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Golden Nanmu House Plant: Good For Home & Health?

People dream of having the Golden Nanmu Tree as a house plant due to the attractive smooth bark that gives a pleasant smell and a golden shimmer when the sun shines. 

Generally, you cannot find seedlings or saplings of the Golden Nanmu plant in any commercial stores as the tree grows very big, unable to fit as a houseplant. However, most people love the Golden Nanmu tree as the crafts from the plant’s wood and wood products have a very high price range.

Golden Nanmu (Phoebe zhennan) is a valuable timber tree native to East and South East Asia.

Go through this entire article to know everything about the precious Golden Nanmu plant and know its potential benefits.

What Does the Golden Nanmu Plant Look Like?

The Golden Nanmu plant is a tall growing tree that can get over 100 feet in height with a wide and spreading canopy.

The leaves of Nanmu plant are a deep green that remains vibrant throughout the year due to its evergreen nature. Moreover, the crown of this tree is widely spread to form a dense canopy.

Golden Nanmu Tree with glossy leaves
Golden Nanmu tree is not actually golden but gives golden hues over the sun’s radiation.

Additionally, the bark of the tree is smooth with a brown or grey color. However, you can see some fissures and rings on a closer look.

During the spring, the tree bears small and inconspicuous blossoms which later develop small black berries. The berries ripen in autumn.

These berries are single-seeded drupes, a popular source of food for birds and wildlife.

Golden Nanmu Tree For Sale

Due to the massive size of the tree, it’s difficult to find the Golden Nanmu plant for sale and add this plant outdoors unless you have sufficient space.

Even if you have enough spacing to add the tree, it’s challenging to grow it as the plant needs full sun, regular watering, a warm environment, and dedicated care.

However, if you can fulfill all the necessary demands, you can still grow the Golden Nanmu tree from the seedlings. If you want the plant indoors, you can also grow Golden Nanmu bonsai or buy it from a bonsai artist.

You can find Golden Nanmu tree bonsai, seeds, seedlings, and saplings for sale in some commercial stores too. 

Place To BuyProducts
Made In ChinaSeeds
Touch HealthySeeds

Most people get attracted to the Golden Nanmu tree as the crafts from the plant’s wood have a very high price range. You can buy crafts or wood products commercially paying $12 to $700 depending on the product.

Benefits Of Golden Nanmu House Plant

The research on the medicinal benefits of the Golden Nanmu plant is still ongoing. However, we have some environmental, cultural, aesthetic, and economic benefits for you.

  • This plant uses a good amount of carbon dioxide aiding climate change mitigation.
  • Due to the deep-rooted system it can save the land from soil erosion and other soil-related problems.
  • The wood of the plant is very strong with good decay resistance, perfect for furniture, construction, and musical instruments.
  • Golden Nanmu is also a sacred tree in many religions and is also a source of handicrafts, folklore, etc.
  • If you have this tree in your surroundings, the wood products can help you financially too.
  • The aesthetic appeal of Golden Nanmu also promotes ecotourism.

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Golden Nanmu Tree: Meanings and Symbolism

The Golden Nanmu tree has several meanings and symbolism like longevity, prosperity, strength, good luck, harmony, etc. People also just use the plant’s wood in incense and offerings.

However, the symbolic meanings can vary depending on the culture. It is also important to know that this tree is a more valuable asset due to its ecological significance rather than symbolic meaning.

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