNaturally formed due to sunlight and water. Use an opaque or translucent glass jar. Clean the jar frequently.  

Meanwhile, they might not root even if the cuttings are too long or short, has no nodes, have a callous appearance before rooting, or it is not the right season.

So check the cutting thoroughly before you apply any remedies.


Is the root of Pothos Weaker in water than in soil?

Yes, that’s possible because no matter how much fertilizer you provide, water roots will always be frail compared to soil roots.

While the soil roots are brown, thick, and strong, water roots are white, weak and susceptible to breakage.

So be careful while handling the Pothos propagated in water.

Can you use solid fertilizers for Pothos in water?

Using a solid fertilizer is not a good idea as it will kill the baby pothos in minutes.

Instead, use liquid fertilizers readily absorbable by the roots to supply the plant with nutrients for healthy growth.

Wrapping Up…

Provide the Pothos with the best-growing conditions to make them your companion till the hair turns grey, as they are long-living houseplants.

So be there with the baby Pothos and propagate the mother plant as much as you want. Always remember, Roots are the lifelines! 

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